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    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Damn...wish it could just stay JBAD, but with corrected damage models.
  2. sitrepo

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    We are experiencing a bug where a single grenade can blow up any house. Is it just us, or does this happen to anyone else?
  3. Is this compatible with ACE or just vanilla arma?
  4. We have a problem with the basic medical system. Instakill is disabled, but every now and then somebody ends up killed instantly. Didn't change anything in the mission.
  5. Nah, you don't understand. Think about any of the Arma 2 maps. How many buildings are enterable? Maybe 20-25% on each. Except Takistan and Zargabad, they have maybe 90% of the building you can enter. Now Chernarus. Yes, that's a good map i know that. But try to do urban combat in that. It's nearly impossible. If you're stuck on one of the streets, cut off from the front and behind, you don't really have a chance to try and escape left or right because you can't enter most of the buildings. Now look at Altis. There's maybe like 5% of the buildings you can't enter. So just think about it. Let's say you want to play mapX, it looks great, it's buildings are enterable, 20x20km, filesize is ..dunno 800mb but you have to have 10GB of files that you don't use (Takistan and Zargabad maybe) because of the reasons i listed above. Now do the math. You have 10 gigs of files, out of that 10 Zargabad and Takistan is like 2. Yeah, make it 2 gigs. Now mapX for 800mb. That's 3 maps for 10.8GB. Yeah, surely not a waste of space and a waste of time in downloading. Now let's say you download 5 standalone maps. MapA-E. A=1.2, B=1.8, C=0.8, D=2.3, E=1.5. It's 7.6 if i'm correct. 7.6GB of maps that you can have proper CQB. And don't get me wrong, Arma2 maps were great at their time. Back in 2009 you couldn't even find a game like that. But that was 7 years ago. Arma has come a long way, it improved a lot. Like i said, it's the time of Arma 3 now. It's versatility is unmatched. So yeah, just think about all i wrote for a second.
  6. Yeah, don't merge it with CUP. Don't merge it with anything. I wish no people would ever use AiA, CUP or anything that's Arma2. It's Arma 3 now, make maps standalone. I don't mind if it's 1 or 2 gigs, what matters is that I don't need to download 10 gigs of crap for 1 map i'd want to play.
  7. The map looks even greater now. The thing my community likes the best that this map has no other mod requirements, no AiA or CUP needed. Keep up the good work.
  8. Will there be a feature where the AI will allso start medicing themeselves?
  9. Would this work with the mission version of MCC? Do I need to do anything else, other than putting this mod on the server anc HC folder and starting it?
  10. Five days past, nobody answered, asking again: Why isn't the rangefinder working? I tried pressing, holding Tab, R, T but it doesn't display the range.
  11. Rangefinder is not working for us. Also Javelin top-down attack isn'T working. The Titan works just fine thou. Yeah, i tried that, doesn't work.
  12. Hey guys. I'm trying to make some incredibly strong winds in MCC to see if the wind really effects ballistics, but everytime i try to set the wind, it just goes back down to really small wind. Same with the rain.
  13. sitrepo


    Is it possible that you make the boxes accessible via Zeus? Or the camo nets to be selectable through Virtual Arsenal.
  14. It seems that armor values got weaker. The british heavy plate carrier got no armor rating, and a 9mm pistol from 100 meters can knock you out if you got shot in the arm. Is it an ACE "feature" or arma update bug again?
  15. I had to delete and place down again the PBO check module and now it works.
  16. I have a problem that my interaction manu is not showing, and i don't have the ACE options menu either.
  17. sitrepo

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Got some strange AI ragdoll. Dead AI will hover in the air, or start "dancing". Maybe ACE causes it?
  18. I found this on the interwebz. Would this work with MCC? https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/33q838/simple_headless_client_script/ EDIT: I forgot to mention, if I spawn AI in a zone to the headless client, the AI either: - won't get any waypoints, just standing there - gets waypoints, strats patrolling, but the also get a random formation If i try to change the formation with zeus, nothing happens, they stay at that formation. Also they won't listen to stance change orders. ASR AI is running on the server. Here's the modlist that is active: @CBA_A3;@ace;@task_force_radio;@cTab;@Optika;@ASR_AI3;@RHS_Escalation;@RAM;@hlcmods;@LOP;@HiddenIdentityPackV2;@ATM_Altimeter;@Burnes_M1A2@Grace_Sway;@JS_JC_FA18;@mine_detector;@mrb_a3_voicestop;@sthud;@SUPER_flash;@tf47_launchers;@TMP;@MELB;@st_map_gestures;@cTab;@Optika Some mods are custom named.
  19. Hey guys! I'd like a little step-to-step help on setting up Headless Client for MCC. I've read a ton of post, but for me the most difficult part is setting up the functions. I'd really som help ASAP. Thank you in advance.
  20. I'd like a little help here. We are renting a VDS server with these specs: Intel Xenon E5-2690 v2 3.00GHz 4GB RAM 64 bit Windows server 2008 R2 400GB SSD Download speed is 726Mbps Upload 725 Mbps I have these settigs, is this any good? MinBandwidth=15000000; MaxBandwidth=100000000; MaxMsgSend=1024; MaxSizeGuaranteed=1024; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=64; MinErrorToSend=0.0024999999; MaxCustomFileSize=100000; Windowed=0; language="English"; adapter=-1;
  21. Is there any way that I can remove the stamina option from ace without deleting the whole movement.pbo?
  22. I'd like to see an option in the MCC mission generator where you can set random minefields in the mission. Not even big fields, maybe small, like 5-10 mines per field. For example: if I set a zone for a mission on Altis in the city of Frini, when the mission generates, random mines or minefield would just generate around the town, maybe some AT mines on the road, stuff like that.
  23. When you open up MCC, you click and drag to select the units, and on te bottom-middle you'll see a "Give to GAIA" button. You press that, and it takes the control from GAIA, the units will stop when they reach their waypoint.
  24. I have this bug where if you place any kind of unit, AI or empty, 2 init windows pop up.
  25. sitrepo

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    I have a problem, the beards do not show up for me. I've deleted the TRYK folder multiple times, downloaded again, but no luck.