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    3CB BAF Units

    It does the same in a completely empty editor with no other mods than CBA and BAF loaded unfortunately :(
  2. st4rgasm

    3CB BAF Units

    However this only works for missions I've created myself. I'd like to use the faction in the 'Dynamic Recon Ops' scenarios, but am unable due to the ammo and equipment not loading in! :( Edit: I've now managed to get to edit the scenario I'd like to play, however when I place the unit configuration module, I go to click on the boxes to change randomisation to 'disabled' I click the arrow and nothing happens, so I am unable to change it :(
  3. st4rgasm

    3CB BAF Units

    Unfortunately that's INCREDIBLY time consuming, is there no way at all to disable the script in the mod completely?
  4. st4rgasm

    3CB BAF Units

    In the editor, when I place units, the units place with weapons, but do not place with backpacks/ammunition/FAKs or any of that good stuff. When I go to 'play' the mission in the editor, the items all spawn. However this is frustrating, as when starting some missions (such as dynamic recon ops) I am unable to play with the faction as the ammo and backpacks do not spawn. Is there any fix for this? It's probably me being an idiot