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  1. Hello everyone! A quick update on the happenings of Beck's Privateers: We are steadily getting our Campaign going, working out bugs with scripting and looking at implementing new mods to enhance the immersion into Arma 3. We have completed several missions for our Campaign, as well as, getting side missions going during the week. We successfully completed our Team Death Matches and are hosting a weekly PvP day every Tuesday. Come check us out and play with us! You won't regret it! *UPDATE 06/07/2014* I apologize that I haven't added this earlier, our website has been down since just after I bumped this. I have been very sort on time this week, thus I haven't had time to update this post. I do not know when our website will be back up and running. It is run from a different host from our TeamSpeak and Arma 3 server and we currently cannot reach the host. I invite anyone who shows interest in us to join our TeamSpeak at address: becks-privateers.com Again I apologize for the website outage! *UPDATE 06/11/2014* Our website is officially up and running again! We were finally able to transfer our website to a different host that is more reliable. Come check us out!
  2. Update as of 05-22-2012 We have completed two missions in the prelude to our Campaign. Our campaign is on temporary pause this weekend as I am extremely busy with school and need to squeeze some time in to get on the editor. Instead we have scheduled an operation for almost every day of the week. So jump on get to know us! This is to include rolling out our custom-made PvP scenarios which we will be hosting on a weekly or biweekly basis based on popularity. Check out a couple new videos to recap the last two weeks:
  3. Pergor, We ended up doing that with BLUFOR units as a quick work around. Sometimes Independents fire at BLUFOR for almost no reason hah.
  4. Good to know, thank you!
  5. Hey Pomi, this mod is awesome! My clan uses this mod exclusively for our clothing in game. Our recruitment post has a couple videos of your mod in action: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?176635-Beck%E2%80%99s-Privateers-PMC-want-to-hire-you!-Semi-Realism Just one addition that would be nice is if the PMC could be adjusted to the BLUFOR team and maybe even the OPFOR team as well, as they can be hired. I would like to make missions against the AAF but the faction aligning prevents that a bit. A second request is to ask if we can get some of the logo's changed for a unit version that has BP instead of PG; If you are opposed to this no worries. It's just kind of funny because our introductory rank abbreviation is "PG". Again thank you for the mod, really sets in immersion in our PMC unit!
  6. Hey, Is it possible to script a way for MCC to auto-generate missions? I.e. MCC will auto generate missions while no one is logged into MCC? This might be a little similar to Patrol Ops, but would allow us to run your MCC missions which are really good, without having someone logged into MCC at all times. I would also like to add, that is mod is absolutely amazing, in my opinion it is much, much better than Zeus as the premade missions are nail biting! Really enjoy the SVests and AI reactions!
  7. Is it possible to get the scripts needed to run this squad mod that you have? I would really like to use it in other maps and server files as it is easy to use, and takes care of a lot of naming and marker issues I have been having with the editor.
  8. FortyEight

    How do you make a Mod Pack

    Thank you for replying, where can I find the mod licensing? I'm looking at the Armaholic pages and I am not seeing any information on licensing or distribution.
  9. FortyEight

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Sad day, I appreciate the input though! I really want to use your mod, as it looks like the best heavy lift and fast roping mod out there, we may just have to reserve its use for private operations though. I do appreciate the quick reply and great job! Loving it!
  10. To ease the downloading and installation of multiple mods for members of a community, can anyone enlighten me on how to make a mod pack? By mod pack I mean a file, with one key, that one simply downloads, unzips and pastes into their Arma 3 directory. This would consist of mods have I have not created but enjoy using.
  11. FortyEight

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Is there a way that we can have the mod enabled on our server and clients, but keep the server public without requiring the use download of the mod? I.e. Deleting the addons section in the mission.sqm after putting down the two modules? Or will it still pop up with that same error config.bin. We really want to use your mod on our Server but we don't want to restrict noobies or people without the mod from playing with us, even if they see nothing.
  12. Update as of 05-07-2014. Our campaign begins Saturday, 05-10-2014 at 1700 EST. If you want to join us in our campaign, put in an Application today! Our server has started to become quite popular with Patrol Ops. Check it out some time! Search for our server name: [bP] Private Military Company Realism - becks-privateers.com And a little bit more. enticement check out our first Arma 3 video! This is last weekend's PMC training on Patrol Ops, check out the view from our overwatch team! In other news, congratulations to the following members for being promoted: Dutch from Cabin Boy to Bos'n, Sirthus from Cabin Boy to Bos'n and Khellus from Press Ganged to Swabbie. Keep up the good work gentlemen! I would also like to welcome our newest members in the last two weeks: Press Ganged Capt Sprinkles, Press Ganged Istirus, Press Ganged BareN, Press Ganged Meatus, Press Ganged Halfbrick, Press Ganged Colin Towel, Press Ganged Kreso, Press Ganged Banshee, and Press Ganged iRaimy.
  13. FortyEight

    Map Edit keeps kicking people

    Okay another question. Say I wanted to add a Chinook and a fast-rope/heavy lift script that was a mod to my mission files. However, I still wanted my server to be public and to allow anyone to join, would the only downside of this operation be that the players without the mods would not see the one helicopter and some of the features? Or would this completely not work?
  14. FortyEight

    Map Edit keeps kicking people

    Oh, I always keep back ups, because the code in Arma 3 is not my cup of tea... I'm not very codely if you will. Okay, will this always happen if I edit a map file with mods enabled? Also, if I want to use a particular skin or mod, should I edit the file with it, then delete these entries in the sqm?
  15. Here is my issue: My server usually runs Patrol Operations 3.1. At the rest of my fellow community members I wanted to add information on the map for our TeamSpeak address, etc. I decided to extract the .pbo folder and edit the mission file in the editor to add simple markers at the top of the map. Now, when ever that map file is loaded on the server, a vast majority of people just get straight kicked off the server with no reason given. In game all that appears is "[player] connecting" "[player] connected" "[player] disconnected". I know Patrol Ops runs a lot of scripts, however the only thing I did was open the mission.sqm in the Arma 3 editor, add 3 markers with text, saved the mission file, exited and compiled the .pbo again. I am wondering what is causing this. I did edit the file while my mods were enabled: POMI_PMC, VTS Weaponresting, Task Force Arrowhead Radio, CBA and Shacktac Fireteam HUD. I did not add anything in the editor that was related to any mods, I just added the 3 markers with NATO flags. I do not think that the issue is server related as it does not do this for any other mission we have used. Any help is greatly appreciated!