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  1. 1RRF Hello All! We have had a few changes to our unit that was worth posting up on our thread so heres a Quick Update On Our Unit ROSTER HQ: Lt. S. Wheeler C/Sgt. R. Reher 1 Section: 1IC: J. Major Gre: D. Winters AR: C. Anderson Rif: 2IC: J. Jankus Gre: A. Greener CMT: A. Williams 2 Section: 1IC - Cpl. R. Flynn 2IC - LCpl. R. Peters Gre - J. Fitzgerald AR - Fus. M. Boon Gre - *Reserved For Kost* Rif - Rif - R. Stanton 3 Section: 1IC: LCpl. D. James Charlie Pointman: T. Manley AR: B. McLovin Rifleman: M.Gee 2IC: Delta Pointman: Rifleman: Fire Support Group: 1IC: M. White E. Kinney J. Redwood _____ Operations Of The 1RRF The 1RRF has recently just finished our Sangin tour after a fair few weeks of success, now after training to our new deployment to Ireland to fight against the IRA fighters we are ready to push the enemy threat OUT. We will use our trainings given by RTT and HQ to eliminate them. So far we arent sure what will be next other than having Ukraine on our list of maybe's. _____ Interested In Joining? If You want to apply the the 1RRF, you need to be all of the following things... Age: 16, Although if 15 (2 Week Observation) Mature Must have ACE / ACRE Active Here are our details of applying, visit our Teamspeak 3 or website to join and get your application proccess done. Teamspeak 3 Ip: royal1st.ts.nfoservers.com Website: http://rrf1stbattalion.wix.com/1rrf Thankyou And Kind Regards Coporal R. Flynn [1RRF] _____
  2. Greetings all! I'm from a Arma 2 ACE/ACRE unit known as the 1RRF (British Armoured Inafantry) recently we've been in need of ground infantry for our platoon. So im making this post for people who are interested in joining a unit. As stated before we do use ACE/ACRE so if you have any problems setting that up we can do it for you aswell as other mods. For Recruits who join they will go through a 2 phase training program, nothing to worry about, it just explains Formations we use aswell as our structure, contact spotting, CQB and fire modes. We understand people who play arma all enjoy flying however we are NOT airbourne so we do not use helicopters. However for people interested in joining as Warrior crew it is available.. Here is a image of the Warrior IFV.. About Us.. We do represent a British Armoured Infantry Battalion known as the Fusiliers, at the moment we are 20 men active with more on the Roster. We arent the biggest unit out there but our training proves us reliable in combat especially under contact. At the moment we are currently deployed in Sangin Province on tour helping out the Afghan national Army with keeping Afghanistan under control. This deployment is known as OP Relic.. Our unit has been going for nearly 2 months now so it's going quite well. At the moment im in control of the units Media (YouTube / BI Forums) and we do have a few videos on our YouTube channel, especially a compilation video of what you could see in a months time of the unit from the perspective of me. I Will post the units info of our website / Teamspeak3 IP down below and if you are interested in joining PM me or make a appliaction on our website. Ts3 IP: royal1st.ts.nfoservers.com Website: http://rrf1stbattalion.wix.com/1rrf -Thankyou for your time and Kind Regards Cpl. R. Flynn [1RRF]
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