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  1. Yeah, we are talking about a 2000 year window. You can't even compare the Russian Empire that lost the 1WW with the mighty Red Army that invaded half Europe 25 years after ( and was only one quarter of century ).

    Besides that in the 2WW italian soldiers were not much motivated to fight for the Ducce Mussolini. I'm sure that for a proper cause they would fight like lions as almost any nation in the world.

    Mussolini was very popular among the Italian people due to his propaganda. He ascended to power for that one reason, he was approved by the Italians, like Hitler. I don't think that's the cause.

  2. Dan;2663825']They technically won the First World War' date=' even though they team switched.[/quote']

    Your argument is good but can be beaten when you face the fact that Italy didn't play any major role in WW1 other than just being there, as far as I'm concerned. Italy "team-switched" because it was afraid. If I'm wrong, please correct me. You could also put this in an analogy: there's a noob, he's 0/10 and his team is taking a beating. If he team switches to the winning team, is he better than before?

  3. Back in the days of Rome, the Roman soldiers fought well. They were brave, organized, had great strategy, etc. They won all the battles and in fact, the good performance of the Roman soldiers actually contributed to the collapse of the Roman Empire, given how the Romans won so many battles that there was simply no more enemies to beat and no more peoples to enslave.

    But then you notice a very significant decline in the Italian perfomance of war. The States and city-States that inhabit the Italic penninsula haven't won any war since the days of the Lombard League. The defeats include battles against Kingdom of Greece, Ethiopia, Albania, Serbia, etc.

    What happened to the Italian military performance?

  4. I was really happy that the CAS jets were introduced but there is still a lot to do. In my opinion, we should get cargo planes like a C130 as well as carpet bombers. Maybe we could introduce amphibious assault craft that can carry a tank or a APC, or just a bunch of people, from a water to shore trajectory. Like this one http://osd.dtic.mil/news/Nov2000/200010131a_hr.jpg but very modern looking, of course. Maybe we can get more naval assets, such as big subs and boats. A motorcycle like the one we had in Arma 1 would be great too.

  5. The new Nikos (formal) (civilian) character doesn't display the P07 when in first person. Every other weapon I've tested so far works with no problem at all, but when you play as Nikos (formal) in first person, there's no P07. You can shoot, use it, do everything you normally do, but it's a glitch where the gun is invisible *in first person*.

    Also, such character seems to have a neck distortion: he can easily do this:


    I'd like to have such issues fixed. Thank you, BI Studio.

  6. Bonjour, je m'appele Lucas.

    I was having my first online French class few minutes ago and I was taking like a test.

    So there was this question: which to use before "garçon"

    a) l'

    b) le

    c) la

    I know la is for female gender and that le is for male but I was thinking about trying using l' because I just wanted to make sure that it was a contraction of le (just like in English "we'll" is a contraction of "we will").

    It happens it didn't work so well and I got a wrong.

    So my question is what's the difference between le and l'????

  7. When you decide to help James, you are immediately made hostile to everyone, so you'd just get killed if you tried taking it back to NATO lines.

    yes. it seems that you get a -99999999 rating once you decide to help james. also when kerry shuts the radio on armstrong's face it is a strong sign that he's deserting. but i think this should be possible :(

    maybe if you started to kill numerous opfor and greenback you'd get a decent rating?

  8. Gentlemen I just had a brilliant idea.

    I was thinking about the possibility of doing the following:

    Accept James' quest and when you take this

    http://i.imgur.com/i0uu8av.jpg (531 kB)

    you'll send it to him

    http://simhq.com/forum/files/usergals/2013/03/full-7278-52841-arma3_2013_03_06_21_13_36_84.png (2149 kB)

    instead of him

    http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/508076346481068766/3566A73EEBEE125982DF8B6FBBFEC80888111117/ (1973 kB)

    Drive to the NATO rally point which would be just north north east of the place your started the mission at. Assuming how awesome the campaing was I wouldn't doubt that something like that would not be possible...

    Please give it a try.

  9. Miller was Kerry all along! The Trauma of seeing Sarge get blown up by a landmine fractured his psyche, bring out his latent leadership skills, but also causing him to attribute his heroics to a fictional characters. BI are going to pull a "Fight Club" on us! (Yikes! Double Spoiler!)

    Seems impossible, no? But think about it:

    Miller is never mentioned before Sarge gets blown up - you'd think given the size of the NATO-AAF force on Stratis, someone would have noticed a bunch of Jolly Good Brits Englishmen running around?

    Once Sarge gets blown up, Miller miraculously appears to lead Kerry and his friends, without once having to prove he is who he claims to be. All of Kerry's friends trust Miller, as if he's someone they'd known since they got deployed on Stratis!

    When Miller's giving a briefing, Kerry seems to simply be an observer.

    Miller is never actually involved in any operation at the same time as Kerry.

    Miller only seems to talk to Kerry and his men. Despite being at most of the Resistances briefings, he never steps up to say anything, in fact, his presence is rarely even acknowledged.(being some SBS super-soldier, you'd think Stavrou might value his input somewhat?)

    Miller is only seen talking to the resistance or his men over the radio.

    Kerry can disobey Miller's orders as if they were mere suggestions, yet even Stavrou (who's authority over Kerry is tedious at best) gives him an earful when he screws up.

    Gekas seems confused when Kerry says that Miller hasn't said much on the issue of Oreostos, as if the Miller he knows shares everything he knows with Kerry.

    November accidentally calls Kerry "Corporal Scott Miller"... or was it an accident?

    Despite being "just some guy" Kerry often wanders out in the wilderness, alone, and comes back having solved pretty big problems for the resistance.

    Miller mysteriously disappears as soon as a new NATO officer enters the scene.

    Now, I know what you're thinking, if this is the case, why is Miller British when Kerry's American? Well, that's simple see, Kerry's too Lawful Good to even consider impersonating an officer of the US army, but since he's not British, it's completely legal for him to impersonate a British Officer!

    (I should stress, this is supposed to be a joke, but if this turns out to be true, well... I don't know what to think, then... :butbut:)

    Your theory makes PERFECT sence but there`s a flaw. When you get in the car with Stavrous in the Common Enemy mission, Stavrou will talk directly to Miller (Falcon). Also, if you played the Win episode, you might recall what Crossroads said about Scott Miller in the Moral Fiber mission.

    Before the Win campaing was released I thought that

    2015: Altis and Stratis become indenpendent from Greece trough a referendum. A pro-Western government is placed, which would be the FIA's political branch, backed by Stavrou and Nikos (this explains why in the end of the Adapt campaing you have Nikos telling Kerry after he's rescued from Stratis "Now we're a step closer to our legitmate government, a step closer to the status quo". In Latin, status quo means "how things were before", besides, Europe in 2014 alone has 2 confirmed indenpendence votes for Catalunia and Scotland. No wonder you see the Catalunian flag in the map marker list.

    Circa 2020/2025: CSAT (Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty) is formed. A strategic alliance between Iran and other 5 countries that probaly include China and Russia). Chinese and Russian economic decline put Iran in a leading stance. (These countries have good diplomatical relations and Russia, China and the other BRICS are slowering down their economic development since the guranteed crash we'll face in a near future. That's also why it's widely said that western economies are on decline and that Iran has "jobs, influence, growth...fuckin' China man." You can see the Iranian flag in CSAT soldier's shoulders.)

    2025: CSAT sees Altis and Stratis as a strategic port towards the countries bathed by the Meditteranean, besides of an excellent missile base for medium range missiles, which consists, for example, a lot of the Russian, Chinese and 100% of the North Korean nuclear arsenals). They therefore decide to sparkle a civil war in the 5 year old Altis and Stratis republic, so they have a government that is friendly towards CSAT.

    Circa 2025/2030: CIA and MI6 realize that this is a coup towards Altis and Stratis so they decide to NATO decides UK and USA would step in as peace keepers and stop the civil war. Note that the FIA government is losing the war and the AAF, which is CSAT backed, is winning.

    2030: NATO steps in and to not get itself into further diplomatic trouble with CSAT, sides with the new AAF government with the intention to stop the blodshed as fast as possible to avoid further international tension. This is where Cpt Scott Miller comes in. Miller and his Brittish team, don't have that name actually because in the end Crossroads says that there's no Cpt Miller. But in a special operation, CTRG got lost and were captured by FIA guerrilas. They meet Nikos and Stavrou and are told what's really going on. Therefore the CTRG change names. They're now Miller, James and others, who make friends, make personal bonds with the guerrilas but are declared MIA.

    7/7/2035 (drawdow 2035 mission): Civil war is considered ended, however, Miller, as he understands the story of the FIA which is now guerillas who got deposed by AAF, needs to find a way to get the FIA back in power. So he decides to create a false flag operation, where NATO would fight AAF in order to give political power to FIA He first waits most NATO forces to leave the island in order to get things done more easily. Then he decides to blow up Kamino base, which is the less defended but one of the few left that still has both NATO and AAF forces. A day before 7/7/2035 he planted explosives all arround and blew all the things up in the drawdow 2035 mission, so that NATO feel like AAF is hostile and AAF is hostile towards NATO, when in fact, both are being fooled by Miller.

    Commander Mac Kinnon discovered this so he said he'd need logistical support at Kamino Base, but then it was too late. Mac Kinnon was killed by Miller in an ambush.

    This explains why in the adapt campaing it was said CSAT and AAF considered a terrorist attack the event that sparkled the AAF/NATO fight.

    Miller is not an enemy of NATO but of the AAF. Thats why he joined Kerry and other US forces at camp maxwell.

    CSAT moved in because it knew the AAF couldn't handle NATO forces alone and CSAT could not lose the missile/air/naval base that Altis/Stratis would become.

    CSAT plans taking over Europe.