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  1. What if players started using Zeus as a trolling tool? For instance say that a troll has taken the Zeus seat and now he`s placing armored vehicles, aircraft and entire infantry companies arround players, not to mention the thunder thing. How can we counter this?

  2. Why did people dislike the ending? I liked it so much exactly because it left so many questions unanswered.

    we need to connect the dots, to understand the meaning. it must be possible.

    we know that miller knew the FIA, he knew stratis and altis, he`s brittish according to crossroads but the black ops thing is BS so he`s not from nato. james said ``we tried... we...`` before he died and there was just a bunch of csat specops arround the place as well some uksf operatives. mac kinnon requested logistical support at kamino base before the *** hit the fan, and he died in his way there. cpt miller doesn`t deny he sabotaged the invansion and he said CSAT meant ``business``. also there`s the shaking which is not earthquakes. nato said it was abnormal activity. and if you take that device which is a nuclear warhead at what it seems csat will invade, but if you let csat keep the warhead, csat won`t invade. we need to connect the dots gentlemen. and i beg BI for answers in form of another campaing or DLC =).

    this is one of the best campaigns i`ve ever played, and man, i`m well experienced in SP campaigns.

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  3. I'm a new member here in the forums and I have read the forum rules but I haven't read anywhere that I should not post threads about news or politcs (such as things related to Ukraine, Syria, Malasyian Airlines missing flight, and politics in general). I'd like to know if I'm allowed to post things like that. Thanks.