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  1. Alright guys, here is the problem, I have been trying to use the Arma 3 tools to creat custom group compostions to be used in zeus, however no matter what i seem to do, and even with austin_medic's help, i cant seem to have them show up in zeus. I have tried it binerized and un-binerized, with bisign keys and everything, but it wont work here is the config file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0plhgfz4zr70ziv/config.cpp.txt Anyone got any ideas?
  2. General Kong

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    I really hope they add the ability to create custom group and base compositions (and also save their skill aswell)
  3. General Kong

    North Korea SF (Year 2035)

    hopefully you will make them zeus compatible
  4. General Kong

    Curator Presets Mod

    I would love to see something like this implemented
  5. General Kong

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    well personnely, i found the guns out of place considering its far into 2035, and such a gun would be considered out of place and as effective as tring to calm a bear with peanuts, but if thats what you intend to do, its your mod :)
  6. General Kong

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    nope, never encountered such a thing, there is only the artillery and the airstrikes
  7. General Kong

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    I think the reservist are better when using the same rifle that the FIA units use, it gives a reason for how the FIA are able to get them, and shows also that the Reservists are also dealing with a problem of personel constantly going rogue and go to either join the FIA or are just simply corrupt
  8. General Kong

    Curator Presets Mod

    unzip the CPM_1.2.zip and use the folder in from that also, can I recommend 3 new commands 1. where you use it on a vehicle, it would disembark everyone but the pilot, copilot and gunners 2. and one where you use it on a artillery vehicle/static, and a coordinate dialog will pop up, you input the coordinates and it fires 3. and finally, one where you use it on an infantry unit, and it makes them play animations (with the ability to make them loop), such as talking animation, or excercising etc. etc.
  9. General Kong

    Curator Presets Mod

    love this, brilliant idea and execution, hope to see more of this :)
  10. General Kong

    [WIP] AAF Redux Project

    Id imagine it would be if they need more "meat for the grinder" they would call on the reservists looking awesome so far, this should give the AAF more variety that they sorely need
  11. General Kong

    Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah

    I was wondering if you would be willing to have the two factios also aviadable for the independent faction? and about the mandatory requirements, its up to you, but I personally prefer not having two mods just to run one
  12. General Kong

    Middle East Irregulars

    hey Drongo, i was wondering if you will at some point make this mod (and SAA) compatiple with zeus?
  13. General Kong

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    What he said Maybe aswell using the alt button and clicking the ground, a selected helicopter will land, which will allow safer disembarking of soldiers
  14. I dont really know if this is in the right section, but anyway on to my question I plan to try and add new group presets, or edit current ones found in other mods, to be used by Zeus, but I dont know how to edit it or what tools to use, I tried looking throught the tutorials, but they are very complicated and/or confusing
  15. Well I might release it (with the contents from other mods of course), if it was released it would be my first ever publicly released mod, it does sound tempting..... and thanks for the Welcome Yoshi :)
  16. I have MCC, but I do not want to create squads that I cannot control with the zeus UI, it is also confusing and frustrating having to go back and forth, so I just thought that maybe it would be just simple if I just create some preset usable squads, or just edit current ones (official or mod) and thanks for the welcome Kremator
  17. well of course, that is if I was going to release them, but I am only modifying them for private use
  18. General Kong

    CSAT Modification Project

    Hope to see a release soon, I am always unnerved by the bug helmets and overall design of CSAT infantry, what your doing could make them as equel to my my favourite AAF
  19. Whenever I pass the AAF checkpoint, the next objective appears out in the sea, making it impossible to continue the mission
  20. General Kong

    AI pathfinding is nearly ruining Zeus

    Agreed, AI really needs an overhaul for Zeus, mostly in regards to infantry, since they have a tendancy to run off either in the opposite direction when a battle starts, or go ten miles to the left then suddenly make their way back and also their use of vehicles need to be improved too, way to many times do they drive along a rode in the middle of town then suddenly one drives into a house
  21. General Kong

    Evil Zeus

    Then make sure that you play on a server that does not have a zeus who is an A**hole with his powers
  22. General Kong

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would love to see some new Units which wear gasmasks and use Russian Equipment, like the ultranationalists from Call of Duty 4
  23. General Kong

    Zeus Feature Request Thread

    So guys, have been playing zeus for quite some time, however I would like to echo the Idea to include the ability to create custome loadouts/units, like for instance: A new unit could be created that as you put more gear on him, he will become more expenisve, from a "conscript" unit with only the bare minimum, to a heavily armed elite soldier if not, I think adding the ability ot just the editor could work too I would also like to see the ability to create new groups to use in the group placer of zeus