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    ARMSCor Mod 3.0.3 (Work in progress)

    With the latest release of your AH-109 I cannot figure out for the life of me how to change out the loadouts on the helo. I have tried everything including using hangers, ammo trucks, ect. Does this only apply to a single factions variant?
  2. hoodedarche0


    Hey Ewok, with the deployable Gyro cams, I probably missed a post somewhere along the way but are those not part of the plan with these, Humvee's anymore? I had a mission or 2 in mind that I have been making that those would be very useful, also when my clan does city combat it would give us a leg up on the AI especially if we decide to use no air power. Thanks
  3. Why was this post given a warning flag? I don't see anything offensive with it at all. It's a challenging post, but that's about it. So I don't know who flagged his post but I suggest that we do not abuse the warnings, or flagging system on the forums.
  4. We all need more days of summer!! Though If the project is being abandoned it would be nice to know sooner than later as this can be salvaged easier.
  5. Hey is this addon even still in development? If not mind handing it off to someone who can keep going with it rather than just killing off a really good addon now?
  6. Hey there any chance you are going to be adding amphibious capabilities to the AAV and the LCAC if not I dont really see the point of those 2 addons.
  7. hoodedarche0

    United States Air Force

    THANK YOU!!! THE GODS HAVE SPOKEN!!! We can finally expand our Air Corps form just rotary to fixed wing as well!! We have the F-18's but we used them but they have a in-game realistic on station time that would usually run out before the ground troops needed it! Now we have the update we can expand it at will thank you so much you guys are the best!!
  8. hoodedarche0

    Alduric may i ask for your permission.

    Also though he created the map pack the primary amount of the content inside is owned by Bohemia and some other users whose maps are in there. With Bohemia's stuff they are cool with people using them, but I am not sure about the user created content in the pack.
  9. hoodedarche0

    United States Air Force

    I'm sorry if this comes out as sort of offensively, but are they still working on this addon, I have seen so many peoples posts I am completely confused at this point about what stage the update is at and if we are going to receive it. I am just wondering cause we are awaiting this update so we can expand the air corps in our clan (Shameless plug incoming, Captain!!) The 25th ARAIG.
  10. hoodedarche0

    Arma 3: Aircraft custom load-outs

    This is posted in the wrong thread, Mod's please move to where it belongs. Also I currently do not know of any addons that have been created that allows one to do this.
  11. Hi there I was wondering if there is anyway to add the RQ-11B into a mission (say for example DUWS) so that people could use the addon there without every person who joins the server needing to have it downloaded and installed themselves? Thanks
  12. Hi just wanted to say great mod, I made this account just for this post. Whenever I am using the Lav 3 (either variant) I am not able to see any kind of landing point for my ordiance (ie not dust, explosions, bullets, ricochets, ect) Is there something I am missing or forgot to install to make these appear? Thanks!