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  1. According to you, according to Russia it's not. Ukraine can't control it so how come it's still Ukraine? If Russia sees it as an independent teritory, it can have diplomatic relations with it as it pleases. What happened to self determination?

    Oh yes, what happened to self-determination?

    Grozny in 1999, what happened?

    2005-2011, 2013-... cancelling of regional elections in Russia, what happened?

    5 year jail sentence for protest for independence, what happened?

    (TASS, Russian) http://tass.ru/politika/1979928 By the way, Lavrov says DNR and LNR should remain part of Ukraine.

  2. (Kommersant, Russian) Putin is creating his own SS troopers

    Voluntary People Druzhina - A 1955-1991 Soviet project designed to recruit volunteers as a police force.

    Putin's "United Russia" party is planning the project "Safe Capital", where Moscow streets will be patrolled by Druzhina guards.

    A single patrol will consist of 3-4 athletic men... Recruits can come from various police and military veteran organizations. Each will be given a uniform with the traditional bear on the back and a badge.

    "United Russia" does not exclude the possibility of patrolling political and oppositionary meetings.

  3. How Russian 'patriots' really care about their veterans:


    (For those wandering, this was a paid 'demonstration'. Russian people really don't give a feck about soldiers who died defending their Motherland. And this is the case for every pro-Putin demonstration in existence.)

  4. China cares about China, Russia cares about Russia, USA cares about USA, ..... national interests. Yes, China is for Russia a geopolitical issue aswell western/US interest. Russia is actually under pressure and surrounded.

    We will see if, how long and deep a closer cooperation between Russia and China will go along. It will be influenced by the confrontation with the geoplitics of the USA but also from Russia and China.

    China is using Russia as a cheap gas pump. Just like dozens of small countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas used USA and USSR for financing of their infrastructure, economy and military whilst pretending to be friends. The difference being, of course, that China is under no threat of invasion.

    Other countries, mainly in Europe (Bulgaria, Greece), also pretend to like Putin in exchange for a few billion dollars they can get off him.

    You're so funny...

    Rhetoric similar to a typical Ukrainian, I'm guessing.

    Now let's proof to official sources (not tabloid press)

    Read memoirs by authors such as N. N. Nikulin, whose works were published a good 30 years after he wrote them.

  5. Militarism, expansionism, historical revisionism and cynism.

    Says who ?!?!

    The history of WW2 has been re-written by both Soviet and Putin government alike many times... At this point it is hard to know what is truth, and what is lies.

    As one Soviet veteran wrote, the government tries to present this event as a heroic fight of the Russian nation. When in reality it was a horrible crime against humanity, not just by the Nazis, but by the Soviets, whose leadership massacred millions of Russian soldiers.

    Theft and destruction of German property, rape of Russian soldiers (female) by officers, abuse, death squads, 'minefield clearing', just some of the taboo topics Russian media would never talk about.

    The fact that Putin makes it a commercial event, full of Georgian ribbons and military showcases, parades and fireworks, is quite pathetic, really.

  6. Yes they do.

    I don't like when phoney accuses anyone in dishonesty.

    Haha, I don't know if you're stupid or what.

    In Russia, former terrorist calling for jihad of Russian civilians (not Americans, not Europeans) receives National Hero status, becomes leader of Republic, gets statue in his honor.

    In USA, a former general expressed his opinion that Russian agression in Ukraine can only be stopped by killing not Americans, but by killing Russian soldiers.

    To recap: thanks to Putler, an anti-Russian terrorist is considered a Russian hero. It is equivalent to Bush giving a medal to Osama Bin Laden and allowing him to become governor of California.

  7. Some US persons say the same. So what?

    No, they do not. But you always have to talk about USA, right? It's never about Russia or Putin. Enjoy getting paid for writing this drivel online?

  8. Final part of the parade with military technics

    Disgusting war propaganda. No mention of the 10.5 million Red Army soldiers who had been killed, and at least twice that number of civilians. Putin is making 9th May a commercial holiday. Happy marching faces, Georgian ribbons (not even used by the Soviet Union, absolutely fecking disgusting), commentator talking about 'brave Soviet soldiers'. Always showing Putin's face, as if he's responsible for the Victory.

    wow, what happened there?

    Engine broke down. Luckily nothing serious happened, it got towed away I believe.

  9. Yes, comrade moskal'. They took side of Dudayev.

    I don't know about that.

    But I do know that 'Russian defender' Putin took side of Chechen extremists Kadyrov father and son, who told Chechens 'kill 100, 200 Russians if possible'. Now they are national heroes and the father is even getting his own statue. Great job!

  10. You know that during "the bloody Stalin" population increased by 60 000 000 million.

    And during the "friend of the US," Yeltsin was less than ten. Each year, Yeltsin treated the country as one million lives. And this is without war and repression, without buildings and development.

    Listen up, you fecking idiot. Why don't you read reports from the NKVD (those that were put into public domain before Putin closed them again). Your precious Stalin ALLOWED Germany to attack the Soviet Union on the 22nd June. He received reports from Luftwaffe agent that Germany was planning to attack on that date, what was Stalin's response? "This informant can go feck himself", literally. Stalin wasn't even accepting the fact that Germany attacked until they reached Minsk.

    During "friends of North Korea and Iran" Putin's rule, Russian population decreased by 5 million. For 10 years.

    During Yeltsin's rule, Russian population decreased by 1.5 million.

    Do you see the difference?

  11. maybe Putin wants to avoid crisis that will come to Europe in 2030 when we really have big chance for civil war because of religious extremism inside , because we are more and more weaker,

    if in 2030 we gonna have civil war in EU due to "sharia" lovers, maybe we will say that Putin was right

    Russia has the highest Muslim population (%) than almost every European country... If there is a 'civil war' based on religious extremism, Putin will be the first to go.

  12. yet was the Munich Agreement (1938), before Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (1939)by results of which the British have given Czechoslovakia to Hitler.

    The Molotov-Ribbentrop catalysed WW2 as we know it - the deadliest war in history. The Munich Agreement simply postponed it. Big difference. If Stalin co-operated with the Allies from the get-go the Nazis wouldn't have established strong friendship in Europe and the war wouldn't last nearly as long.

  13. buahahahahahaha, yes, it works this way, thats why having enemy is good ;) you can blame enemy ;)

    politician do such thing under all geographical locations

    I don't know. Corruption in Russian military is harsh. Last year (2014), Russia ordered 4 nuclear submarines. Defense Minister said 2 was delivered. Putin claimed just one. They also ordered three battalions of rockets (27 ICBMs), but less than one (5 ICBMs) was delivered. Considering that the only budget that increased in 2015 is the military (by 33%, no less), I think it says a lot about the Russian administraiton.

    If something like this happened in the US, and especially Europe, the people would get very upset. At the very least, there'd be a journalist investigation and reprecussions from the administration.

  14. I actually like the new driving and damage model. GTA is not supposed to be a racing simulation in my opinion.

    Your car cannot even roll over any more.

    It was the trademark of GTA franchise. Your car rolls over, it is dead. You had to be careful in chases, avoid ramps, control your speed. Now it magically ends up on all four wheels.

  15. That's a conspiracy theory. It would be impossible to create a whole war with thousands of rebels out of thin air if there was no basis to support it

    Motorolla, one of DNR commanders, was a car washer, his wife was a prostitute. Imagine this: in your previous life you work for minimum wage, act as a slave for the richer and more successful people. Now you can take a gun, rob the local bank (it did happen, and still does: Ukraine pulled trucks of money from Donbass, but the terrorists put up roadblocks, took the trucks for themselves), steal the same car you were washing a few days ago. Kill and kidnap whoever you want, there's no journalists to see it. Would you go back to your previous self after this? You would really fight for a boring, poor life?

    Similar to events of 1917. A group of bandits took power with weapons and gave themselves the ultimate rule in the country. All under the name of 'the people' and 'freedom from oppression'. Except this time it was catalyzed by Russian FSB and army intelligence.

  16. Interview with Russian mercenary in Ukraine (including videos, photos, audio):

    (Russian, Svoboda) Among killers

    [...] the tanks go one way, the infantry the other, there's no co-operation, no training, nothing. You think this group of animals could win the war? You know how they won last summer? Su-planes from Russia. One of the separatists, who was manning an anti-air system, told me: "I got an order, our Su's were flying in, don't open fire".

  17. Massive fires outside of Chita, Russia:


    Already dozens dead, thousands displaced from their homes, yet almost no mention in the Russian media.

  18. Russian senators have just declared their earnings for 2014. Just to remind you, as a representative of the government it is illegal to have any offshore business or company outside of Russia and any property has to be declared in a financial report.

    The richest senator earned over 363.5 million rubles (7 million USD). The senator with the largest amounts of real estate comes from Ivanovskaya Oblast - 61 (!!!!) registered real estate in and out of the country.

    The senator from the Stavropol' Krai had the largest collection of cars - 19, including 7 trucks, 7 GAZ and 4 Mercedes. The senator from the Kursk Oblast had a lesser, but more varied collection - 15 cars, out of those - 3 Bentleys, 3 motorcycles, two Mercedes, and a large amount of rare retro cars from the 50's-60's.

    Almost all senators have property outside of Russia. The senators from Kursk', Sahalin and Ryazan regions all have a house and vast amount of land in Italy. Krasnoyar senator - Switzerland, Omsk senator - France, Chukotka - two houses in France. The representative from Primorsk Krai owns two houses in the US - 20 thousand and 1.2 thousand squared meters - in fact, the only property he has in Russia is a car. There was also registered property in Monaco, UK and Spain for other senators.

    These are the same people who claimed that Europe is pushing gay values, that the West is a corrupt and failing institution, and pushed a number of resolutions, such as banning Russian kids from being adopted by American couples.

    (Russian) http://www.newsru.com/russia/15apr2015/sovfed.html