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  1. 9 minutes ago, bolo861 said:



    Does anyone know why BDF was removed from Steam Workshop?


    Any ideas, PR info, inside scoop?

    The mod was withdrawn on charges of copyright....I have models that were not created by the team....but were granted with authorization and have always been kept the credits..
    I already sent prints of the conversations of the authors who sent me the models to use in the mod.


    I've never published anything without permission and have always used third-party templates in mod always with authorization I hope it solves the problem.


    thank you for your concern

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  2. On 09/04/2018 at 3:35 PM, R0adki11 said:


    I can appreciate that, I didn't say no to ACE. I was just asking for it to be independent of mods, so that it can be used by everyone. For those that use ACE, an optional .pbo could be included which add in the compatibility for ACE.


    exactly .... but I want to create an additional one for compatibility with ace :D

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  3. InNgDD5.png

    The Brazil defenses forces Team


    Provides a standalone version of the parachutes


    -MC1 Parachute

    -T10 Parachute

    -MC4 Parachute


    with a very simple script to use

    for example:



    to work in other vehicles just add in vehicle init: this call BDF_init_acao_saltos


    the result is!!!

    -the script saves all your backpack equipment

    -two jump options (Single jump T10/MC1) And (Squad Jump T10/MC1)

    -the all jumped option was removed due to incompatibility with multplayer

    -T11 W.I.P

    -Russian parachutes W.I.P


    currently compatible :

    - Hurron




    if your want to launch compatibility with their addons can send me in private that I will have the praser in launching future Updates with compatibility with their vehicles :D







    BDF Team

    special thanks to Gonzalez for developing the script

    and the creator of DEGA Parachutes for inspiring us to continue with his idea


    Thank you all and good jumps

    best regards John Hansen



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  4. 14 hours ago, GoldSquadronRecruiting said:

    MC-1, much like the MC-6 and MC-7, Canopy only turns on a vertical axis to help the jumper put the nose of his canopy into the wind for landing and to "run" or "crab" with the wind. Unlike the T-10 and T-11 where the canopy doesn't really "Turn" but the Jumper manipulates the risers to pull a "Slip". If you're looking for realism then this will be the most accurate. If you're looking for something to work well in ArmA, then keep at it. I'm very interested in this mod and will be following. I have quite a bit of knowledge about Military Parachutes and functionality if you ever have any questions. 


    thank you so much

    but I believe that with the Arma engine it is possible to do the way you explained