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  1. similar to the above post, i am looking for a mission that takes the "support stratis" mission where you fly in troops and they take objective while you support them, i really hate how my friends cant gun for me etc, we also really want this type of gameplay widened so that there are taskings going on for tank and infantry aswell, i have tried finding the actual mission file but had no luck as yet. does anyone know of any missions people have made that gives this kind of action ie large scale operations where you support or rather take a bit of a back seat role?

  2. So with all the execellent things like the Nimitz and fa-18's, ship and the sweet diving feature of ArmA III, I am desperate for some great Naval Missions.

    What I can't do is Terrain builder, I have some kind of mental block on it!

    I have used A3MP to play this map which is "almost" perfect


    The main problem is the lightbox, and not treally being able to see the hud of the f18. Other than that the size and depth of water is brilliant.

    If there is a capable and willing terrain builder who can

    * Create a ARMA3 version of the above map

    * Add two very small, low detail island/runways in opposing corners of the map for place larger planes like c130 etc

    * thats it!

    I would take the time to try and get .pew files etc and try and do this but every attempt I have to tried relating to editing terrain has failed, I will just stick to mission editing and scripting etc

    The crucial and desperate need for such a type of terrain or lack of it, is for flyboys and arma on lower spec systems you need higher draw and viewdistances to operate in air properly, so it is key that it keeps those fps up high

  3. This is kind of a more "generic" question, but it applies to this one aswell, so I have all naval mods on the server, we are struggling to get to board the ships, the craft carrier thing is fine as it has a ladder, but other than heli how do you get on the ship? say there is a man overboard situation, is there an entry point or recover boat option on these things?

  4. don't know if its just arma being "special" or what, but after several deaths on the server last night i happened across a dead body, mine in fact and i did have the mouse wheel options for disguise, just no whistle or silent kill.

    interesting to know how the kill script works and the wording

    there is no way to change back (except kill one of your guys (never actually tested if it works) and take theire uniform.)


    I have multiple projects on the go at the moment, as i only opened my dedicated server a few weeks ago and so am busy creating template etc etc, but i am curious about this


    i see on your wish list about buttons instead of scroll wheel, a good place to get an idea could be either sauls f18 super hornet (uses bulldozer buttons (fast forward for after burner) or the run and jump one with the "x2 C" to jump, just as way to see a script in action

  5. t0et0e - AiA is YOUR friend...


    I have it but have n't really understood how it works. love the fact its what, 40-50 mb, but do i just @..... & activate it, then just start using arma 2 content? because there are a few things from a2 i would like to use, like some of those massive terrains like rksl's isla marroon or something, but i did n't know what voodoo magic a3mp-a3 is using with the fixes.pbo.

    but thanks i am going to test it on the server later :)

  6. just an idea from an un-educated mind, but if say you have arma 2 and arma 3 installed would it not be possible to shortcut link some of the terrain pbo's etc to drastically reduce the file size, the main obstacle i am encountering when wanting to get clan members on the server is the bitching about file size/download times.

    I personally have ample room on 3 HDD for it all and a fast connection, but alot of others don't and it would be great to get them playing this way, don't know if anyone else gets this but my FPS and performance running A2 stuff on A3 engine is amazing!!

  7. Okay yes that is an easier work around for now. I was able to restrict the uid to one uid, but when I tried setting multiple uids for one Zeus entity, it just didn't allow anyone to use it. This is how I set it up:

    "Owner: 123456789" - Worked

    "Owner: 123456789, 123456789" - did not work

    Is it possible to set up multiple uid's for one Zeus entity? Or did I just set it up incorrectly.


    zeus is easy,

    in editor place a gamesmaster down, then another synced to it where in the owner you put the uid, thats all, for each zeus you want there are two zeus modules, ie i have 3 people who have zeus, on the editor there are 3 pairs of gamesmaster and zeus entity (sorry for the vagueness, not at home yet) i personally highly recommend ADV_Zeus and Zeus Presets, as a further in depth template. i am more than happy to give a template of a mission layout i use, designed and used for both non and dedicated hosting.

    reply with quote if you would like this done as i will forget by the time i sit down at home later.



  8. First off top notch idea for this, its brilliant fun and a dimension to arma that i have n't really experience since the early days of dayz a2 mod.

    I have it working on a dedicated server, it would appear the main problem is "JiP" and respawning, as when we run the mission from start, you get (as long as you are in the server from lobby to mission start) the whistle and silent kill, they persist with that one life. any late comers dont get any mouse wheel actions etc ie not init'd on them.

    So far i have using zeus placed an enemy and silent killed them, stole their uniform (usually not carry much of my own stuff at all) moved into a insurgency square (using eos system) silent killed them all, sadly i cant get the sector to turn green as the kills dont seem to register to blufor...obvious.

    Then the only way i seem to beable to break the disguise is to back out and re connect as blufor. I can get them to shoot me dead with enough "team killing" but the suspicion levels never seem to get close enough to warrant the "disguise lost" event.

    But as I say, this is so worthwhile being made more integrated into MP/Servers, it really makes for some great missions, i wish i could say yeah do this,do that and it will work but i am still a baby scriptor and learning on the job :)

  9. Without actually saying "no" on the OP's behalf, I'll note that:

    #1: The Nimitz (CVN 68) is a straight-up Arma 2 port, like my Khe Sanh (the fictional LHD 9).

    #2: The Nimitzes end(ed) with George H. W. Bush, aka CVN 77, while the OP mentions a CVN 83

    Thank you, even better then really all i can say is good luck and hope it comes out as good as the planes do

  10. how do you set the height of the spawn, ie say the flight deck of the nimitz or up a tower. everything else is working great (well except for brs thinking something on the carrier is an enemy) but when i try and spawn on the carrier or my moonpool from the icarus i am placed on the sea floor.

    i have been using an invisible heli pad and some script in the players init, but how to make it work with this is a trick i must learn :)

    update - tried setting them as vehicles but don't know how to spawn the player inside car etc

    another update - After scanning through the scripts, i came across something refering to the spawn action if in vehicle or not etc, well my cowboy work around is changed the ATL to ASL, now it dumps me at the surface, which is fine i built a ladder up to the hangar floor, so all good.

  11. been lead back to this post a few times and then decided i cant be arsed as its not that big a deal, but out of interest when you say replace all zepplin32 with tahomab, mine error messages seem to be thrown up from something like a3mp-ap or one of the other many mods active, so are you saying un-packed the mod .pbos and trace any reference to "zepplin32"? or is their a lazy way like in actual arma 3 configs?

  12. thanks for the info about jalabad!

    as for standalone, i butchered it today, by taking the a3mp-ap fix relating to clafghan mashing it into one folder with clafghan, it works just alot of error messages and missing objects :) but what i have found is clafghan and a few other A2 maps play much better in A3 engine, alot higher fps so i can push out my view distance to fly, but in doing this i figured the black lines was impossible to fix :( but it really is a shame not to open these "older" maps out to the community to let them all play. we used to flood gazala on bf1942 and it transformed it totally.

  13. very nice!! any way/plans to collaborate with Jdogs nimitz? these two in combination are my personal favorite mod for arma ever, but the nimmy feels neglected and unfinished. you guys are doing a top notch job with the hornet, especially with the 1.7 release to fix bootcamps "breaking everything". "we need a bigger boat!" ...well more ships :)