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    Difficulty related to ZEUS

    Ok so i would have posted a new thread but i don't seem to be able too do that..so i figured this would be a good enough thread to speak if it has been posted else were i apologist...Single player Zeus on the editor and player made missions(multiplayer seems to work fine) wont work with certain mods installed as far as i can tell its map packs that cause the problem i have been getting a pop up when i try to play even if its on stratis or altis without modded contend used..after a hour of frustration i finally figured out what was causing it and thought i would share...sooo all in all if you get a pop up when trying to play on zues on editor or missions..disable map expansions and it should work fine if this has not been said yet can someone pls repost this under its own thread and save the next guy the anger i had felt trying to figure this out...