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  1. I don't know if this request is beyond the scope or not. Can you bring back the big drum magazine back for Rpk-74 or just create a Rpk as a new weapon (with rpk-74's model of course), I'm not fimilar with arma 2's modding but I think edit some configs will do it just fine, plus. Thank you!
  2. Since the only mod that enables SDAR with attachments is outdated, so I tried to tweak the data by myself, and turned out it works perfectly! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1358252407 This is my first mod, I simply added some scripts from other rifles. I found this gun doesn't support any muzzle and side rail attachments (they are invisible if I added them), therefore I only enabled scopes. If anyone who is experienced with modding wants to change it, feel free to do it. Notes: I also disabled firing under water function because I want it to become a "regular" SDAR rather than an underwater version. Iron sight zeroing is 100 instead of 30, maximum zeroing is now 600. Accuracy gets improved a little bit, not sure if it's working, I only changed dispersion stats.
  3. The underwater battle probably only involves 5 percent of the game, the SDAR is almost useless without any attachments on the ground. Possible to add rail for it in the future so we can customize it just like other guns? Thanks
  4. I downloaded the regular domination pack, but I can only find blfor and opfor mission, is it possible to edit the file to play as independent faction?