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  1. http://www.hastebin.com/oyemobamur.tex ---------- Post added at 03:45 ---------- Previous post was at 03:44 ---------- I deleted all missions from the MPMissions folder.
  2. Modded server stuck in map screen, below is the log:
  3. I dont get what mods="$(ls -1 ~/serverfiles/mods/ | grep @ | grep -v @cba | sed -e 's#@#mods/@#' | sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/\n/;/g')" Does?
  4. I'm trying to load server with mods and I have so many issues. I followed a tutorial with scripts, this is what the function looks like: danielgibbs.co.uk/dl/arma3server is where I put my startup line and stuff. I put my mods @allinarmaterrainpacklite\;@cba_a3\;@cse\;@task_force_radio\;@kunduz\;@max_lav\;@msim\;@prkz\;@rhsafrf\;@rhsusaf\;@mcc_sandbox ^fails to start (http://gyazo.com/ecfab1bef09bfaae59cc1f6741109629) I put my mods /@allinarmaterrainpacklite\;/@cba_a3\;/@cse\;/@task_force_radio\;/@kunduz\;/@max_lav\;/@msim\;/@prkz\;/@rhsafrf\;/@rhsusaf\;/@mcc_sandbox ^server can start, in the server browser I see no mods in the bottom right box for the server. It kicks me when I join and console shows nothing on the reason, my mods are the same except I have SThud and stamina and have all the keys http://gyazo.com/1c9df74c7e05c8d03d54a947204b75dc any suggestions that can help or let me post more details? I'd be willing to give FTP access if it would help me.
  5. Koodoo

    why no tow/atgm mraps?

    I hate it..