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  1. New vanilla stamina effects are excellent IMO. It forces you to carry less, sprint less, and think more strategically (not just about what you carry, but about how you move). Those that used to carry 20 mags, an AT launcher, a .50 cal sniper rifle, 100 bandages, and an Apache in their backpack will have to think twice from now on.

    I've found no issues moving through towns with my rifle, 8 mags, a few smoke grenades, and some medical supplies.

    Well we use TFA clothes since those weight very little. Our ammo and equipment for a rifleman is his weapon with 8 mags, 3 nades, 5 smokes, 1 IR, 3 chemlights and 10 bandages at max. We barely reach half of the white weighting line with this load and with the basic jogging pace we can go maybe 3-400 meters then bam, you're tired as hell. IRL you could sprint for like 500 meters with this kind of load.

  2. My unit has noticed a bug we think is linked between morphine overdose and enabling the module option of making players invulnerable while unconscious. When the player enters the overdose state, they won't ever die and can move around (sliding on the floor like a they're possessed by a horror movie). However, we have found a "fix": once they enter the overdose state they are considered awake again, so a quick shot to the face will put them back into unconscious (if you have the prevent instant death module option enabled - which I'm not sure if you can run the invulnerable unconscious w/o prevent instant death, but JIC).

    We had the same problem (no insta death and invulnerability while knocked off) when someone is having an overdose, tried to shoot him and get him back up, but he was still on the ground in the animation.

  3. We also have some problems too. First: When we spawn a HUMVEE at the start and someone joins mid game the humvee teleport back to where it got spawned fisrt. This far only the humvees had this bug.

    Second: We cannot save stuff that we placed with the 3d editor and then load it back up.

    Here's the mission if someone wants to look into t: http://www51.zippyshare.com/v/20075834/file.html

  4. We've been playing with AGM for a good while now, and there is just two things that get on our nerves. Hitponts on the players and the morphine. In bigger fights people tend to get hit a lot and go uncounscious. Now after you get back up you need at least 2 morphines to get your vision back, that's all good. But if you go down for the second time, you get 2 more morphines and than bam, you're down on the ground, in agony, combat inefective. This could be changed to this: if you get shot and go down the only way to get you up is to give one or two morphines and then the epi and bam, you're back up. Now when you're back up an still in pain, if you get another morphine that will should count as 1 morphine.

    Now the second: hitpoints. If one gets shot in the chest sometimes his head or arms and legs also start to bleed. Now that depletes the bandages really fast. Oh and it takes ridiculusly few shots to knock out a player. The knockout should only apply after X amount of bloodloss.

    Despite these, the mod is still great and kep up the good work.

    EDIT: Oh and...torniquets should also be added to slow down bloodloss.

  5. First off I'd like to say great mod - brings some much needed features to the game. However, one thing I would say - I know you have done some modifications to the map/compass but map reading is almost impossible. The compass is too small when you look at the map to do any kind of proper land navigation and in most lighting conditions it's very hard to read. Is there any chance of further changes to this? Thanks.

    I think the compass became bigger when you open the map, but it's also darker, i can hardly read it now. Or maybe i'm running some mod and that causes it.

  6. That's weird!

    Make sure you've got the latest version (check your changelog in your @L_Climb folder).

    If you have the newest version, checking your key bindings in the userconfig might be a good start. Let me know if I can help you!

    Yeah, we have the latest version, bindings are the default (double tapping C). Gonna try and bind it to another button. Will edit this if it works or not.

    EDIT: changed the key, basic climbing works, the rest s not.

  7. Hello!

    We are experiencing problems with Xmed since the patch that brought in the earplugs. When we updated it, we have no option to give epinephrine, do CPR, defibrillate, etc. Our only options are to bandage, check, morphine and the torniquate. I'll give a dropbox link to the mission so maybe someone can find out what the problem is. I only left in the base module for Xmed:


  8. Hello!

    I've got a question: could you make the Mk318 and Mk262 munitions works with the Robert Hammer M4s? Those M4s got good handling, but the base ammo is really shit for them, and we'd like some more power to them. With the basic ammo you need like 5 shots into a guy without any protection, and that's very sad. So if you could import the ammo, that'd be much appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,