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  1. xwaamá

    Super Miller Land

    i have seen gameplay on author's channel. Time warp- good old N64 days are back :)
  2. xwaamá

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I just want to confirm this one. That was one of the reasons, that i unistalled the game for now. Waypoints dosent work in eden editor (even simple ones like MOVE), and also i can't command my subordinates - They don't respond to any commands, just simply they follow me (happens just in eden editor). ...But i think it occasiolnaly occured before TAC OPS update (maybe a fault of old my CPU Q6600?).
  3. Great news! Cant wait to see more of your work! Hope you'll later iclude some heavy Polish vehicles. Simply legendary!
  4. xwaamá

    Iwo Jima survivor talking on the BBC

    Thanks for this.
  5. xwaamá

    Arma 3 - Marksmen Community Challenge

    ok all these guns look sexy (or supa cosmic heavy like SPMG). But why we havent revealed all the content so far?! Plaese ArmaPlayerZ around the world stand TOGETHER. Shoot the disks!
  6. xwaamá

    Happy Birthday Arma 3!

    I wish Arma3 team a lot of splendidness, so they can give it back to us :bounce3: Thank you for your effort!
  7. xwaamá

    September'39 @ Arma 3

    It looks very impressive in A2. Im happy that someone wants to take care of this project and complete Topas legacy. Wish You all the best.