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  1. New update!

    This time all thanks to Celene (CuteMoonGood on github)!



    - Added Fogging, Geiger counter, Conditioning backpack


    This means your view gets foggy if you wear your mask long enough

    You can set up backpacks as conditioning units so fogging can be delayed or prevented

    There is a geiger counter that does 3D sound (mp synced as well) instead of beeping for the threat meter.




    Check out the read me and the new config settings!

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  2. Hey here,

    I just updated this script. Made it easier to install fixed several things and added more features on top.


    Fixed decon shower not working over the ocean
    Fixed wrong initialization order of variables
    Changed project structure a little
    Changed create zone functions: now returns trigger/zone object for mission makers to use
    Changed requirements: ACE medical not needed anymore, ace itself however still is!
    Added settable time for decon showers
    Added setting to allow passive damage or not
    Added setting for healing rate
    Added vehicle CBRN proofing configuration
    Optimized background logic for zone activations



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  3. On 2/4/2022 at 11:03 PM, mickeymen said:




    Please give a Skip Waypoint also as next condition

    For several years I can not get the Fighters to leave their houses, after the garrison, so that they switch to the next vanilla waypoint


    I tried dozens of times and wrote to LAMBS team about this problem, but the AI never switches to vanilla waypoint!

    The custom way points added by us are always meant to be end points. Since they are scripted and run custom code that changes the AI's behavior radically from what it usually does the decision was made to not allow further waypoints after them.

  4. 5 hours ago, Gunter Severloh said:

    Something i noticed the other day when i was playing a mission i built, i had about 80 garrisoned enemy,

    using Lambs the problem was all the garrisoned units that had spawned in and were randomly placed,

    ended up moving out of their positions to come and engage me.


         So just a note and or warning for those who have or want to use garrisoned units in their mission, Lambs will

    make them move,  maybe there should be a check added to prevent or make sure that any AI garrisoned dont move,

    or has limited movement within the area they were placed like a 5m range or something.

    When using "Task Garrison" it is possible to set the exit condition so that they cannot leave their assigned building position.



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  5. The damage is separate from ace or kat damage systems. healing is not built in as your body has to get rid of that by itself, which takes days. Hence it is not simulated. The showers only stop the automatic inner contamination but do not heal any kind of damage.


    A CBRN suit alone will not help as the simulation is mostly about airborne CBRN gasses and chemicals. a CBRN suit will be essential in level 3 (color red) contaminated areas as it also gets into your body by exposing your skin. In general the level of threat is added to your "CBRN damage". if you run around a level 1 area you get 1 to 1.99 damage per second, level 2 is from 2 to 2.99 and 3 is beginning with 3 up to infinity. This added damage gets subtracted by you wearing a gas mask, having a fresh oxygen tank enabled and only then if you have a cbrn suit on.

  6. The mission
    Star Catcher is a fully automated replayable mission which does not need any player as Zeus. It features a full raid similar to raids one can find within the Destiny game series. Several changes to the destiny formula were done as “bullshit destiny logic” does not really fit into Arma’s gameplay. Which means “magic” mechanics and boss fights are removed, and the general puzzle mechanics are brought down to some more realistic levels.
    Be warned this mission is not a normal Arma mission, it features puzzles, advanced mechanics, and some gimmicks you normally do not find in regular missions. There is a whole 10+ pages document detailing all kinds of things about the raid, the background story, and its mechanics.
    Of course, for the true destiny day 1 experience, you should not read it and go in fully blind. Just do not complain it has taken a real long time to beat. For new commers and people not trying to guess the mechanics, I suggest you best read this document:




    (More screenshots in the download link)


    A group of Russian Separatists are threatening the destruction of New York City with a captured Russian weapons satellite armed with a micro nuke launcher and are demanding a huge ransom in order to influence the Russian government. Russian special forces, supported by a USAF AC-130 are due to execute a raid on a bunker suspected to contain the control unit of the satellite.



    • CBA_A3
    • ACE
    • Cup Terrains - Core
    • Cup Terrains - Maps
    • USAF AC130

    End Stats
    Show stats like kill, death, and revive counts at the end of the mission for everyone. Also will show how many times you have wiped and how long it took you from first encounter to mission end.

    Emote system
    Like in Destiny, you can do silly dances while waiting for your team mates to get ready, or the raid leader trying to convey their plan.

    NVG color change
    Green is so 2035, blue is the new color!

    Medical revive system
    Like in destiny you have revive tokens. Here those are the medical item Adenosine! It can be used to quick heal any downed player. Just ACE interact on them and look for the “Quick Heal” option. Can only be used on unstable patients and only if you have at least one adenosine left!

    Music system
    Different music per encounter, very similar like in Destiny. Can change during the raid as well.

    BettIR like NVG IR lamp
    The bunker is really dark, to make BettIR not a hard dependency, a similar feature which does not work as well as BettIR is included in this system. I do recommend to use BettIR with this mission, but if you do not want to, this is the replacement for it.
    For those that do not know what BettIR is, it adds an infra-red light to your NVG goggles. You can illuminate objects in front of you and can effectively see better with ACE NVGs!

    ACE interactions
    Not really a feature, just a highlight that anything related to this raid will be interactable using ACE interactions. Scroll wheel actions won’t be used.

    Additional mods/CDLCs supported

    There are some additional mods which are supported but are not hard requirements, they however will make the experience better in one way or another

    - All other RHS non terrain mods
    - 3CB factions
    - YueMod
    - GM
    - SOG: PF
    - LAMBS Danger FSM
    - DUI
    - ACRE and TFAR (only beta tested)

    Any optics without additional zoom factors are supported and automatically added to the arsenal!

    ACE Medical
    WARNING! ACE medical is required here! This is the LATEST ACE medical not the “old” one! Make sure to NOT FORCE any global ACE medical related CBA/Addon settings on your server or Client. There are special mechanics at play here, you can read more on that inside the document linked above!

    Q: Can I play this alone in SP?
    A: Unfortunately, no. This is designed with multiple people in mind

    Q: How many players does this support?
    A: 9 players, some more spectator slots

    Q: I cannot get 8 other players together; can I play with less?
    A: Yes, it will be harder to beat, but the mechanics in its core should still work. Make sure to have at least 2 player groups!

    Q: Why RHS and not CUP?
    A: My unit just uses RHS instead of CUP

    Q: Will I get my raid exotic in the end?
    A: Of course! Why would you raid and not get an exotic?

    Q: I am stuck at the MCH abortion code sequence, help!
    A: My only advice is to investigate the “Satellite Dish” and “Main Control Hardware” chapters again, there is a hint

    Q: What is the current fastest time for this?
    A: Roughly 30 minutes and 15 seconds

    Q: Why would an AC-130 even go there?
    A: ‘s cool!



    Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2656380957

  7. Version 0.6.0 released


    * Added support for CDLC or mod firstaid/medkits by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/54
    * Added adjustable bleedout timer color by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/60
    * Added armor simulation modes for both standalone and ACE medical modes by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/58
    * Added options to auto hide UI elements by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/59
    * Updated Chinese translation by @mihuan-0 in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/61






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  8. Update for version 1.9.3


    * Add Nametags Rank Name Style by @jokoho48 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/200
    * Added setting to sync units in a group by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205
    * Attempted fix for Error: No Object by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205
    * Russian translation updated by @estim in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/204
    * Add Turkish Translations by @654wak654 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/203
    * Update Spanish Translations by @diaverso in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/202




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  9. 14 hours ago, shereen said:


    I am new to Arma 3 and i need help how to change position of DUI-squad radar at the HUD please.


    DUI has 2 modes. First and default is it will auto calculate where to put things. Second is use with conjunction of the Arma3 layout editor.


    If you wish to use a custom position, first go into the Addon Options (you may need to load into the editor for this), go to the DUI Squad Radar - Radar drop down and check the checkbox called "Use A3 Layout Editor Position".

    Now you can open Arma's regular options menu. There you can use the UI editor to either resize or put UI elements where ever you want. Once you have done that, restart the mission and it should apply.

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  10. 6 hours ago, cooked auto said:

    So I've run into an odd issue.
    I've been working on a mission using the modules for a while now. That has obviously created a lambs_wp dependency in the mission sqm file, obviously.
    But for some reason the server the mission is meant to be played on returns a missing addons message for that dependency. Despite the fact that the server has LAMBS loaded onto the mod list.
    Both me and the server are running the latest version from the workshop. I made sure to check that.


    If the server is saying it has missing addons and it points to lambs than the mod might not be mounted correctly. You can check the RPT file of the server if the mod shows up as mounted and the pbos getting loaded.

  11. 4 minutes ago, lukio said:

    Hey diwako


    we are experiencing an odd issue.


    After some point everyone in a group has "Error: No Vehicle" on the names list and we don't see anyone in gps any more.

    It seems to happen when people re-spawn, then it starts to bug out.

    We are using Base respawn with a timer, CBA, ACE, CUP / RHS plus F3 type of system to re-equip loadouts on respawn.

    It is an issue I have seen many report but I have yet to figure out what causes this. In my unit I do not have the issue throughout many different mission makers.


    So can you answer me a few questions?

    Do you have DUI running on server?
    Which namelist sorting mode are you using?

    when it happens can you exec this ON THE PLAYERS MACHINE and tell me what it returns?

    [(group player) getVariable ["diwako_dui_radar_syncGroup", "nothing"], units player]


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  12. 5 minutes ago, mickeymen said:


    I am very glad that there is LAMBS danger, for me this is the best AI mod. Big Thanks to everyone who put their efforts into this!


    I continued testing for a week. For this reason, let me give my opinion on AI detection.

    I think that in LAMBS_Danger.fsm v2.5.2 RC the AI detection capabilities seem to be too hypertrafied. In my subjective opinion, visual detection requires some corrections.


    Some of my stealth missions have become unplayable, as the AI instantly detects the enemy, even under inpossible conditions.

    I think, Now, the visual detection distance of the AI is not naturally large and it seems that the AI will not take into account whether it detects the enemy with the help of Night vision device or without it, what mode this AI currently has (safe or danger mode), whether the enemy is moving while lying or standing. Several times, in the dead of night, I was detected by the enemy AI at a distance of 450-500 meters, while I was moving only lying down and did not shoot at anyone, while the enemy AI had a safe patrol mode. 

    Seems to me, It is impossible at night to detect a crawling person at such a distance, but the AI ( one infantryman - AT rifleman without any optics devices) saw player and instantly opened fire.
    I tried in the game settings, to reduce the AI level, from 1.0 to 0.85, but even with such a decrease, the AI sees the enemy at night and at great distances, through dense vegetation in the jungle. 


    Overall, I like the sharp-sighted AI, but night and dense vegetation for player should feel better!


    And yet, when an enemy is detected at a great distance, the AI will instantly shoot, but it seems to me that some delay is needed to simulate ememy identification.

    At long distances, the AI must first recognize the enemy and only then open fire.

    LAMBS Please try consider this question.

    Just delete the range pbo, seems you are using local mods anyways.


    The reason why we added that pbo and increased spotting was fairly simple. Testing showed under perfect weather conditions ai was not able to spot a player laying prone and not moving roughly 300 meters away. this was done in the VR terrain. so no grass or anything as concealment, this was bumped up to roughyly 450 meters with that change. we figures some people prefer the ai to be blind so we made it a separate pbo for people to just get rid off if they did not like it

  13. 1 minute ago, mickeymen said:


    I use LAMBS_Danger.fsm v2.5.2 RC


    Before I used 2.5.1 RC, I disabled it temporarily. The folder with version 2.5.1 is still located in the Arma3 directory. 

    When I used 2.5.1 There were no error messages. As soon as 2.5.2 is connected, then I get those error messages...

    Make sure to update to the RC2, it addresses this issue