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  1. napalm00

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    This mission works amazing in SP, however the coop one doesn't seem to work that well... I've tried both Rydygier's and Major Stiffy's Altis Pilgrimage COOP missions and they don't seem to even init properly, since I can't see the "Check account" action after spawning, nor can I do "Sell content" on bodies. No errors in the RPT, running on a Linux dedicated server.
  2. napalm00

    A-164 Wipeout HUD MOD

    It would be really cool if we could lock onto targets using the HMDs (without having to point the whole aircraft at them). Example: I haven't been able to find any way to make the crosshair follow the freelook view (since that's all that we would need for HMD locking) and I'm not aware of any script command that forces a missile to lock onto a target... I wonder if locking targets in freelook mode is possible at all?
  3. Windows 8.1 and a T.Flight Hotas X here, this fixed it for me! Thank you good sir/madam!
  4. My bad, I thought the L Hellfire variant was laser-guided as well :p Everything's working as intended, thanks for your patience and this awesome mod!
  5. What are the steps to get a Hellfire missile to track a laser at about 1.6km? I can't seem to get it to work with either LOAL or LOBL.
  6. napalm00

    CCIP script for aircrafts

    This addon appears to conflict with TFAR 0.9.6, if anybody could confirm this and shed some light on a possible solution that'd be great!
  7. I've solved it :D it's nothing to do with the CBA version, this addon (CCIP script for aircraft) somehow conflicts with TFAR. Removing it brought TFAR back to normal. Sorry if I've wasted your time over such a bothering issue, I've voted for TFAR on Make ArmA Not War :D keep up the fantastic work! Thanks again!
  8. No, I've got a remote server with the exact same installation as the client. I've also tested it in SP, it doesn't give me that error but it doesn't work either. I've seen this was reported earlier in the thread and the solution was to replace a "bad" version of CBA, but as I said I've got the latest version downloaded from here.
  9. I've tried it in MP but it comes up with an error message saying "Looks like task force radio addon not enabled or version less than 0.8.1". I'm using TeamSpeak 3.0.14 and it doesn't show me as "Connected" nor "Play".
  10. I can't get this addon (version 0.9.6) to work in Arma 3 1.32 (stable branch). I'm using CBA RC4 (the latest release) and I don't see TFAR in the "Configure Addons" tab under the "Controls" menu, nor any other mod for the matter. I checked the RPT and found no errors, I can add the radio items in-game and I can equip them but TFAR just doesn't seem to be loaded at all. Am I doing something wrong? Isn't TFAR supposed to at least load and show an error if I'm not connected to TeamSpeak? I'm loading all addons through the in-game "Expansions" menu, is that not the correct way to do it?
  11. I solved it by adding "Curator" to the -mods parameter, turns out that was somehow messing with the pbo loading. Thank you for your support :D TFAR works perfectly now!
  12. Sorry for the very late reply, here's the log from my server:
  13. I was using 0.9.0 and updated to 0.9.1 today, I still have the same issue.
  14. Hey nkey, first off thank you for making this awesome mod. I've installed it on my Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS) server, using steamcmd. The long-range radios are given to the squad leaders but the other squad members aren't given any radio, nor can they pick up radios and use them (they can add them to their inventory but they just won't work). I've looked through the logs and I encountered the exact same problem as nsnipe, who posted about the same issue a few months ago: I'm facing the exact same errors, I've tried to revalidate the files multiple times (using steamcmd's app_update <appid> validate) but the issue is still there. I even tried deleting functions_f.pbo and the like and revalidate them, but that didn't solve it. Is this a problem with linux servers in general or am I just missing something obvious? Thank you for your work and support nonetheless :D
  15. napalm00

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Fantastic mod, easily one of the best mods for A3. Out of curiosity, how did you test this mod? I'm planning on making a (very small) particle effect replacement addon for myself but I can't figure out how one would test it (to find out what the best values for e.g. lifetime of a particle are), since as far I can see the only way is repacking the config.cpp into a pbo and restarting the whole game. Surely there must be another way? Sorry if it's a bit offtopic but I'm really interested on how you managed to debug such a big mod :)