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  1. Angryfist

    Altis Life Looking for Scripter ($)

    xp scripting perks done / car indicators done / Speedcameras done / now Gang Areas need to be fixed! any helps would be welcome
  2. Altis Life Roleplay EU | Perks\XP | $ 300 Hi Arma lovers , EU Roleplay community is searching for more people to play real Roleplay on altis life! little website http://altisliferoleplayeu.clansweb.be/ play on our server and people who are mature really important! I run a Dedicated server @ home why? i dont rent servers because u have to much lag. My group is around 26+ years old - we play for fun and have a good roleplay without Trolls. Trolls will be notified 3 times, if still not accepting these orders instant ban! People who have patience is needed, if we have 20members server runs full! For new people who stay 2weeks in server they get extras,! What are we looking for? Players EU/UK fine roleplay Need 5 more Cops with skill or want to learn how to play! Second Admin who have Background AL Scripter\coder who could help improve our server! What do we have ? altis life 4.4 r4 Perks\XP Area Control Capture Rebel Area Car indicators (a) left (e) right (g) Parking indicators Police Checkpoint Rebel Border Zipties for Rebel Blindfold and more. If your interested come to our teamspeak and ask for angryfist85 TS3: rte.guildts.com ADD = steam angryfist85 ADD = discord AngryFist85#6524
  3. Hi, For altis life scripters out there, i know this forum is full with nice people and want to ask if someone could help me with some scripts, add & change some things, most important = XP SKILL talent scipting, I have installed my server + mysql, thats all done, only thing is that some one could create or have a made scripts for altis life.... am not reply to this forum if u want to help me come to our discord https://discord.gg/Ugg6YKY and ask for me angry, no one needs to work for free ;) we will talk about this on discord! nickname discord = AngryFist85#6524 thanks
  4. Welcome to our BSF post. I have Started a Altis life server 4.0 at home, Our clan is multigaming and where lf members to play on our server. We started the clan with 10 real life friends, and growing every week. Normaly we speak only dutch, but in arma III altis life we need more people from all over the world. We just started the server so there could be some bugs or what ever so would be nice if someone can test it all out on the server whats wrong or what could be changed. We want to do daly missions alsow, like for example = "Convoi police" must go from A - b - c Rebels or civilians must stop the convoi and try to take over and kill them for money or items... there is a rebel city to, so cops can go with some friends to nail them in there city and so on.... These are some little things we want to do, + I am running a 3770K i7 + 16gram for Altis life, so i want to check out with some players on the server, how many he could take without lag ! Guys again we are growing so u must have the patience before this server runs full. So register on our website and come to our teamspeak, then we talk about your history arma III or your new its no problem everyone is welcome, but please be mature this is no game to trol we want to take it seriously ! If your on teamspeak ask for Angryfist thats me, and say that u registered for arma III altis life. website is still underconstruction for arma III , so we need to place the rules about the server! Go to Website Register, and go to Forum Teamspeak IP ! Thanks guys for listening and i hope to see u soon. Cheers BSF Team http://www.belgiumspecialforces.be/
  5. Angryfist

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    Verry Nice Mod man verry nice, am using it right now for my Private server, Working with altis.life 4.0 implent the prison gate in editor it works great! when i upload the mission sqf to server, something blockes the gate i dont have the menu anymore to open gate .... cna some one tell me please how to change it so i can open up those gates , houses same story cant open nothing, and yes i putted in the file debug, doesnt work, please some one could help