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  1. derpa derp derp! left out the stringtable file, see what happens when your all rushed ;)
  2. t0et0e

    Saitek X52 Arma 3 Profile

    dunno if its my stick bugging or not, but the polling rate is going mental with most keyboard mappings, so if i go to say, change weapon it cycles through at lightening speed then selects 1 or the same everytime! IE if in the settings i press the button it will blink very fast and always come up as "2x F" etc.
  3. Any plans to make this "noob" friendly in terms of using it with zeus, primarily having problems with the planes, i see some things like AI units etc, and they are great! but they need bombing :)
  4. k first off, BIG THANK YOU, being able to play Clafghan on A3 has made our day! We were constantly reminiscing about the good old days on A2. I have fixed a few issues like the "I get "Addon 'fata_fix' requires addon 'praa_sound'" bug", But just for clarification, ( I have both the 3 part 6 gb mod and this "patch".) When activating the expansions from within the main menu I see the 2 @mods, but also there is an ARMA II expansion to activate, I activated it without question, as it made sense to, but I just would like to know what it is for, I suspect it's maybe a cache for buildings and objects from the arma 2 game. It would be helpful to understand this as then I can try fixing the missing .paa warning on the main menu on start up. thanks and congrats with your Ferrari and Pseudo fame :)
  5. Please help, trial and error is not working to do this part! I need to merge your description.ext with pre-existing script, ie vas/vvs and taw's view distance, not being that great with scripting, i cannot merge them, this is wrong i know this... class CfgFunctions { class FETT { class curator { class eventHandlers {postInit = 1;}; class objPlaced {}; class grpPlaced {}; }; { #include "VVS\Functions.h" #include "VAS\cfgfunctions.hpp" #include "taw_vd\CfgFunctions.hpp" };
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    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    Think i may have had working correctly just for some weird-magic-arma-specialness, when we updated the server, for some reason when i joined it did n't do the usual downloading mission, I may have dismissed this as, "maybe its in my cache already". As when i connect a few hours later, just to see the error's, it downloaded and was fine!! Great 'cept for the hours lost, spent trying different methods. Though I still am very thankful for all the help!
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    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    ...or not :( the problem now is that anyone not on the uid list joining any slot gets the freeze script ran on them, when i host it myself it works fine, but when in dedicated mode only uid entered people can stay in the server. clues?
  8. just to check before i commit, and hopefully save some time in the process, is there any template scripts for forcing tvt side specific kits? i have a mission with opfor and blufor, also a zeus independent, but i i would like the human teams opfor n blufor side only kit, actual military stuff must be team specific but then i would like to add civilian clothing as a bonus, i have been reading through the config file in vas, and it seems a long winded process to name individually each item each etc to each team box, so does anyone know of any missions or have a init file i can work from?
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    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    ^^ Thank you very much, have understood and got it working
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    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    Back from vacation, if(isServer)exitWith{}; // Prevents server from running the code <<<<< so to test this works, would i have to run it off a dedicated box? As I am trying to get the code to work, but when ran off my own pc it seems to have no effect, and just to double check, as I am unsure, I put the code above in the init.sqf, on the editor i name the player attached to the zeus game master as bis_curator and owner as the same bis_curator??
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    Tutorial - How to make a Zeus mission

    any clues how to put multiple UID's in the game master "owner" box?
  12. t0et0e

    Game Master Owner - Player UID

    Same goes here, my layout makes zeus his own team, i need around 5 admins/members to have access to this team and zeus, but seems i can only put one UID in the owner field, please help "arma-guru's" :)
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    Squad.xml not working properly

    I am experiencing this also, my gut feeling is that it could be a video setting but i am clueless as to which it could be
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    =BTC= Logistic [A3] - BETA

    Ok, so been trying to figure this out, implemented into my missions, when testing hosting off of my own box, it all works perfect, when we then host it on the dedicated server box, its like btc logi does n't exist! it feels like its not initialising correctly. So nothing appears related to the script in game. I wonder what this guy did interms of shuffling the init.sqf. Is there a particular priority we should give the btc logistics call up code? --UPDATE-- Ok upon further investigation, I notice some other scripts have n't started, so its not the BTC logistics doing wrong, just need to figure what i am doing wrong, as its embarrassing, in the past i only ever hosted privately my creations
  15. loving the ease of this, but in A2 i never actually used UAV stuff etc, have put down an "autonomous" vendor, everything spawns fine but how/what i do have to do to connect to it, i have tried carry a uav thing, i am also using VAS. so i am not sure about the F2 linking stuff like in A2 when you had to do all that terminal group stuff...never got it then, hence why i never used, i think it is time i learn this please help. Nevermind i really was just being dumb, it didnt want to connect first time, worked perfectly after posting this...d'uh
  16. i am not sure if its you as the creator of the eos or the author of the insurgency script i need advice, so will try here, just i can get a thanks in aswell :) i am using the eos as a "third angle" to a tvt mission, so there is human players on opfor and blufor then independents are the ai generated by the eos. how it is at present the squares are all red, then turn green when blufor defeat that zone. what has been requested if possible, would be the squares are green, indicating independent control, then which ever team clears the zone, it turns that color, ie blue when blufor win it. further down the line making a some kind of sector control tracker that gave a percentage as to who was winning would be cool, but at present i am simply weighing up what is feasible first
  17. back up a few pages, it is super quick, all you need to do is replace the fetch???.file with a fresh one from vas- tonic, like i say was alot easier then i thought, but read back a bit, the guy explains it way better than i can
  18. i really like this script, but... can't figure out how i could use it alongside, VVS from tonic, the one like VAS but for vehicles, the problem is that i can't see how it would be possible the uniquely name each spawned vehicle, is there away to stop the gvs_watcher part as i am not too fussed about how often resupplies occur? if not i will implement in a different mission but would have liked it in the current project.
  19. there is a reply a few pages back that speaks of editing a line for the voices something like radiovoices.0 - 1, but dont quote me on that
  20. t0et0e

    User Mission Request Thread

    nvm pretty much built what i was hoping for
  21. First of all, the usual, I have been a fanboy of Patrol Ops since Arrowhead, I would like to thank you for many things, it was having to learn how to port patrol ops into CLAfghan that lead to me blindly fondling around your scripts and in turn slowly self learning scripting, I appreciate the Mission structure and aim, but may I make a suggestion, maybe release a Patrol Ops Sandbox edition, this way it can be ambient funtime, with ALL the kits and toys, and purely as a chill n kill setting. Also then it it would aid server joiners as it will be clearer in the server browser that it is Patrol Ops, but also it is more a pick up and play version that is n't so important/reliant on server pop, plus it keeps it more official to the original authors, with less need of overhaul rescripting by unqualified newbs like me. I used to just run the patops arma 2 version on clafghan on my own PC, with just one other friend joining, with a ton of crazy mods etc, but now with A3 my community have put up a dedicated server, so we need to play it more public. So as it stands its just me with the odd pub joining now and then, things i have done to the mission, are add the 2 new cas jets plus the old one, opened up the VAS box, this one is essential to me, because i love doing things like last night, where i dressed civi, no weapons, took that sports car thing for a drive, was great and wished i filmed it, i went to the castle, parked the car, went for a walk, and ilfrit was parked on the coast, it was like my holiday became a nightmare! So i tried to return to my car sneaking past the patrol, remember i deliberately took no gun!, got to where i parked the only to find it had de-spawned, or in my role play was stolen by the occupying forces to trap me, what followed was an hour of trying to get to safety...all in all loved it, thats just an example of how i often just use patrol ops as a setting, then i create my own scenarios around it. Little things, the intro sequence, the border is not quiet wide enough so "by eightysix" is cut off about half way on the horizontal. the base is very dark around the spawns, no floodlighting etc, annoying considering there is a load of lighting just in the distance. the assumption that the mission is going to be played with the full amount of players - maybe an in game option to set state to "off-duty" mode, where the players on only need to do patrols gathering intel, ^ brings me to another idea, in battlefield 2 project reality, insurgency mode, if your familiar, there is intel points, gained by kills etc, taken away by failures etc, but it could add a new direction by not having the tasks just pop up continuously but between missions, the team have to go out, patrol n recon, gather enough intel for the HQ to create the next tasking. Im a flyboy through and through, would love more cas activities, not so much tied to the tasks, just stuff to do. - again bare in mind i play in a sandbox mentality, we create strict missions for the hardcore stuff. i really feel, if no one can point me in the right direction, there is a real need for a good users guide/video, a must .txt readme though for reference, i appreciate the little //remarks in the scripts, as i mentioned earlier this is how i have been learning, but as it stands, there is so much i think is in the game that i just cant do, or maybe its not in the game and i think i just don't know how to do it. Like air drop a car in so i can get my holiday dude home safe, or some simple ammo box drop ie radio 0-8 support are all empty, it could be me just not doing something right. i do love the squadmod idea, however again really needs a good explanation of use, as i do not own the server we are running it on, i am a senior admin and was granted rcon, but we have a BEC admin script for general admins and we are not in the business of handing out the rcon all the time, so really i need to figure out how to give standard admins the power of the mission/squadmod but the the actual server. i do have the potential to go on "alot" but only as i hold great love for patrol ops. i was thinking reading through all of this thread, there are many helpful and loyal users of the script, maybe we could distribute the work load with say, getting some people involved in creating new missions/tasks, like assassinations, sea tasks etc, then you as the developers can pick and choose new tasks to add in, in future updates. not sure if its the site or not, but when i go to dev-heaven i get a security expiration warning every time, i proceed, just was n't sure if you were aware, as some people will shy away and possibly not report bugs etc. anyhoo hi i am t0et0e :)