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  1. Sub-Human

    DLC Ads

    I agree, it doesn't look very good. I paid 30 euro for this game, at the very least I could get an ad-free screen.
  2. Altis Life needs to be removed from the server list. A default filter should do the job. The first impression of a new ArmA player is that Altis Life is all there is to the multiplayer (and, unfortunately, it largely is true). Why does he need to spend at least a minute or two to find a military simulation server on a military simulation game?
  3. Sub-Human

    life/rpg mods welcome in arma 3 ?

    Altis Life is the plague of ArmA. There needs to be a forced filter to remove them from the server browser unless a player installs a plug-in... Maybe then the influx of new players will be more interested in actual military gamemodes.
  4. Sub-Human

    A More Sophisticated Scoring Algorithm?

    I think the improvement here should be not a more balanced score system, but a better 'kill detection'. For example, someone crashes into your car, it explodes a couple seconds later - that counts as a suicide. Likewise, if someone runs you over, it's also a suicide.
  5. Sub-Human

    Will 3D Scopes Be Corrected

    I think it'd easily be achievable with the +/- keys on the numpad. The closer you get, the higher the FOV of the scope image. I think the ACE mod for ArmA 2 did have this for certain HK rifles with the / key, albeit it wasn't as flexible.
  6. Sub-Human

    It doesn't feel the same

    There's not much of a better way to phrase this. The recent developments in Ukraine make the Chernarus scenario more and more interesting.
  7. To me, the multiplayer aspect kills it. There's only one Patrol Ops server which is semi-active. I have to wonder what goes through the Altis Life players' head; 'I bought the most realistic infantry simulation available on the mainstream market and I'm going to roleplay a civilian collecting apples'.
  8. Sub-Human

    FIA Weapons

    I'd definitely love to see them have more varied equipment including some 'AK' weapons, a Galil or RK95 would be great to have in the hands of the guerillas.
  9. Sub-Human

    fictitious Altis Armed Forces Structure & Ranks

    Very fictitious indeed, the AAF are about the size of a single battalion and they've formed 5 years prior to events of ArmA 3.
  10. Sub-Human

    Anyone tried a 4790K yet?

    If you've already purchased it why not try and tell us instead?
  11. Sub-Human

    Arma 3 IS NOT "Military Simulator" genre

    Exactly how? ArmA 2 and especially OA was full of Life and Wasteland servers as well.
  12. Sub-Human

    Playing without saving

    I play on Veteran difficulty (one user save per mission), and that's highly frustrating. Not only do I have to engage the enemy (often by myself), but I also have to watch after my AI squadmates who are useless. As for Operation Flashpoint, that game is not particularly 'easier', but because it only takes one or two shots to kill someone it rewards proper tactics and patience much more than ArmA 3. If you play online in a co-operative mission you will see that it's not difficult to engage enemies who outnumber you even 10 to 1. But in singleplayer it's a real hassle...
  13. Sub-Human

    Radeon R9 290 and Arma 3

    Just overclock that CPU (I'd try 5 GHz with the beast you have) and you should be absolutely fine. I'd estimate a good 35 FPS on a server.
  14. Sub-Human

    Arma 3 IS NOT "Military Simulator" genre

    OP: There's no such genre as 'military simulator'. The people that want to play a military simulator?
  15. Sub-Human

    Damage system sucks - fix needed

    I've been playing around with OFP and despite all the flaws, its medical system is still leaps ahead of ArmA 3's. A maximum of two torso hits from any rifle results in death. It's all very simple and it works well.
  16. Sub-Human

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    It's the most likely scenario too. Given how frequently my AI die from very silly mistakes (the same ones that happened in OFP - that is 13 years later) having vital NPCs is very frustrating.
  17. Sub-Human

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Maybe do-able, but very boring and frustrating. In the end it'd come down to telling them to stop and then proceeding to do the mission with the non-vital NPC, which is every bit non-immersive as having unkillable AI.
  18. Sub-Human

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    Aaah... Why can't Russians be BLUFOR for once? Maybe one day...
  19. Sub-Human

    Next DLC and Expansion Speculation

    What about having a Russian Federation vs China (similar to the Sino-Soviet conflict)? We can assume that new powers in Russia will be in place by 2035 which are more pro-Western and China becomes very hungry for Siberian lands. Bohemia can definitely deliver both Asian and 'Chernarus'-esque enviroments and maybe even snow.
  20. A proper mouse. Mine has +/- keys on them so that I can zoom in without having to slide my arm onto the numpad. And a mouse wheel that doesn't make navigating through the action menu a pain in the ass...
  21. It's a lot like Flashpoint's Cold War Crisis campaigns - the '85 and Resistance (combined into one). There's no contemporary anti-insurgency that you saw in ArmA 2.
  22. Sub-Human

    We need worse weapon systems

    Didn't realize that... In that case, I agree.
  23. Sub-Human

    We need worse weapon systems

    I agree with some of your points. I remember WarMod for the original ArmA with its revamped tank controls (no longer do you just point and shoot). However there needs to be difference between micro-management and actual skill. Looking back at the Javelin video, ArmA's controls don't make it inherintely less 'skillful', but just less management. You still have to point at the right direction and wait for the lock-on. Imagine if instead of opening your map with 'M', you had to pull it out of your pocket first, then unfold it multiple times using the action menu or different keys. And instead of magically zooming you had to pull out a second map. Is that more realistic? Yes. More fun? Doubt it.
  24. Sub-Human

    Ukraine General

    This whole deal is sad beyond words. Putin took two friendly and brotherly nations and made them enemies. He's a Class A terrorist!
  25. Here the problem is filler text. The atmosphere is built through immature jokes and cliche like player watching the sunset and scared of going to war. There's so much of pointless reading, which is not related to the mission or ever brought up again throughout the campaign. 95% of ArmA campaigns don't have this much text. Look at bardosy's work. He has no voice acting, but he doesn't need it, because everything is explained in the briefing screen and there's very little dialogue inbetween. I don't mind absence of voice acting, but when there's clear emphasis on story-telling it is an absolute must.