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    Invasion 1944 V3.0

    This would be awesome i always loved the I44 for arma 2 OA. I think that D-day (operation overlord) should be brought in as well as the north african campaign, and you can play as desert fox's Afrika Korps. and i know you want to focus on the western front in europe, but a battle of stalingrad would be amazing as well as a battle of the bulge. And from the arma 2 I44 all the guns, tanks, airplanes and cannons were all nearly perfect. one thing that would be really cool is if large bombers such as the junkers ju 390 and the b-29 super fortress were incorporated into this addon along with the fighter planes. As the for the tanks, i think it should be nearly the same. one thing that would probably make this game lag pretty hard but a railway gun like the Schwerer Gustav 800mm.