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  1. Hamakaze

    Gendarmerie Re-Armed

    Nice! I always thought the Gendarmerie were lacking in some vehicles and equipment and its nice to see a mod trying to address that but still leave them with their "unprepared" look. :)
  2. Great mod guys I'm loving making halo themed missions for my friends :) Does anyone have any frigate compositions they'd be willing to share?
  3. Looking amazing! Thanks for all your hard work on this wonderful mod! :)
  4. Hamakaze

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Wonderful work with the updates! I look forward to getting back into making missions with these mods once i get my PC fixed. I noticed you've included UN berets do you have any plans for UN Helmets and a UN TRF for the uniforms? :)
  5. Hamakaze

    LM UNited Rebirth

    These look great! I'm looking forward to getting my hands on them to make missions with :)
  6. Hamakaze

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Your mod was one of my favorites in ArmA 2 and I'm looking forward to seeing it come to ArmA 3 but I'm curious will you be including UN skins for your vehicles? :)
  7. I'm loving this mod so far and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow more and gather more support and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of the Marina Militare! Well Done! :D
  8. So there won't be any nation specific decals or insignia on the ship? I ask because I like making missions with the Russian Naval Infantry and it would be nice to have a ship in game that i can use in my missions without flags other insignia and i know the Russians never actually took delivery of Vladivostok or Sevastopol but it would be nice to have the option for game play of doing amphibious assaults from a ship that could have plausibly been Russian but this is not my decision to make. :)
  9. Hamakaze

    Russian army and HESCO barrier/bastion

    "HESCO Barriers" as they're known in the west were developed in the 80s and first commercially produced by a company from the united kingdom but the principle of a wire/metal/wood mesh container filled with earth and stone has been around since before the Napoleonic period their name in engineering is "gabion" so it's entirely likely that the Russians may use them but not call them "H-Barriers" but they will likely use this type of defence in some form or another.
  10. Looks great guys! I assume over time the backpacks will be replaced by your own models? :)
  11. Hamakaze

    Sangin WIP

    Any update on how this terrain is coming along? :)
  12. Hamakaze

    Project OPFOR

    You may already have plans for this but can i suggest adding the Royal Army Corps of Sahrani to BLUFOR? Afterall they were mentored and supported in ArmA by the US Armed Forces and the government is western aligned. Just a thought. :)
  13. Hamakaze


    We already saw what looks like a crashed A6M in the trailer and i'm curious if we'll see anymore WW2 wrecks in the jungles and the waters surrounding the islands of Tanoa.
  14. I used the player setVariable ["copLevel",1,true]; to give myself the ability to open the doors the problem is that there is an invisible wall preventing me from walking through them
  15. I was wondering if anyone had experienced the issue of running into an invisible wall when trying to enter the police station via the front door and the commonwealth bank via the front door?
  16. Will we see a civilians and resistance fighters or will only conventional forces be included? :)
  17. Oh well :) I'll just have to hope that the often forgotten second parachute brigade gets considered when the mod is further down the line... Any plans to add in the french resistance and a civilian faction? :D The models you've shown look great by the way and it's safe to say that I'm looking forward to this :)
  18. Hamakaze

    Sangin WIP

    Looking forward to being able to create missions on sangin again. Got so many scenario ideas. :)
  19. Hamakaze

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Will you guys be covering all the years of the war or only a few?
  20. Hamakaze

    War Chronicles WW2 Modification

    Any chance you guys will include partisan and civilian factions further down the line? And will you include uniforms for "Exiled" troops who served with the allies such as the Polish Army in the West and the Free French?
  21. Hamakaze

    Sangin WIP

    Hey Smokedog Are you still working on this map or have you shelved it for the time being?
  22. Sad to see you guys are gonna stop work on the map I've had many a fun and memorable hour on it and i was looking forward to see how it was going to develop. Maybe when ALiVE can get it indexed and servers start using it more you'll return and continue work on it?
  23. So i was going to use OpenTopography to find the topography for the terrain I was going to build but when I went to get it from there the area in question (Shetland Islands) wasnt covered by them is there any other sources where i can get the topography?
  24. I'm a 16 year old ArmA player from Scotland looking for an Op-for Realism Unit to give a change from the typical US and UK units, I've played ArmA Mil-Sim for about a year starting on ArmA 2 and then ending up on ArmA 3 I've been through a few units and had experiences both good and bad and i like to think of my self as experienced when it comes to Mil-Sim because I've done a bit of everything from LMG Gunner to Pilot and Pilot to Tank Commander I'm available every night of the week apart from Wednesday so if you think i could fit in with your group drop me a PM.