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    hello every one first i would like to congrats my self for joining this wonderful community now to business i got arma armed assault the gold edition a few days ago and playing the Saharani campaign and advanced all the to the mission where you retake corzal now my problem is with some aspects in the game the most annoying one is the recoil and the shooting accuracy i waste an entire clip just to kill one guy 200 m away i have seen that there are many mods for this game that improve it and improve other stuff in a huge way am a huge sp gamer and i enjoy playing the campaign mission and other missions in the game i have already downloaded a mod called warmod 1.5 its realy great the only proplem with it it kinda screw the sp missions especially when i die i can t load my last save i have to restart the entire mission because when ever i try to load s message pop up and says something about u cant play an edited mission or something like that hopefully u guys will help me i really want to play this game and finish so i can move to play arma 2 and maybe arma 3 in the future once i build a good req :) and thanks in advance for all your hard work and this beautiful game peace