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    Mildot holdovers

    I wanted to make a range card for the Lynx APDS. I started testing and found that the APDS has a very flat trajectory but it starts to come into play at 1,000 meters, and I found that the LRPS only zeros to 2200 meters. I started messing around in virtual to build a range card but its quite a task. There's got to be a listing or wiki or software coding that I can use instead of doing virtual field tests for hours and hours. Anyone know a resource I can use to get the range cards for stock weapons with stock scopes?
  2. I need holdovers for the vanilla stock weapons from ARMA3 with the vanilla stock scopes. I've been working on the Lynx APDS with LRPS but I'm having a hard time. Do you know of anything? Thanks a lot!
  3. SITREP #00117 states the following: "Our own Zeus, Karel Mořický, has two tips to share: When engaging players, shoot to suppress... Speak on the direct speech channel via VOIP. This will even make the NPC's lips move and is a great way to create a more dynamic scene for the players." This is not true for me. I went into Zeus and tried to speak with a "puppet" on direct. It did not work. Only global works. I have the latest version. Can anyone confirm it is working for them?
  4. Warfighter1_1

    PG Services (PMC)

    Looks like the PMC M4 no longer has any recoil after the Marksmen DLC came out. Any fix available?
  5. Warfighter1_1

    BI Official Zeus Servers Admin Voting

    BRING BACK ADMIN!!! I have about 500 or 600 hours in Zeus on public servers alone. I have made dozens of friends on Steam through these public servers. There is ZERO reason to change the way admin was facilitated on the public servers. The vast vast majority of game time on public servers has been high quality game play. The admins have not once in all my experience abused their powers to kick someone. All admins and all players who want to play ennjoy having more players. The more the merrier. So there is never any incentive to abuse admin. Please return admin to the way it was, where you could vote on admin at any time. There was never anything wrong with it, and the way it is now has nearly ruined the public servers.
  6. Warfighter1_1

    Zeus Modules break way too much.

    I noticed that setting a Custom Objective to have no marker (disable marker) will break the modules as swordman described.
  7. Warfighter1_1

    Zeus Briefing

    bump. not fixed in 1.32 :-)
  8. Warfighter1_1

    Looking for Zeus group

    I am developing a campaign. You can check it out here: https://operation-witchcraft.obsidianportal.com/
  9. bump! my birthday comes soon, and i've already had over 30 of them. i wish i could chat direct with zeus' puppets! *blows out candles*