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  1. On 9/2/2023 at 5:42 AM, talos32 said:

    Everything is cool and nice. Bugs here and there but this is not a problem because it is normal in OFP and Arma.

    But what the heck is about the mission "in hills"??? The one with the second convoy ambush. The big one.

    The starting position is different, the convoy route is different. This is an iconic ambush mission. Why isn't it in the original place? (the valley east of Mokropsy).

    Please take it back where it belongs!

    This one is tricky to explain. I spent few weeks tuning this mission to be playable. The game engine changed so much since the original ofp, it was not doable using the old path layout and believe me, I tried.

    Placing move waypoint on vehicle is not working anymore. Turning convoy around on alarm is not working too. In some cases tanks ends in the lake, are stuck in rocks, drive through trucks and so on. I laughed and cried a lot.

    If you want the old version, you will have to help me with that. I can send you both original converted mission to 3d and the current version. Otherwise it will stay as it is.

    PM if you are interested or shut up!

  2. On 8/18/2023 at 4:37 PM, seminara said:


    Hi xbladecz, Sorry not the feature, but the MOD.  Is it possible to play this MOD in COOP?  And if so how?  Thanks

    Sorry, it is not possible to play this mod in coop right now. There are too many custom functions and all of them are not multiplayer ready. (no remoteExec)
    Maybe me or someone else will add this feature in the future.

  3. 23 hours ago, seminara said:


    Many thanks, I'm fairly new to ARMA3.  One last question.  Is it possible to join any COOP groups that use this MOD?

    Do you mean to play in COOP ?
    Unfortunately this can not be played in co-op right now. Maybe I will create a fork in the future. This is quite a requested feature, but I have to handle the OFP campaign upgrade first.

  4. Hi, you can also use it in easy mode. Some people were struggling with some mechanics, so I have decided to make it easier for them. FYI, there is also instant promotion feature on easy mode.

    I should probably update the info on the first page to not confuse new players.


    It should be now more precise:
    * Victor is engineer - It allows vehicles repair. This skill is very OP. It can be enabled in easy mode or by playing veteran skill after you have finished the campaign. It allows the repair of critically damaged vehicles. Cars, tanks, choppers. You have to bring a toolbox.

  5. Hi, yesterday I have released 3rd hotfix for Beta 3.0

    Added: small 0.3s sleep before bullet time start
    Fixed: take command action title in m07 first strike
    Changed: T80(T72b1) vehicle damage set to 0 for easy mode in m05 scrap
    Changed: making sure all vehicles are rearmed at the beginning of the mission m06 field excercise for easy mode
    Changed: m14 fireworks trigger for easy mode, enemy is alerted only when player or tanks are near bridge

    The previous hotfixes contained just the m08 fix

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  6. The Resistance Campaign is fixed. You should not need the rhs or csla compat mods anymore.


    The optional mod you are mentioning adds rhs compatibility for T-80. It replaces the T-72B1 in the campaign. The original campaign had T-80.

    The mods dependency is intended. It would not work without the rhs otherwise.


    The main problem should be fixed now, as there is no csla or rhs in the mission.sqf anymore. Just run the game as before without the optional mods.


    I will take precausions next time when I edit or test something. The game should not be spawned with optional stuff as the editor can include it as required and it brakes the game for others. My bad. My apologies.


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  7. Hi @yannara, try to backup your campaign saves and then try to revert one more mission.
    Is there an error displayed ? There is a Show Script Errors option in parameters section in the launcher. It enables all script errors to be displayed on the screen. The error should also be in the rpt log file.

    By OFP main mod you mean the CWR3 Resistance mod or anything else ?

    I have finished whole campaign one more time before releasing beta 3, but with such a big update, there could be some incompatibilities with previous saves. In such cases a debug console can be handy, but first I have to know what went wrong.

    To backup your progress you can check directories mentioned in this thread https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/2/312265327167678342.

    Feel free to send me a PM.

  8. Hi, new version has been published.

    Beta 3.0 (

    Added: new setting Improved Missions, it should allow us to change mission logic by your preference - stay with classic game play as close as possible to the original or try our enhancements
    Added: alternative end for improved missions option in m07 first strike, you are able to wander around now and use action to end mission
    Added: 2 drivers to the castle ruins in m05 scrap if improved mission setting is in effect
    Added: high command support in m07 first strike
    Added: player gear save in mission 18 to allow the next cutscane to use it.
    Added: possibility to save Peter from Dolina (Peter Anton) in m02 crossroads if improved missions options is selected
    Added: if Peter is saved in m02, he will rejoin in m06 field excercise
    Added: T80 placeholders for mod compatibility patches, we have experimental T80 from RHS compatibility mod prepared

    Fixed: open Viki inventory action
    Fixed: marker colors, positions and directions in missions.
    Fixed: reducing damage during vehicles load to prevent accidental explosions
    Fixed: uaz drivers not getting in and driving away in m09 information
    Fixed: instant promotions, squad units cannot gain colonel rank

    Changed: initial player state in m02 crossroads, player starts without map, compass and radio
    Changed: settings behaviour, now they should work better, selecting custom before making the particular changes is advised
    Changed: the squad rejoin behaviour in m05 scrap
    Changed: civilians language, they should use the same as yours
    Changed: lowered weapon on back action priority
    Changed: reinforcement squad unit names in m05 scrap, tribute to czech movies/actors of the time
    Changed: m03b count of units will join on improved missions setting
    Changed: m05 end for easy mode and not improved missions option, vehicles should be fully refuelled, repaired and rearmed
    Changed: start location in m17 for improved missions option, UAZ and crates location, they are hidden in nearby bushes, marker is on the map
    Changed: m05 scrap, triggers should be better now
    Changed: RPGs, boosted even more - RPG75, RPG7, RPG18, AT-4, M72LAW

    Removed: maps, compass and radio from civilians
    Removed: some trees near castle ruins in Trosky

    Tested: RPG75 replacement mod for CSLA DLC owners 

    Tested: T80 replacement for T72B1, but not recommend

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  9. 24 minutes ago, yannara said:

    I tried first the another Reistance compaing which has part 1 original and additional part 2, but it was impossible to play because tanks didn't get distoyed because AT had no effect. Lets see how this goes 🙂

    RPG75 has been boosted for this in this campaign, but it has screwed sights so try without them first. If using RPG7, try to get behind or aim for tracks. The crew will abandon the tank if it is fairly damaged.

    I was thinking about creating a CSLA RPG75 compatibility addon for owners to deal with cwr3 sights issue, let see if It is possible.

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  10. Hi, today I have discovered a High Command.
    It will be implemented in mission 7 First Strike along with new Improved Missions setting in next version.

    First tests looks very promising as the two extra tank squads tends to beet enemy much better.

    If this setting is not used, the mission will try to stick as much as possible to the original - tank squads will follow your 2nd and 3rd unit.

    With the new Improved Setting enabled, you will also be able to wander around the map after you destroy enough tanks. You will be able to end mission anytime afterwards.

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  11. Hi, new version has been published

    Beta 2.2 (

    Fixed: instant promotions initialization, only when available
    Fixed: timetable bug in m01
    Fixed: changed heli type in m03b from fia to soviet, nobody noticed 😄
    Fixed: Jay behaviour and soviets detection triggers in m14
    Fixed: m17 trigger, m16 tasks
    Changed: tasks flow in m03a
    Changed: language set is now for all FIA, not just the player group
    Changed: guarding units waypoints in m14 as they cannot enter the bridge, path finding on neo seems to be bugged.
    Updated: tasks in missions 07, 09, 10ab, 11, 12, 13 and 14
    Added: CWR3Tasks_fnc_setTaskDestination to the function library
    Added: 2 guarding units on bridge in m14

    Now it is time to play it through again and make + publish some videos.

    Btw. the bullet time is quite addicting, I don't know if I can play it the old way anymore 😉

    If you find any critical bugs, please, let me know, so I can prepare a hotfix asap.

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  12. Hi, new version has been published Beta 2.1

    Fixed: m13 reckoning ending conditions
    Fixed: tasks flow in mission 03b and 04
    Fixed: addTask function
    Changed: tasks in m05 and m06
    Changed: tasks in m08, task1a is not subtask as it prevents location search
    Added: radial blur during bullet time
    Added: ux for bullet time, background height of soldier stance changes height during bullet time consumption and replenishment
    Added: new task to m05 which helps understading the state of the base cleanup

    I have forgot to inform about earlier hotfix Beta 2.0 # 1 from 30.1.2023

    Fixed: bug in finish, cancel and fail task functions
    Fixed: minor issue in m17

    The campaign was not thoroughly tested, but should work as expected as there were no changes to the core systems. Please report any bugs you encounter.
    The bullet time is now more user friendly. I have added a radial blur effect and soldier stand background changes height as you deplete your time in this mode.
    Feel free to test this mode in any single player mission, it is quite fun 🙂

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  13. Hi, new version has been published

    Fixed: bad waypoint position in m03b
    Fixed: m05 crew animation when base in alert
    Fixed: some translation issues
    Fixed: loadout after mission retry
    Fixed: endings in campaign description.ext for m09 information
    Added: campaign has own settings entry, more categories and presets (classic, enhanced, easy mode), click ok to apply
    Added: easy mode: allows to use hold breath bullet time, disable fatigue, special gear crates in most maps, instant promotions and use engineer trait
    Added: arma 3 style tasks, can be enabled in addon settings
    Added: all original sfx triggers with env sounds (birds, crickets, dogs, wolfs, ...) to all maps as script
    Added: LAWs to m12 contraband
    Changed: soviets using RPG18 instead of RPG75
    Changed: m05 repair system, now with subtasks
    Changed: paratroopers can be killed
    Changed: unit statistics is optionable
    Changed: weapon pool management, vest and backpacks are safe to store in weapon pool
    Changed: weapon balance in some missions
    Changed: many more tweaks in campaign I have forget about 🙂
    Removed: SHK Taskmaster, added own solution instead, the old one does not work on mission load from main menu (lost task references)

    Note: easy mode bullet time is also available in all single player missions and campaigns, it has own addon setting section

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  14. Hi, I have some news. I am preparing next version with some fixes and improvements. If everything goes well, I will release new version this weekend.


    I have discovered weapon pool bug/feature.

    1. To clear weapon pool, its content must be put somewhere first.

    2. When weapon pool is transfered to some crate/vehicle and cleared, its content is restored if you exit mission and load a savegame. If you finish mission without exiting, all works fine.


    This behaviour leads to double items in pool on mission end bug. The fix is ready and will be provided in next version. (every mission has stash trash container for dumping its content before storing anything from regular wp container)


    The global force regroup action will be removed.


    The easy mode seems to be ready aswell.


    Storing backpacks, vests and uniforms to the pool seems to be working properly.


    There is one bug remaining. Preserving items in vehicles between missions 2 and 3b does not work correctly. If you empty backpack with predefined items, store it in vehicle, it will be full in next mission again. This is not fixed and will be probably not addressed in next version.

  15. Hi, code review of cutscene and mission 2 "Crossroads", missions 3b "No turning back", 4 "Ammo Low" and 5 "Scrap" is in progress.
    I am also adding an easy mode which will lower skill of enemy AI to 15% and add some backpacks to the weapon pool before mission 4. There will also be a box with some backpacks available near player in every applicable mission for this mode.

    I will release new version once I am sure there are no bugs. It can take some time.

  16. 12 hours ago, kromka said:


    I didn't found in briefing any info about possible russian air support. This info would be very helpful because Kamov is true pain.

    But of course it is possible I missed it.

    There is no info, it is not necessary. As you have passed mission 11 counterattack you have the information the enemy has such machines. In mission 12 Contraband you can get some stingers to knock them down. There is no shame restarting a mission. I do it all the time and change the strategy. This is how I enjoy the game, replaying same missions over and over and trying different approaches.


    I also would consider if info about rank of soldiers is needed at all as a separate option in the menu. This information can be found in map info also icons are present during mission next to the soldiers names.

    If it is possible I would consider discreet promotion during the mission instead of after the mission. Summary is also not so neccessary in my opinion.

    This stats info option helped me to find out there is a bug in rank system. I can add "Enable units stats" addon option, which would enable this in action menu - default off.
    I can also add "Quiet promotions" which would disable the promotions dialog at the end of the mission.
    I will consider C&C Generals style of promotions, but it would require to watch every unit rating in loop with some sleep while they are alive using HandleScore event should do the job. It could be a standalone mod with some own settings.


    Really addBackpackCargo/removeVest doesn't work? I saw backpacks in many init pools. In which file you form init pool? I will try to help if I can.

    It is really not necessary to add backpacks to the pool as there are plenty of them laying around and you can always equip units during mission (after you finished the tasks).

    Some info about the weapon pool. It seems to be buggy. Maybe it was not maintained in a long time. For instance the clearItemPool function does not clear backpacks and chest rigs, or if you store an empty backpack with preconfigured deault items, he will be inserted to the pool filled. I will have to check this bugs are still there, it is some time this occured during campaign development.