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  1. Maybe I gave harsh feedback, but I felt like this 'campaign' is a prime example of what not to do when it comes to storytelling in ArmA campaign. *3-4 introductory missions with more cutscenes than actions. *Introducing characters from squad - this makes me think they will die only when scripted for extra dramatic effect. *Filler dialogue, on top of that it's very bad and full of grammatical errors. *This much writing with no voice acting? Come on.
  2. Great work on the campaign! I can't help but be amazed at the amount of detail put into every mission. Making your own plan to approach the enemy is a great concept that needs to be utilized more frequently.
  3. This campaign sounded promising, but it's far too cinematic - especially for one with no voice acting. Reading silly dialogue lines and watching slow camera pans proved a waste of time to me. I've spent a good half an hour with all sorts of introductory, story-telling 'missions', before quitting on this mistake.
  4. Sub-Human

    A Complete Arma 3 - Not That Far Away

    I wonder when Bohemia plans on releasing the next big expansion, akin to Operation Arrowhead...