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  1. Update released v1.2.3: Fixes for latest ACE overheating changes Downloads: https://github.com/diwako/ACE-punish-unknown-weapon/releases/tag/v1.2.3 (script and mod version) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1549103861 (mod version)
  2. ACE Punish unknown weapon Description: A script that punishes picking up unknown/enemy weapons by degrading their efficiency! As a mission maker and player, it is generally known not to pickup enemy guns for multiple reasons, such as being able to ID enemies easier. During my time playing this game I saw multiple ideas how to limit players form picking up enemy guns. Most revolve around the idea of just straight up removing guns and ammo from dead enemies or even enemy guns from a player’s inventory. This would also means running out of ammo as a player with no other way to resupply then looting enemy or friendly corpses will render you defenseless. I’ve been in similar situations like these before and all I could do was hope my squad would not run out of ammo or some other squad would safe us. So, I started thinking of a way to discourage players form picking up enemy weapons, but not outright remove the option for them. As a solution I came up with a system which makes enemy weapons less efficient and still usable, but it comes with a risk. In general, unknown weapons will be less accurate the more the heat up, they are prone to jam more then your starting weapon and reloading can fail, so you have to reload again. (This is to simulate longer reloading times as it is not possible otherwise in ARMA) The earlier mentioned risk is that such an unknown weapon can have a rare fatal chamber failure when jamming and it will basically explode in your face and makes the weapon itself unusable. By no means is this script meant to be realistic. For me it is a gameplay mechanic and I treat it that way as well. Thus, it is really only meant to be used in COOP missions as the unknown weapon list is global to all players! Requirements: In order to use this script, you need to run these mods alongside it: CBA ACE Overheating Installation and configuration: Copy over the contents of the “scripts” folder into your mission folder, add or edit your mission’s config settings in description.ext according to the example mission. Installation is done. Any configuration will be done within Eden editor and in Settings -> Addon Options -> Punish unknown weapon For mission makers: Here is a small rundown what which setting does and how in general this script works. Enable: Enables the script on mission start. Wait after mission begin: This script will add all primary weapons from any player after the set time to the known weapon array and propagate it to all players and jips. Jips will send after 30 seconds (so custom loadouts can be applied) their current primary weapon to the server and it will add it to the known weapon pool and clear any disadvantages from other players for that weapon. Add weapon dispersion: Adds a flat value ON TOP of ACEs dispersion value. This makes weapons less accurate. Add jam chance: Adds a jamming percentage ON TOP of ACEs jamming chance. Reload failure chance: Chance of a reload failure for an unknown weapon. Chance to destroy weapon on jam: If a jam event occurs this is the chance that the weapon will straight up explode and hurt its current user. Add more weapons: In case players do not have all their weapons on mission start, you can add weapon classes comma separate and WITHOUT whitespaces to this input field. Those weapons will be added as known weapon. Add briefing entry: Adds a Diary entry to the briefing menu warning players that this script is activated. Enable propagation: Enables if the server should collect weapon class names from players and add them to the whitelist. This is an advanced option and only experienced mission makers should use this. This option could be used to set up a play scenario for TvTs for example. Variables This script uses some variables which are not listed inside the addon options menu. diwako_unknownwp_local_weapons: This is a local array which ADDS to the whitelist from the server. It can be used to give units of choice more weapon choices without penalty. This is an advanced mission maker variable as there are rules for this variable. Only strings are allowed Every string MUST be fully uppercase No whitespaces in class names Must be filled on mission start for the unit, mid mission not supported! Download https://github.com/diwako/ACE-punish-unknown-weapon/releases https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1549103861
  3. thanks for letting me know, i will take a look and see how to fix it.
  4. diwako

    CBRN Script

    New update! This time all thanks to Celene (CuteMoonGood on github)! Changelog: - Added Fogging, Geiger counter, Conditioning backpack This means your view gets foggy if you wear your mask long enough You can set up backpacks as conditioning units so fogging can be delayed or prevented There is a geiger counter that does 3D sound (mp synced as well) instead of beeping for the threat meter. Download: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn/releases/tag/1.3.0 Check out the read me and the new config settings!
  5. Hey everyone, I made a CBRN script that uses the new Contact assets for a mission for the group I play in. Thought I could isolate it and share it for others to use as well. This is open source and licensed under APL-SA. I will be accepting pull requests, feature requests and bug reports. Preferably on the GitHub page :) https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn Script info Mission script to add an arcadey CBRN mechanic into an Arma mission. This script is not meant to be realistic, as breathing in 2 seconds of some bad smell air causing death is not fun on a gameplay level. However, you can tune down the max CBRN damage to get this effect if you really wish! CBRN threats are abstracted into 4 threat levels which are color coded by green, yellow, orange and red. Threat level diagram, all threats level requirements stack: Green: No CBRN gear need Yellow: Gas mask needed Orange: Supply of fresh air needed Red: Full CBRN suit needed This script comes with a custom gasmask overlay, breathing sounds and custom low oxygen warning sounds. Features Custom gas mask overlay Breathing sounds Working oxygen tanks Threat meter UI CBRN threats are abstracted into 4 threat levels CBRN threat zones JIP compatible Custom CBRN damage, works with ACE and vanilla medical Configurable values via missionNameSpace variables More information and example mission on the GitHub page! https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn Disclaimer the threat zones are invisible, you can only detect them with a threat meter device Requirements CBA_A3 and ACE ACE for the interactions, info screens and medical pain integration. Installation Download the latest release Copy paste the whole script folder into your mission Adapt the description.ext classes CfgFunctions, CfgSounds, RscTitles, Extended_PreInit_EventHandlers, and Extended_InitPost_EventHandlers Change variables in postInit or init.sqf if required Screenshots Download: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn/releases
  6. diwako

    CBRN Script

    Hey here, I just updated this script. Made it easier to install fixed several things and added more features on top. Fixed decon shower not working over the ocean Fixed wrong initialization order of variables Changed project structure a little Changed create zone functions: now returns trigger/zone object for mission makers to use Changed requirements: ACE medical not needed anymore, ace itself however still is! Added settable time for decon showers Added setting to allow passive damage or not Added setting for healing rate Added vehicle CBRN proofing configuration Optimized background logic for zone activations https://github.com/diwako/diwako_cbrn/releases/tag/1.2.0
  7. The custom way points added by us are always meant to be end points. Since they are scripted and run custom code that changes the AI's behavior radically from what it usually does the decision was made to not allow further waypoints after them.
  8. When using "Task Garrison" it is possible to set the exit condition so that they cannot leave their assigned building position. https://github.com/nk3nny/LambsDanger/wiki/waypoints#taskgarrison
  9. Refer to this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#Explosion It says "nearby" but it does not say how close. In reality it is a very short distance. It is not feasible to track every explosive in the game space to do what you want it to do. The event handler code itself is only used to make AI lose their balance and fall down if e.g. a grenade explodes near them.
  10. diwako

    [CO-9] Star Catcher, an Arma3 raid

    Pushed a small update. Did some small bugfixes TFAR and vanilla radio support added ACRE requirement removed
  11. The mission Star Catcher is a fully automated replayable mission which does not need any player as Zeus. It features a full raid similar to raids one can find within the Destiny game series. Several changes to the destiny formula were done as “bullshit destiny logic” does not really fit into Arma’s gameplay. Which means “magic” mechanics and boss fights are removed, and the general puzzle mechanics are brought down to some more realistic levels. Be warned this mission is not a normal Arma mission, it features puzzles, advanced mechanics, and some gimmicks you normally do not find in regular missions. There is a whole 10+ pages document detailing all kinds of things about the raid, the background story, and its mechanics. Of course, for the true destiny day 1 experience, you should not read it and go in fully blind. Just do not complain it has taken a real long time to beat. For new commers and people not trying to guess the mechanics, I suggest you best read this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DFi0imz627_HuhGY1u6ER-bR7QWY7AcySusszYH302s/edit?usp=sharing (More screenshots in the download link) Story A group of Russian Separatists are threatening the destruction of New York City with a captured Russian weapons satellite armed with a micro nuke launcher and are demanding a huge ransom in order to influence the Russian government. Russian special forces, supported by a USAF AC-130 are due to execute a raid on a bunker suspected to contain the control unit of the satellite. Requirements CBA_A3 ACE Cup Terrains - Core Cup Terrains - Maps RHSAFRF USAF AC130 Features End Stats Show stats like kill, death, and revive counts at the end of the mission for everyone. Also will show how many times you have wiped and how long it took you from first encounter to mission end. Emote system Like in Destiny, you can do silly dances while waiting for your team mates to get ready, or the raid leader trying to convey their plan. NVG color change Green is so 2035, blue is the new color! Medical revive system Like in destiny you have revive tokens. Here those are the medical item Adenosine! It can be used to quick heal any downed player. Just ACE interact on them and look for the “Quick Heal” option. Can only be used on unstable patients and only if you have at least one adenosine left! Music system Different music per encounter, very similar like in Destiny. Can change during the raid as well. BettIR like NVG IR lamp The bunker is really dark, to make BettIR not a hard dependency, a similar feature which does not work as well as BettIR is included in this system. I do recommend to use BettIR with this mission, but if you do not want to, this is the replacement for it. For those that do not know what BettIR is, it adds an infra-red light to your NVG goggles. You can illuminate objects in front of you and can effectively see better with ACE NVGs! ACE interactions Not really a feature, just a highlight that anything related to this raid will be interactable using ACE interactions. Scroll wheel actions won’t be used. Additional mods/CDLCs supported There are some additional mods which are supported but are not hard requirements, they however will make the experience better in one way or another - All other RHS non terrain mods - 3CB factions - YueMod - GM - SOG: PF - LAMBS Danger FSM - DUI - ACRE and TFAR (only beta tested) Any optics without additional zoom factors are supported and automatically added to the arsenal! ACE Medical WARNING! ACE medical is required here! This is the LATEST ACE medical not the “old” one! Make sure to NOT FORCE any global ACE medical related CBA/Addon settings on your server or Client. There are special mechanics at play here, you can read more on that inside the document linked above! FAQ Q: Can I play this alone in SP? A: Unfortunately, no. This is designed with multiple people in mind Q: How many players does this support? A: 9 players, some more spectator slots Q: I cannot get 8 other players together; can I play with less? A: Yes, it will be harder to beat, but the mechanics in its core should still work. Make sure to have at least 2 player groups! Q: Why RHS and not CUP? A: My unit just uses RHS instead of CUP Q: Will I get my raid exotic in the end? A: Of course! Why would you raid and not get an exotic? Q: I am stuck at the MCH abortion code sequence, help! A: My only advice is to investigate the “Satellite Dish” and “Main Control Hardware” chapters again, there is a hint Q: What is the current fastest time for this? A: Roughly 30 minutes and 15 seconds Q: Why would an AC-130 even go there? A: ‘s cool! Downloads Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2656380957
  12. diwako

    CBRN Script

    The damage is separate from ace or kat damage systems. healing is not built in as your body has to get rid of that by itself, which takes days. Hence it is not simulated. The showers only stop the automatic inner contamination but do not heal any kind of damage. A CBRN suit alone will not help as the simulation is mostly about airborne CBRN gasses and chemicals. a CBRN suit will be essential in level 3 (color red) contaminated areas as it also gets into your body by exposing your skin. In general the level of threat is added to your "CBRN damage". if you run around a level 1 area you get 1 to 1.99 damage per second, level 2 is from 2 to 2.99 and 3 is beginning with 3 up to infinity. This added damage gets subtracted by you wearing a gas mask, having a fresh oxygen tank enabled and only then if you have a cbrn suit on.
  13. @tanin69 Run game with start param "-debug" Repro issue Post RPT The error seen above is from lambs danger main module, from the postinit even. Which is weird as the macro did not get resolved. That should not happen, at all. Edit: Tried to repro issue with given instructions. No errors popped up. Works as intended so far?
  14. Effectively they are the same. both use the macro TASK_RUSH_CYCLETIME which translates to the value of 15
  15. Summary This clientside mod shows a compass in the bottom middle of you screen and a list of people in your current squad. It is made with SQF commands which recently have been added to Arma3 and where not available back in the days of Arma2 or early Arma3. Meaning no weird workarounds with map elements are needed anymore which just eat more frames. A strong point of this UI is its customizability and its many features are all settable with CBA settings. This mod is made as an alternative to STHUD (not the full STUI suite). Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/oNYnMAg Features Scaling Rescale the UI elements in CBA settings, text can be rescaled on its own as well! Font Choose which font is used in the UI Icon Styles Choose which icon style should be used Color Schemes Choose the colors that are used throughout the UI Compass Styles Choose how your compass should look like Choose which UI elements should be shown Enable or disable the Compass or Namelist on the fly, both or individually. Keybind to hide the UI is included Show the Bearing On Top Of The Compass Or don’t, you choose. Also possible to show milradians! Adjustable Compass Range Change the range of the compass on the fly either via CBA settings or keybindings Compass Refresh Rate Do not want to update the compass every frame? Choose the refresh rate of it! Compass Unit Occlusion Time to get lost in the jungle again! Namelist Text Size Change the size of the text of the squad name list. Smaller means more units will fit into one column! Buddy System Designate someone in your squad as your buddy, they will get their own icon so you will always find each other Show Unit Ranks SQL just died? No problem, Keybind included to see who is the next in rank Make your own styles Color, icon and compass styles on mission level are supported! Translations Currently English, French, Czech, German, Korean, Japanese, Polish and Portuguese are supported. You can help expand this list or fix things up! ACE3 Support Playing with ACE3? Support in terms of unit classes and ACE interactions have been added! ACRE and TFAR (1.0 beta) Support Additional support for popular radio mods, such as indicators when someone is speaking And more in the future! Special Variables DUI has a special variable mission makers can use. diwako_dui_special_track Array of objects in missionNamepace. Every unit or vehicle in this array will be tracked on compass. Be aware that this might be a performance issue if too many objects are added. Be also aware that you do not add a unit that is already in your squad, or else you have 2 icons for that unit. FAQ Q: What does DUI mean? A: I leave that up to you 😉 Q: Possible more icon, color or compass styles in the future? A: Sure, I am very open for suggestions and people helping to make some Q: I found a bug, where do I report it? A: Best post that to the GitHub page, makes things easier to organize Q: Can you add this feature? A: Head over to the GitHub page and request it in the issue tracker Q: Hey, I am from server XYZ can we use this mod? A: Sure! Keep the license in mind tho Q: How do I use the buddy system? A: Be in the same squad with your person of choice, look at them and be close to them. It will appear in your scroll wheel menu. If you use ACE3 however, you have to ACE interact with that person! Q: The namelist cuts off early, cannot see the last name in a column, is this a bug? A: I consider it not really being a bug as you can change the scaling for the namelist in CBA settings. Scale the text up or down under category "Namelist". Q: Does the namelist support more than 12 people A: Yup, not sure why you have that many people in one squad, but yeah. As long as your screen has width. Q: Can I move the UI elements around? A: Yes! You can edit it in the layout editor! Best refer to the bottom of this post Downloads GitHub Steam Workshop
  16. This script adds an additional layer to ACRE2's signal calculation which allows to modify the output power and receive power of radios on the fly. With this script it is possible to either boost or jam a signal from any specific unit. The script will allow setting custom modifiers to units to modify the unit’s radios receiving and sending power. Just copy the script folder into your mission folder and edit your description.ext's CfgFunctions class like in the example. With this the custom signal calculation is active! You will not be able to boost your radio signal across the whole map with this! ACRE2's algorithm has some hard limits for radios! Dependencies ACRE2 CBA Media: Examples: Boost sending and receiving power player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 1000, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 1000, true]; Make it impossible for the unit to receive any radio comms while still able to talk over comms player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 1, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 0, true]; Make it impossible to talk over radio but still be able to hear radio comms player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 0, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 1, true]; Degrade signal so badly that being 200 meters away is already completely garbled on the 343 player setVariable ["acre_send_power", 0.00001, true]; player setVariable ["acre_receive_power", 0.00001, true]; Using the signal jammer script designed to be used on radio tower objects, more information here: /* // example for setting up a radio jammer zone // Params: // 1: object which is jamming // 2: Jamming strength in mW // 3: Array of frequencies jammed, Array in array possible, notation is [start frequency, end frequency] // 4: Effective zone, distance to jammer which fully applies the full jamming strength // 5: Falloff zone, zone in which units are still affected, but the strengths gets linear worse of the jammer */ private _trigger = [antenna, 5000, [[0,9000],9002], 50, 10] call diw_acre_fnc_createRadioJammer; Download: https://github.com/diwako/ACRE2-Custom-Signal-Calculation
  17. I have refactored this to be easier to add to your mission. It still works the same as before. https://github.com/diwako/ACRE2-Custom-Signal-Calculation
  18. Standalone Arma 3 Alternative Medical System Features Many settings to fit your play style Lightweight ACE features support Own revive system (Only when ACE medical is not loaded) UI and QoL additions ACE medical rewrite support (WIP) Info - Standalone mode The Armor Plates System (APS) is at its core a stand-alone medical system. It is meant to abstract Arma 3’s vanilla damage and streamline the vanilla medical system. It draws inspiration from COD MW Warzone’s medical system and allows you to put ceramic plates into your vest which act as additional HP. Originally this system was created to accommodate the play style used by the streamer Beagle over at https://www.twitch.tv/beagsandjam/ , though as usual I want to share this with the whole community. This system gives each unit health points (HP) which will be reduced by incoming damage. The armor plates have their own amount of HP which will act as a layer above the unit’s HP. The unit will only take damage if the ceramic plates in the unit’s vests are fully destroyed. The ceramic plates themselves are an inventory item that needs to be inserted into vests to provide protection. In order to put a ceramic plate into your vest, you must have a ceramic plate item in your inventory and press and hold the key bind to perform the action (default: T). This keybind can be changed. This mod also includes new UI elements such as damage direction indicators, on-hit sound indicators, and downed icons in 3D space. These are meant to aid newer players or help players make sense of a chaotic battlefield. All of these features can be disabled or customized under “Armor Plates System” inside Addon Options. Your unit’s HP and armor plates are shown beneath the stamina bar. Switching units and even remote controlling them with Zeus is supported. The armor plate color can be adjusted in “Addon Options” while the rest of the colors will use your current HUD settings. This system makes heavy use of CBA settings, allowing server owners or mission makers to make players or AI as tanky or brittle as you’d like. If you are playing a mission that is incompatible with this system or uses its own medical system with it, you can simply disable the Armor Plates System, restart the mission, and play the mission without this mod interfering. However, ALL of the mod’s features will be disabled! Info - ACE Medical mode When ACE with its medical components (rewrite and NOT old medical!) is loaded, APS will switch its standalone arcade mode to a more realistically one. In this mode the plates in your vest will only protect from gunshots and blunt force to your torso. If your limbs or your head gets hit, it will react as ACE medical normally would. There will not be any unit HP either, as this does not fit into the ACE medical system with its structural damage and blood simulation. Many of the standalone mode’s features will be disabled, some feedback features will be still available, but turned off by default. Ceramic plates now have a certain thickness (settable in addon options) which bullets can penetrate and bleed damage to the lower plates, or to your torso. Ceramic plates are also getting destroyed faster the less integrity (health) they have left, making it more likely that a gunshot will damage deeper protective layers. Overall, this will make units with ceramic plates in their vests more survivable, but only temporarily as the plates can be destroyed. Damage to units without any plates will behave the same as ACE medical. Going for the head will still work as before. Feature requests and Bug reports Please use the GitHub link below and create issues for enhancement requests or bug reports. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of these things. GitHub: https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523439183
  19. Version 0.6.0 released * Added support for CDLC or mod firstaid/medkits by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/54 * Added adjustable bleedout timer color by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/60 * Added armor simulation modes for both standalone and ACE medical modes by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/58 * Added options to auto hide UI elements by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/59 * Updated Chinese translation by @mihuan-0 in https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/pull/61 Downloads: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523439183 https://github.com/diwako/armor_plates_system/releases/tag/0.6.0
  20. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Update for version 1.9.3 Added: * Add Nametags Rank Name Style by @jokoho48 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/200 * Added setting to sync units in a group by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205 Fixed: * Attempted fix for Error: No Object by @diwako in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/205 Translations: * Russian translation updated by @estim in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/204 * Add Turkish Translations by @654wak654 in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/203 * Update Spanish Translations by @diaverso in https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/pull/202 Downloads: https://github.com/diwako/diwako_dui/releases/tag/1.9.3 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638341685
  21. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    DUI has 2 modes. First and default is it will auto calculate where to put things. Second is use with conjunction of the Arma3 layout editor. If you wish to use a custom position, first go into the Addon Options (you may need to load into the editor for this), go to the DUI Squad Radar - Radar drop down and check the checkbox called "Use A3 Layout Editor Position". Now you can open Arma's regular options menu. There you can use the UI editor to either resize or put UI elements where ever you want. Once you have done that, restart the mission and it should apply.
  22. If the server is saying it has missing addons and it points to lambs than the mod might not be mounted correctly. You can check the RPT file of the server if the mod shows up as mounted and the pbos getting loaded.
  23. diwako

    DUI - Squad Radar

    It is an issue I have seen many report but I have yet to figure out what causes this. In my unit I do not have the issue throughout many different mission makers. So can you answer me a few questions? Do you have DUI running on server? Which namelist sorting mode are you using? when it happens can you exec this ON THE PLAYERS MACHINE and tell me what it returns? [(group player) getVariable ["diwako_dui_radar_syncGroup", "nothing"], units player]
  24. That pbo is a simple config tweak nothing more. the ai just sees that well in arma. We wont be implementing our own sighting code as that is not at all performant in sqf. Arma has that built in inside the engine itself.