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  1. The Jets DLC splash screen that was added mentions that the new 0-100% throttle system is optional, but for the life of me, I am unable to figure out how to change back to the old system. I think the new throttle control is an excellent thing for people with a hotas setup, but as a mouse and keyboard player it just creates unnecessary task saturation for me. Assuming default controls, a m&k player can't possibly throttle back/airbrake while rolling/yawing to the left (Which a CAS pilot frequently needs to), because all four of those controls typically require the use of the left ring finger. I can of course (and do have) some of that stuff rebound to more convenient buttons, but it would still be nice to just have my aircraft manage its own speed like before so I can focus on whatever task's at hand.
  2. Venantium

    Throttle System Option

    I understand why it would be desirable to have a throttle control that more closely resembles the industry standard and I don't have any complaints about it getting added, but I far prefer the way Arma 3 handled throttle before. So my main question is will it be optional to go back to the old way throttle was handled, or is the 0-100% throttle going to be the only system from here on out? As for default control remapping, unfortunately I don't have much in the way of suggestions for a default kb&m setup. I have a Logitech G502 mouse so I've moved some controls to the extra buttons I have on that, but not everyone will have a mouse with extra functions. Currently, I've got freelook, airbrakes, left and right panel functions, and zoom in/out bound to some of the extra keys on there. Most of the rest of my keyboard's setup is default, as far as I remember.
  3. Venantium

    Throttle System Option

    (Attempting to edit my original post keeps failing for some reason) So has the actual throttle "Option" already been implemented somewhere and I'm just missing it, or for the time being do I need to just adjust a value somewhere in the game files?