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  1. Yep, the problem is that you are pointing to "this" and in your script there is no objects called "this". You must try this instead: _nul = [_object, 2, 1, {}] execVM "vehrespawn.sqf";
  2. Hi Lynx75! Let me thank you for the epic tool that u made. In this way me and a friend of mine are able to make very big constructions all over altis and so much accurately. The only problem we encountered is that the "Copy Object" does not work correctly in multiplayer. I'll explain: Running the mission in multiplayer while i'm the host i can "Copy" and then "Paste" the code everywhere i need, but when my buddy which is not the host but only the client press "Copy Object" shows the message of the copy but he can't paste the code. Same thing using the "Copy to RPT" button. :( I also tried on a dedicated server and the problem is still showing up. I think it's a "global variable" problem but i'm not a scripter and in fact i have no idea :P :P The error in the rpt while tryng to copy from a dedicated server: Client: Remote object 2:79 not found