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  1. The bingo fuel mission, may i refresh your memory, is that one you take the cistern but it's empty and you hit a CSAT site to get a full cistern. when you get the cistern there are two options. i deliver it to miller or to the FIA. what will happen in the future if i choose delivering to the FIA? what about miller? P.S.: I've already tried killing the officer and then delivering the cistern but i'm simply always late for the convoy :P
  2. scottmillerukctrg

    The decline of Italian performance in war

    Mussolini was very popular among the Italian people due to his propaganda. He ascended to power for that one reason, he was approved by the Italians, like Hitler. I don't think that's the cause.
  3. scottmillerukctrg

    The decline of Italian performance in war

  4. scottmillerukctrg

    How to join a game as Zeus

    Hi. How can you join a multiplayer game or a scenario you have as Zeus? I still haven't tested this feature of the game....
  5. scottmillerukctrg

    Any more vehicles coming to ARMA 3?

    I was really happy that the CAS jets were introduced but there is still a lot to do. In my opinion, we should get cargo planes like a C130 as well as carpet bombers. Maybe we could introduce amphibious assault craft that can carry a tank or a APC, or just a bunch of people, from a water to shore trajectory. Like this one http://osd.dtic.mil/news/Nov2000/200010131a_hr.jpg but very modern looking, of course. Maybe we can get more naval assets, such as big subs and boats. A motorcycle like the one we had in Arma 1 would be great too.
  6. scottmillerukctrg

    If you speak French

    Bonjour, je m'appele Lucas. I was having my first online French class few minutes ago and I was taking like a test. So there was this question: which to use before "garçon" a) l' b) le c) la I know la is for female gender and that le is for male but I was thinking about trying using l' because I just wanted to make sure that it was a contraction of le (just like in English "we'll" is a contraction of "we will"). It happens it didn't work so well and I got a wrong. So my question is what's the difference between le and l'????
  7. The new Nikos (formal) (civilian) character doesn't display the P07 when in first person. Every other weapon I've tested so far works with no problem at all, but when you play as Nikos (formal) in first person, there's no P07. You can shoot, use it, do everything you normally do, but it's a glitch where the gun is invisible *in first person*. Also, such character seems to have a neck distortion: he can easily do this: I'd like to have such issues fixed. Thank you, BI Studio.
  8. Gentlemen I just had a brilliant idea. I was thinking about the possibility of doing the following: Accept James' quest and when you take this http://i.imgur.com/i0uu8av.jpg (531 kB) you'll send it to him http://simhq.com/forum/files/usergals/2013/03/full-7278-52841-arma3_2013_03_06_21_13_36_84.png (2149 kB) instead of him http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/508076346481068766/3566A73EEBEE125982DF8B6FBBFEC80888111117/ (1973 kB) Drive to the NATO rally point which would be just north north east of the place your started the mission at. Assuming how awesome the campaing was I wouldn't doubt that something like that would not be possible... Please give it a try.
  9. scottmillerukctrg

    Evil Zeus

    What if players started using Zeus as a trolling tool? For instance say that a troll has taken the Zeus seat and now he`s placing armored vehicles, aircraft and entire infantry companies arround players, not to mention the thunder thing. How can we counter this?
  10. scottmillerukctrg

    European Politics Thread.

    Does anyone support an European super state?
  11. scottmillerukctrg

    Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    Scotland comes first.
  12. scottmillerukctrg

    What's the story behind your username and avatar?

    You ask too much questions, corporal.
  13. scottmillerukctrg

    Flight MH370

    no. the landing gear caught on fire and the barbwire burned before the crew could notice. pilots diverted west but sunk on the way.
  14. scottmillerukctrg

    North Korea General

    North Korea is pure democracy when compared to the Western world.
  15. scottmillerukctrg

    Need help building flying saucer

    tell me a material that is a superfluid; super conductor and behaves as a single atom. most likely it's a metal.
  16. scottmillerukctrg

    Good online language courses

    I need an online language course so I can become fluet in a couple years... Does anyone know a decent one that I could become fluent in some years? (less than 7 if possible)
  17. scottmillerukctrg

    Funny ArmA quotes

    "Be at your best behaviour at the checkpoint, sargeant. Greenbacks are really waving off their dicks arround today. Do you copy that, soldier?" RIP Adams
  18. scottmillerukctrg

    Good online language courses

    Is it possible to use this on my computer? I don't like the idea of getting tracked by NSA.
  19. scottmillerukctrg

    Tipping point mission

    keep close to your squad, stay in formation (whitish arrow pointing to the ground)
  20. scottmillerukctrg

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    i think the point is to cause frustration so you play the other epilogue. people who played the other epilogue first thought that it was boring and tried out this one. bi pwns.
  21. scottmillerukctrg

    Adapt: One Soot, One Kill

    One shot one kill, i've not that mission in that mission list of adapt. is that a patrol mission??:confused:
  22. scottmillerukctrg

    Survive: Situation normal / Blackfoot down problem

    the answer is always reinstall.
  23. scottmillerukctrg

    "HMS Proteus"?

    There is a secret ending if you take the device to the NATO rally point instead of miller. I won't tell you about how the sub is related to it, it'll be more exciting when you find for yourself.
  24. scottmillerukctrg

    [HEAVY SPOILERS] Take the "device" to Crossroads

    yes. it seems that you get a -99999999 rating once you decide to help james. also when kerry shuts the radio on armstrong's face it is a strong sign that he's deserting. but i think this should be possible :( maybe if you started to kill numerous opfor and greenback you'd get a decent rating?
  25. scottmillerukctrg

    Ending theories (Win related, spoilers of course)

    Miller sabotaged the invasion, but he helped the FIA, he is not friendly to NATO but helps Kerry, if CSAT keeps the bomb, CSAT won't declare war on the US, but it CSAT loses the bomb, CSAT declares war. There are a lot of pieces yet to be found and connected... Like Crossroads said, this is way beyond our pay grade.