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  1. And the award for most selfish forum post goes to... this guy.


    10GB of "crap" (I wouldn't call it that personally, merely using your terminology for simplicities sake) to run ANY/ALL islands under one banner is a waste is it? You'd rather each and every island available be several GB in size purely so you don't have to download 10GB...Sounds like false economy to me. Also, you're probably one of those advocates for Workshop availability...Doesn't that have a file-size limit of 1GB (could be wrong, I'm going from memory and I don't use it). Good luck being able to download any of your islands from there if that does turn out to be the case...


    Nah, you don't understand. Think about any of the Arma 2 maps. How many buildings are enterable? Maybe 20-25% on each. Except Takistan and Zargabad, they have maybe 90% of the building you can enter. Now Chernarus. Yes, that's a good map i know that. But try to do urban combat in that. It's nearly impossible. If you're stuck on one of the streets, cut off from the front and behind, you don't really have a chance to try and escape left or right because you can't enter most of the buildings. Now look at Altis. There's maybe like 5% of the buildings you can't enter.

    So just think about it. Let's say you want to play mapX, it looks great, it's buildings are enterable, 20x20km, filesize is ..dunno 800mb but you have to have 10GB of files that you don't use (Takistan and Zargabad maybe) because of the reasons i listed above.

    Now do the math. You have 10 gigs of files, out of that 10 Zargabad and Takistan is like 2. Yeah, make it 2 gigs. Now mapX for 800mb. That's 3 maps for 10.8GB. Yeah, surely not a waste of space and a waste of time in downloading.

    Now let's say you download 5 standalone maps. MapA-E. A=1.2, B=1.8, C=0.8, D=2.3, E=1.5. It's 7.6 if i'm correct. 7.6GB of maps that you can have proper CQB.

    And don't get me wrong, Arma2 maps were great at their time. Back in 2009 you couldn't even find a game like that. But that was 7 years ago. Arma has come a long way, it improved a lot. Like i said, it's the time of Arma 3 now. It's versatility is unmatched.

    So yeah, just think about all i wrote for a second.

  2. Rangefinder is not working for us.


    Also Javelin top-down attack isn'T working. The Titan works just fine thou.



    I believe if you want to alter your weather during a mission (ala MCC) then with ACE you need to possibly put the weather module down and set ace weather to false... and also in the missions weather settings just set wind to "manual" and turn it way down. At least thats what I do. Someone way smarter than me may know more lol.

    Yeah, i tried that, doesn't work.

  3. I found this on the interwebz. Would this work with MCC?






    I forgot to mention, if I spawn AI in a zone to the headless client, the AI either:

    - won't get any waypoints, just standing there

    - gets waypoints, strats patrolling, but the also get a random formation


    If i try to change the formation with zeus, nothing happens, they stay at that formation. Also they won't listen to stance change orders.


    ASR AI is running on the server. Here's the modlist that is active:




    Some mods are custom named.

  4. I'd like a little help here. We are renting a VDS server with these specs:


    Intel Xenon E5-2690 v2 3.00GHz

    4GB RAM

    64 bit Windows server 2008 R2

    400GB SSD


    Download speed is 726Mbps

    Upload 725 Mbps


    I have these settigs, is this any good?