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  1. Thanks for your help, I had to declare the variables outside the scope for the EH. Got it working!
  2. Thanks again jshock, I tested it using based on your comment above, by initiating the variables before calling the stackedEH like so: _randomSectorDestination = sector1; _AIintel = 1; _grp = group _soldier; _addNew = [_key, "onEachFrame", {_this spawn BEAKS_fnc_Draw3DNEW}, [_randomSectorDestination, _AIintel, _grp] ] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; and fn_Draw3DNEW.sqf BUT unfortunately, it still is not working?
  3. OK thanks, so then there is no way to pass these variables to addStackedEventHandler ? What are the arguments then in? [key, event, code, arguments] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; I thought they were arguments for the code ... such as [_this] spawn BEAKS_fnc_Draw3DNEW?
  4. HI All, I have a killcam script being called in onPlayerKilled but it is being overrun by the respawn menu I have set-up from the description. description.ext respawn = "BASE"; respawnDelay = 10; // TIME DELAY BEFORE RESPAWN respawnButton = 0; // 0 - to disable respawn button in pause menu DOES NOT WORK USING SCRIPT INSTEAD TO RESOLVE respawnTemplates[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"}; How can I delay the respawnTemplate menu so the killcam script in onPlayerKilled can be completed first?
  5. Hi Folks, I wanted to see it was feasible to create a bullet cam script in multiplayer to play back a slow motion cut scene of the player's death from within the respawn menu? I assume it cannot be done since setAccTime cannot be used in MP as per the description? Set time acceleration coefficient. May be also used to slow time in cutscenes. This command does NOT work in multiplayer. accFactor is clamped to [1/128; 4] https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setAccTime .
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know of a command or short script that check if a unit has line of sight to another unit? I'm trying to get my UAV to target a unit but had to cheat by attaching a laser to the unit instead. I've tried a bunch of things like assignTarget, knowsAbout, forceaFireWeapon of mounter laser and doFire...etc, but had no luck. As a workaround, Now i will remove the attached laser whenever the unit goes out of sight from the UAV.
  7. I'm thinking it might be best if you would play test it against me online...whenever you're available? This way you can see the problem and I can explain it while in game? Not sure if you're familiar with the XBOX 360 game from 2006 "The Outfit", but basically Forgive the annoying kids playing...
  8. beako

    The new Sector Module

    Instructions for respawning player at captured sector modules? Has anyone successfully completed instructions with init.sqf (and scripts), sector modules and Respawn Templates or BIS_fbc_Respawn at captured sector modules for MP? If so please send me the link? Thanks