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  1. Not really fond of uploading scripts to the workshop as it is not a mod. In order to upload a script to the workshop you'd need to put in a mission and then upload the PBO to it. Imo it is annoying to get the pbo and then extract it, just to get the script. Sure it will help with exposure, but this script really isn't beginner friendly as it uses compiled scripts rather then scripts being called via execVM or precompile at mission start. Of course you can correct me on this, but for now I do not really want to use the workshop because of what I just said and my plans on refactoring scripts for next update.
  2. Ease of use and teleport anomalies are using CBA's hashmap internally. Right now, with all the anomalies added I wanted in the first place, I will be revising and refactoring some code now. And I will be using CBAs "currentUnit" functionality to add zeus support and remote controlled units. Normally I would do all that with the "ace_player" object, but I want to remove ace form the requirement list. So, I need to recreate the flame particle effects at some point. Besides, CBA really became something that is run along side Arma when playing multiplayer or with mods. Well, at least for me.
  3. Pushed an update: Added Teleport anomaly Create methods now return just created trigger Next step will be code revisions and refactoring, Maybe bolt throwing and respawn support after that. Some Media: https://i.imgur.com/C84EIBI.gifv https://i.imgur.com/eEBL8Zb.gifv
  4. Just pushed an update Added burner anomaly Sprinboards now have idle sounds Anomaly particles are now rendered according to your camera position and not your player position (for zeus and spectator support) (respawn support is still not in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Some small bugfixes here and there
  5. diwako

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    I get the memory leak pretty consistently when playing with a group. Here's the dump and dxDiag file. No rpt since I forgot to re-enable logs. http://www.diwako.net/zeug/Arma3performanceLeak-19-02-17.7z
  6. I did a lot of digging around, in the end I started over and tested it on my server after even just placing one unit. Turns out I kind of found the problem. RHS units are completely fine and will not make your server crash or even trigger the CfgWeapon.Burst error. However if you place nearly anything from the CUP_Weapons mod, you will get the CfgWeapon.Burst and forcing the server back to the mission selection screen. The CfgWeapon.Burst error originates from RHS, they even went ahead and said in their support ticket that it will be fixed and it seems that RHS is not affected by crashes because of it and it's the another mods fault. Thing is, CUP alone on the server does not do this, only if RHS is included. Right now the fixes are, do not use CUP_Weapons (this includes static weapons) or spawn it in via script during mission time or do not use RHS. It is possible that even any other weapon mod that uses that class will trigger it. So far my mission is still not running even after removing everything from CUP_Weapons, seems NIArms is also affected by this. I will have to wait for RHS to get their shit together and release a hotfix. Knowing their update speed, it might take a month.
  7. Hey, First I do want to apologies if this is the wrong section for this and I should have posted it in the Mission & Editing forums. I've recently gotten an issue that I cannot start my mission on my groups dedicated server on Linux anymore. It just kicks me back into the mission select screen. Then upon restarting the mission again the server crashes with a SEGV Fault. I've been searching the internet left and right for the issue, went through the whole RPT file, read up on the feedback trackers on certain mods that we use. Nothing, this is kinda the last turn I can do before either deleting the whole mission or start over from scratch. And since it is an ongoing campaign mission, I'd rather not do that. So here some information: Mods used are: CBA ACE CUP Terrains CUP Weapons and Units RHS, every mod NIArms (Formerly known as HLC Weapons), Core and AK pack Task force Radio My group is using the Profiling Branch Server. In the RPT there is a lot of spam from "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons.Burst'.". This is from the RHS Mod, according to their bugtracker it does not cause this weird behavior. Another thing I noticed in the bugtracker is "Ref to nonnetwork object *some id*: dummyweapon.p3d", but according to the BI Wiki it can be ignored. I went ahead and just started deleting bases and outposts, then at some point it all worked again, but no indication really what the issue was. So from this I know it is a map object causing all this. The main problem is, I have placed quite a lot of objects so no idea which are the offending ones. I am testing these things now on my local dedicated windows server which resulted in a very similar behavior and uploaded the RPT until it kicks me back to selection screen. Link to RPT I also uploaded the non-binarized mission.sqm. Link to Mission.sqm I am at a loss here, can someone help?
  8. diwako

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Might found a bug with setFriend. Wanted to make a mission in which the allegiance with the independent side will turn sour during the mission, noticed that units running the AI who already saw the Players while they were still friends will not attack the Players once setFriend is used. EG: West and Independence are friendly, player moves up to the AI. Set friend is used right in front of the AI like this: independent setFriend [WEST, 0];WEST setFriend [independent, 0] AI will react like it has seen an enemy, take cover, flank and all that. But they will not shoot. Otherwise really digging this AI, great work.
  9. Sent you the mission files. Also one note, I am adding ItemRadio to loadouts as a test, since it didn't work before.
  10. Yes, I take a guess that the loadout did get applied after the player received a radio. The weird thing is, I am not removing any items other than uniform, weapons, backpack and vests when applying the loadout.
  11. Hi there, Just registered here since I could not find a solution to my problem anywhere. I am customizing the loadouts of players in my missions and noticed when ever I apply the loadout on spawn or respawn the default A3 ItemRadio does not get replaced or rather only on some loadouts with its counter part from TFAR. Is there a way to add the radios manually? So far I've only found the longrange radio item names, but never really from the personal radios.