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  1. Is there a reason satchel charges cannot be removed one placed.


    why the red triangles for mines show up so far away because you are in a certain squad and they seen them, or a squad member passed it awhile back?

    Mines need to be more deadly. Only showing up when actually spotted or a mine detector is on one of your units and only friendly units near by acknowledge it not all members from around the map now see the triangle.

    The triangles should go after your squad leaves a certain radius. I'm unaware if these are all server side settings. But seems it is on all missions I have played.hopefully I am wrong.

    It should be up to the player to mark it for future avoidance. And if ai go over it hard luck.

  2. No offence dennis. But your wishlist is odd for "us milsim guys". I think you might find what you are looking for on an a life server. Police cars, fire trucks , No female models per say but plenty of guys who go on like a bunch of bitchy mean girls.

    Firstly from a co op point of view. ai. They see me through smoke ,bushes and when I sneak prone in grass they see me.

    Visually. For me better mid range textures, sucks that I put grass at ultra and it looks nice till I go out in the open and the rest of the land past the grass texture looks bland like play doh. Kills the otherwise beautiful game.

    Working ponds/lakes so map modders can make islands that can properly utilize the new divers /submersibles and boats that on many mp missions are just decorative they get very little use.

    trust for planes like the new heli dlc advance flight model. Meaning no more holding down a key the whole time to keep the plane from stalling on turns. ( darksides post in fixed wing).it is simple yet really good for play.

  3. "support" (aka bot taxi) contibutes nothing to the structural problems with MP and will not have any meaningfull or lasting impact on MP.

    please introduce a proper server browser, server lobby, squad management and loadout management PLUS a proper official conventional PVP gamemode...

    I think Fabio has pretty much laid out what bis objectives NEED to be. From now till marksman. If they can get to grips with that list for a start will improve the ground work of the game greatly. Then mess around with,missions like this no offense ment..

  4. Hello this is based on Helo's Benchmark on Altis.

    1.32 80 FPS

    1.34 75 FPS

    Latest dev build 80-81 FPS

    So for me we talking about 5-6 FPS more than 1.34 stable version.

    I would like to know what they changed though :)

    Niki had you tested the dev branch before 1.34 actual release?

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    My tests so far have seen.

    Single player stable 1.34 an average 5 fps loss.

    On multiplayer, fps takes a back seat to big increase in dysnc, across a range of mission types and reported by all players involved playing at the time.

    Really hope the performance going back to 132 levels translates into the stable release.

  5. I don't know if devs are aware but the new dlc on stable has brought a serious performance drop. Testing has revealed on average 5 fps loss on both single player and multiplayer.

    There is a big desync issue that has been created. Now I know you rolled back to 132 because of the huge desync issue created by 133. Now heli dlc and 134 has dropped and the desync issue Cleary has not been fully resolved.

    I have been playing heavily last two days and instantly noticed desync and heavy stuttering occurring across several mission types. Helis and other aircraft all heavily dysnc broken. Players all pointing out floating players at close quarters. Major stuttering while fps are stable.

    I'd like to know are devs working on it are aware of the desync Fps loss. the sound from the helis is the first obvious giveaway.

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  6. It's definitely a older problem and most likely living in the netcode. ((I'm not able to say if it' happens more often now.))

    Why use a third-party tool? The defrag utility Microsoft ships is decent.

    For modern ones, it's just wasted time.

    I'm aware there are problems with arma multiplayer.

    But dlc patch has brought a range of other problems, even worse dsync with any aircraft.I'm at 35 fps yet its stuttering like crazy have never had this before and its happening to people I'm playing with.Players floating

    this patch has without a doubt brought performance 2 steps back.

    desync and fps loss.

    As far as I can see this is the only tread on forums about it.

  7. Iike nod I believe this is down to the original content authors to decide upon.,and deal with accordingly.

    If they take legal action. City life., or whom ever is in violations will face the consequences. Anyone that was dumb enough to pay to play on one of these servers clearly are there for the taking, and it won't stop with a city life game. that again is their own problem.

    As already said. This is nothing new. And the problem derives from the people willing to pay creating a reason to do it. It just seems more severe now because the newer members to the arma game are used to being swindled by cod and other such franchises to have a shiny new horse or pink shoes.

  8. After playing arma all day. Have noticed that there is something really off about the helis after dlc. As a passenger in a heli on 3rd person.

    Stuttering and strange un natural flight behavior. Definitely not present in version 1.32

    None of the pilots were using afm. All were on default. Didn't look right at all.

    Need to know has anyone else that flys a lot in arma notice this on mp servers.

  9. Why are you all complaining now?

    BIS used Karts DLC as a test bed. Why didn't you express your concerns back then and not now when they have already rolled out with the DLC strategy?

    I don't think they are in the position now to change it.

    Not an ideal test bed. Most people never used the kart dlc in their mp missions .

    So a lot of people didn't come across it. Or the adds.

    Making it mostly free bar some adds still not good enough. Same people probably bought arma3 for 25-30 euro in a sale. Have hundreds of hours game time. And still itnot good enough.

    Put in perspective ,Console gamers happy to part with 70 euro for a game that they get.

    A weeks worth of gameplay. Or 70 euro for a game and then 15 euro each lousy dlc. For a game that a new version be out same time next year and the cycle starts again .

  10. That's strange, because I am 100% sure that I did not use any Karts content (it would have been pretty obvious if I had) when I experienced post-mission ads. I don't play in pubs often, though, and this was shortly after the initial release of Karts, so maybe it was a bug or something?

    Could have been. I know personally have seen karts about on radom wasteland never bothered using them. And only when I did one time did I get the advertising.

    I'd definitely have noticed if it was happening all the time.

    I will be getting the dlc when I return home this week so won't have any first hand knowledge of the adds and how they are implemented so correct me if I am wrong.

    Regarding the advertising, if it does spam while in a dlc asset.

    it should only pop up when people try get in the pilot seat. Or once when they first enter the dlc they have not acquired. Not a none stop spam while they are in it.

    I personally believe bis has been fair regarding the dlc.

    But the purpose should be just to make the player aware there is a dlc. Not to try annoy them into buying it.it is counter productive. Instead of making awareness (the purpose of advertising) it just creates animosity.

  11. Dwarden, I know BI knows that arma3 has a server fps issue. Everyone wants to know if you guys are going to fix it??? Just get to the point and let everyone know instead of beating around the bush on all answers.

    I too would like better fps not even demanding 60, keeping over 30 and I'd be happy.

    Personally have seen Dwarden on the mp servers that were set up to gather information and test multiplayer to try get better performance. Hopefully to you this answers ,they're actually trying to fix it.

  12. Fix the filter. Let people play what they wish. Don't try be micromanage dictators because of Dick head players, every game has em.

    Have played an Rp server back in arma 1 "life mission without the use of other peoples mods and no permission".. You got people who just wanted to kill others that's fine its natural. That is a server admin issue. When the same players go to a military mission and act like a Dick.again It is a server admin issue .

    My point being people should get to play what ever interests them more, and play as they wish. Servers themselves dictate what is tolerated . they learn there are other missions and playing styles and enjoy them too with time.

    When you start trying to control what missions are acceptable based on a poll. You have become apart of the problem not the solution.

  13. Seany do you own battlefield 4? My friends do on console. Do you know how much a pain in the ass it is owning dlc.that I never get to use with my mates, because some of them don't have the dlc. So noneof us bother. It's a pure and other waste of money.

    My point being this dlc strategy although not perfect for "everyone" ,means you and your mates or clan can still play together till they or have the extra money to spend on a dlc. You are not forced to go find another server or sit out a clan mission , or worse someone who bought the dlc is not forced to only use it on his own in the editor.

    Surely you can see it is as fair as can be without expecting devs to work for sexual favors?