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  1. Got it.. Yea, I like the game world sounds to fill the room & have Comms thru headset. Sounds much better(to me).. I do it for most of my games.. Got it.. thanks for the response guys..
  2. Hi, I don’t know where to post a question, but I was wondering if it is possible to change where the incoming comms are routed? They are coming out where the game audio comes out(my speakers), but I want them to come out of my headphones.. tfar comms come they the headphones while game audio comes thru the speakers. I would like to replicate this with your addon.. thanks.
  3. Bode_DHSF

    WMO - Walkable Moving Objects

    Does this not work for planes, specifically c-130 & c-17? I’ve been searching for a way for my team to line up in the rear of the aircraft & HALO jump from a standing position by walking out they the ramp.. I don’t want to sit in any seats..
  4. Hi, I've been searching for a few months & have come to a wall in every attempt, but I keep getting an error from one of my mods.. I have been told it was from Enhanced Visuals. but I have used EV & not received the error, I was told It was the white phos NVGs but have received the error when it was not installed.. IDK what it is. I left a link to an image of the error in the attachment as well as the .pbo, where I see nothing in the indicated "line 6".. or anything else I can understand that might be causing the error.. (I am no good at this stuff, if it's more than a few lines) .. Please help **Apparently I can not attach the url to the image in Steam but here it is: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1923786551 **I also can't post the .pbo(if u know how plz let me know & I will) BUT, it is from the EV mod folder(I'm sure a lot of ppl have this to check tho).. It's the ONLY thing that mentions "babe_nvg" on my entire PC, so I assume this is the code it is reporting the error from.. I would greatly appreciate help in finally getting this off my screen every time I jump in the game..
  5. Bode_DHSF

    babe_nvg error

    I believe I fixed it so u can see it now, sorry.. here it is.. & I still couldn't figure out how to send the PBO for enhance Visual: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QwicHjrWPyrVg0EpJSQHFwa8vjLO40Hd
  6. Bode_DHSF

    Live feed control (LFC)

    Super noob to this level of scripting, so when I saw just copy folder tho mission I figured that's all that was required.. I have done all the other steps as well, exactly as written, but I still keep getting error.. line 12 (feedInit).. So, I'm wondering if I need to make any changes to the script itself.. like change ALL the "monitorname" to Monitor1 as it is named in the monitor I plan to use in the game.. Is there a tutorial that shows the process of setting it up correctly.. As I said, I did exactly what was done in the instruction & nothing more.. no changes to inits or name of the assets.. Monitor1, UNITNAME, SERVER.. this was so I could test it first.. I would love to use as it is the only live helmet cam feed mod I can find beside cTab, but I want this to work at a command center.. I would appreciate any help..
  7. is the site dead? Can't seem to ge thru..
  8. I didn't want to make a post abt a question that could easily be answered by someone with some scripting knowledge, but the guys in the Discord "Ask Questions Channel" , don't like answering questions (I realize they don't want to do your work for u & it's better to research & learn it for yourself, but just reading & trying to teach yourself with no context doesn't help either) ....... So, after looking thru the scripting section of the wiki, I still couldn't find an answer.. BUT, I just want to know the significance of the zero in the second script.. **sorry for the rant, here's the script: ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; & 0 = ["AmmoboxInit",[this,true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; I know one calls & one spawns, the difference being instant & delayed creation of the arsenal within the thread (also, not sure what a thread is in an scripting context, but that's not a concern right now, I'm still researching), so what is the purpose of the zero? Thanks
  9. it's not the science of rockets to recognize the pattern of well thought out, helpful explanations against a, "the BIKI is a useful tool." to a question of how to fix or understand something.. Especially in a forum u visit often with the same people.. It's not abt knowing someone personally the display of emotion in text (never seen a sad Q personally)*that was a joke* .. I'm sorry the world wide web is so difficult for u, sir, but I appreciate u poppin on in to add on.. smilies BTW.. Since I have u here.. I'm having an issue with seeing my Unit insignia in game. I can see it on my guys & they can see it on me.. launcher, vehicles & player menu included.. I just can't see it myself.. I created the arma3.com page & I also created an .xml .. Could they possibly interfere with each other if I have them both in my game (even tho, it only lets u use one or the other), & if not, what kind I do to fix this? No one in any of the Googles I've read has found a solution but plenty experience the same issue.. (**Do I need to make another post for this question?) Thanks in advance for your help..
  10. We obviously see things dif, I know when someone is being short with me & when someone truly has the intention of helping.. & I already said, that with that question, he did.. I thanked him for it.. I wouldn't have done that, if not.. If u recall, I've thanked u before when u help me & I've not thanked u when u haven't.. He doesn't know you, beginners often ask about the difference between call and spawn, if you want to know something else you have to be more specific. this was a genuine thank u, don't turn it into one of your arguing points I asked exactly what I wanted to know, he answered, just because I added the part abt the zero here, doesn't mean I didn't ask what I intended in Discord.. & that's that.. & If u don't feel like u guys have the tendency to "look down on people" and "not want to help" doesn't mean that's not how the new guys feel when u pass them off to the BIKI or any other guide that, as I said would take a while to understand.. you're treating me like an asshole with this whole statement, because it's false, just because it doesn't happen EVERY time, doesn't mean it never happens.. Have some self awareness.. BUT, I'll make sure to tag u with all the rest of my questions, so u can prove me wrong, I got a few incoming soon too.. unless of course you're planning on banning me for having an opinion that doesn't agree with yours.. Now, are we done here. I don't want to keep on with this bullshit, I've got a BIKI to study....
  11. I just wrote a whole response to all your replies, but I hit backspace & it took me off the page & I lost it.. I'm not going to rewrite it. I'll just say, It's not a lie, I do know what the BIKI is, I never said I didn't, & telling me it's call & spawn gives me no additional info, I see that in the script..but thanks for taking 2 second to explain the answer.. I do appreciate when u guys do help.. I don't want u guys to think I'm an asshole for no reason, but I don't expect to treated like one cuz I don't have the years of experience as some of u, just want a little more guidance than just a link to a guide that I would need to spend the next few months studying to find an answer to a specific , simple question, which I am & I do try not to ask question that are easily found.. Thanks again
  12. this is what I'm talking abt... How was I supposed to get here with no context.. I was searching thru Arma 3 not Armed assault, I see that it says spawn, but when someone tells u read the BIKI & nothing more, to someone who is not as experienced, getting from A-B is not so clear.. I appreciate the non explanation.. Even with the sarcasm u have done more than the rest.. Look, I'm just trying to learn. I'm reading guides, forums & anything else I can to teach myself , but yea, sometimes I have questions, as simple as they seem to u guys, I'm not on your level yet & trust when I get there, I promise I won't show my face around a forum or discord again, as to not disturb the genius of the Arma scripting community I apologize.. my disappointment is not aimed at u (even tho it's here in my reply to u).. I've seen u help plenty of ppl, myself included.. there's just so much looking down on those who aren't as skilled as the rest.. We just want to learn & regardless of the subject, asking questions is a part of the process.. thanks again for your response
  13. Bode_DHSF

    Unit not showing in A3 launcher.

    Can U post a solution, I'm sure there are more people that would like to fix this.. I got a guy in my unit having the same issue & I'm trying to help him.. thanks
  14. Bode_DHSF

    Flight Deck Crew Unit Addon WIP

    Loving it.. just now starting to get my wings & it turns out I love flying jets.. Any chance u might have or have come across any animation scripts for these guys? just to make the flight deck a little more alive..
  15. I’m building a small mission, only placed a few units, vehicles & arsenal.. as soon as I jump into one of the vehicles, EVERYTHING disappears.. if I get close to it, they will pop in, but the assets I placed & buildings on the map disappear from view.. I know u will prob need more info, so just let me know what would help me to give u a better idea.. idk if it’s a mod or what.. thanks in advance.. EDIT: Sorry guys, I fixed it.. Please disregard.. I’m not sure how to erase this post so I put this notice here until I do..
  16. Bode_DHSF

    Player Icons

    I would like to get rid of the hexagon that shows up on squad members & replace it. I want to know how to make the voice wav when they speak above their names.. Is this a mod? because I haven't found it in the settings. I would like to be able to see rank/name & the voice wav & nothing else. Please help, I'm almost done setting up my first official campaign & little things like this are the only thing holding me back..Thanks
  17. WOW!! This looks great.. What is the name of this terrain? I saw u were talking abt 3 dif ones up top, but I couldn't tell which this was.. Do u have a link to your other mods? Thanks & great work
  18. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Zero

    thanks guys.. I was just clicking the links under the banner
  19. Bode_DHSF

    Zero Dark Zero

    Sorry, I know this is prob my inability to figure it out, but how do I get it? All the links are 404.. I don't see any other places to get it.. Can I get a link.. thanks
  20. Can u set this to squads? I plan to have 20-40 enemy units & I don’t want to have to set each individual unit with the script..
  21. I have some units/soldiers doing push-ups & some standing at ease.. it works fine in single player but as soon as I export to Multiplayer they all default to original stance.. I was told it was a locality issue but I don’t how to address this.. all the ppl who responded only told me what the issue was then sent me links to the scripting forum which doesn’t help someone that’s new to scripting.. it’s good information but u still need some sort of understanding to even read it.. I have a simple script & need help finding a simple solution.. I would appreciate some help & not just a professional scripter telling me what I did wrong.. sorry if I sound like a dick but all I get from the scripting discord is an elitist attitude from others because I don’t EVERYTHING they do.. please help me with this
  22. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    @pierremgi that did it! just switched from playmove to switch move & any player slot I choose deletes the unit & lets me spawn in its place(at my player spawn).. u have help me out immensely.. I appreciate u taking the time to do that
  23. Bode_DHSF

    Scripts work in SP but not in MP

    Sure, I have set up a MP mission & in order to have the open slot for all the players needed for mission, I have to put the physical unit in the editor. So I have 20 units set as "playable" in editor & I've scripted them to "at ease" so they're not just standing around.. I also have a unit set as "player", which the one I use.. If I enter the mission using the "player" unit, the physical unit I set in the editor disappears & I spawn at my spawn point which I have designated for ALL players in the mission, BUT if I choose any of the other "playable" units I've set in editor, the unit persist mission as well as spawning at the spawn point.. So the unit duplicates itself, the one I choose from the available slots & the one I spawn into.. So, if I were to fill up all the slots with players, I would have 20 players spawning in at spawn point & still have the 20 unit standing at ease at the position I set them. Doubling the amount of assets in the mission.. Only scripts I'm using are the ones above, but only the at ease applies here. I do not teleport anyone, I just have a respawn point for players when they get in game or die.. So they join mission, hit respawn & pop up at base