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  1. no, ALiVE + CBA + 20 more mods :D will post mission in few minutes
  2. don't know if it is the right time or not but i still get the out of memory block CTD when trying to load my SP test mission i used the ProfileNamespace and everything set on presistance + 2 civplacment modules and 1 milplacement controlled by 1 ai commander module (occupation) each placement module set to 100 force size ( all blu_f ) vs 1 player (me) on altis map
  3. This site can’t be reached github.com took too long to respond. not working here
  4. YAY!!! please upload it to another website as github seems to be out of service now :(
  5. is this mean we can save SP mission now and load it without warroom?
  6. cpt.ghost

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    nice , will try 1.2 and report here as for point 1. i understand ARMA engine and its limitations and i think if you work with fabrizio ( Bcombat ) you guys can make something the arma fans will never forget :) wish you good luck
  7. hello to you all :) not sure if this is the right place for such issue so pardon me; i recently downloaded the samples models by BI and tried to make a shoulder fired SPG-9 so i went on opened the original SPG9 by BI using addon builder and modified it ( removed tripod ) and applied textures as This tutorial says exactly, now packed the pbo and fired up arma3 to test my SPG9 but unfortunately the textures does not appear in game spg9 display white :( tried every possible thing i know but no luck anyone?
  8. cpt.ghost

    problem with textures after export

    thanks guys :) @zgmrvn no i don't get such message and yes show logs enabled my setup for SPG9 is already like you said spg9_portable\Data\spg9_co.paa spg9_portable\Data\spg9_co.rvmat when i open my spg9.p3d file with notepad and search for .pbo the search finds nothing but shows like this \weap_spg9_2000\Data\spg i can upload the .p3d if you want
  9. cpt.ghost

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    thanks for clearing that , in my case i see that the big deal with your enhances is that the AI take random waypoints to counter attack , in real life ( as a army soldier ) if you're the defending one you just can't counter attack as the enemy may attack you're position or may ambush you i think the best way is to learn the AI hold their position for as long as possible and keep maneuvering in the same line as a defending forces , in the other hand when you're attacking an enemy position believe me you just can't take other path or think of other path especially if you're attacking in numbers , its a big issue if you disobey the orders and take different path , i believe that the counter attacking waypoints must be deleted for 2 reason , 1- AI will stuck in his wherever position and will never go back to the original position ( this is something i witness in your enhancements ) 2- the AI still in combat mode even after winning a battle and area clear of enemies ( in most cases ) this is my vision to your enhancements but let me tell you im a big fan and enjoying your work especially firefights , wishing you good luck :)
  10. cpt.ghost

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    i would recommend several things to your great enhances 1- disable AI from getting random waypoints while they ordered to attack ( both zeus placed or eden ) 2- make AI quicker in changing stats from combat to aware 3- more responsive AI during battles ( currently they don't follow orders if enemy nearby, they just hit the ground and keep sneaking or stucking ) 4- no more splitting and lone wolfing ( all the time a member or 2 leaves the group and keep fighting or fleeing )
  11. cpt.ghost

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    why the AI can't fire the FGM-148? all they do is aiming but not firing! tested on both vanila+RHS and ACE+RHS
  12. cpt.ghost

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    so the ERAs on T-90 is animation? i saw effects and blast like real thing :D
  13. cpt.ghost

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    will the abrams&bradlyies have a working ERAs like T-90?
  14. hello massi , nice update thanks for your time really love it one question : will you ever reconsider the AKMS model&texture? the current one looks nice but need more attention on the first half section of the model also the wood parts needs to be more red i think :) it really feels badass giving the AKMS bipods and RCO sight + a flashlight\leaser thanks for this amazing opportunity :D btw the old AKMS sound was very good :)
  15. me having the same problem they attack nothing even infantry they just make runs over the area and get shutdown by enemy
  16. hi all , i have vials weapons mod for arma 2 it has rpg29 so i tried to convert the RPG29 for arma 3 for personal use only ( privet use ) i did everything okay i made new codes and etc but in game the rpg29's texture don't show up and the launchers appears in black , heres a pic anyone knows how to fix this? i made a research but can't find any solution please help
  17. cpt.ghost

    Weapon texture not showing in game

    would love to , but he is not available his mod was released long time ago i have no problem asking him but there will be no answer because he is not available
  18. okay now downloaded this version and i don't even see the MCC in the action menu , would someone tell me whats going on?
  19. hi shay_gman i just downloaded your latest MCC4 r3 and when i try to loging it says [bIS_fnc_MPexecc] Function 'mcc_fnc_loging' does not exist , how to solve this please
  20. cpt.ghost

    2 questions regarding AK-47

    hello to you all i have 2 questions regarding AK-47 1- how can i make the AK-47 carries the 75rnd drum mag like the RPK-74 , i managed to get the ak uses it but the magazine model still the same 30rnd 2- i have the ASDG Attachments downloaded , but i want to use it on the AK-47 is it possible? thanks in advance
  21. i like your rails mod and AK too how to use the rails on the AK?
  22. cpt.ghost

    2 questions regarding AK-47

    mate , please im not here to offend or get offended or any of that , im here to ask and learn from modders who respect peoples and give them what they want if you don't know the answers don't post in my thread im saying this with all respect ---------- Post added at 20:01 ---------- Previous post was at 20:00 ---------- thanks a lot bro , really appreciate your help
  23. cpt.ghost

    2 questions regarding AK-47

    i downloaded this mod ( NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons ) which contains the AKs and the RPKs