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  1. With all the game engine experts on these forums, you should knock your heads together and create the most awesome engine ever seen.

    Bahahahha class. I'm off to start a separate tread to name this new wonder engine. I call it. The Amazeballs Jizzdrop engine.

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    i agree..

    When the new Jizzdrop engine is implemented. you will unfortunately need to set up a new forum account. Called arma3smexyai120fps

  2. Although I'm certainly not in the business of making any promises, I'm genuinely surprised to see that you're still having trouble with this pesky feature. The least I can do is apply the correct stimulus to the most appropriate area of the least willing sun-god blood sacrifice valued team member.



    We're in the process of piecing together a New Year blog. Suffice to say, audio improvements are part of Marksmen DLC, but this premature aural leakage valuable development is, I like to think, also testament to the Audio Dept's new found mojo more generally.

    Happy New Year,


    Sound improvements, Sweet. fingers crossed there is a certain something a certain lord was asking for.

  3. Gentlemen, this bug http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21906#bugnotes really REALLY needs a fix ASAP. The medic will, on a regular basis, lose all his abilities, or the ability to enter a vehicle, open a door, pick up stuff from the ground, because of this issue. Needless to say, this can completely ruin a mission.

    That and the (can't get in the heli bug) are both really making plaing Invade n annex a pain in the a bomb right now.. as far as I'm aware both came with heli dlc.

    Side note just in case you didn't know al,shooting the bugged medic and revive from a working medic is a workaround. Albeit not ideal at all.

  4. 1 : Weapon resting .

    2 : Bis Medical system with revive.

    3 : Backblast and disposable ATs.

    4 : Removal of 3rd person.

    5 : Whitelisted and Blacklisted server & mission name filter option.

    Removal of third person. Why would you have them remove a feature that is optional? So everyone's forced to play the way you like? Selfish much.

    I perfere 1st person, guess what I do? Go to hardcore servers.

  5. Someone can explain that glitch from the helis in multiplayer? If everyone try to enter at the same time, the acess to the rear seats are denied and the pilot needs to get out to make the entry available again. This didn't happened until the release of the DLC.

    Is this happening on all missions? I noticed it on annex. Very Annoying.

  6. New island. With inland waterways( the boats subs and divers go to waste.

    Bi pods.(should be in marksman)

    Better all around sound. Reverb etc.include fixes modders require.

    Ai seeing tracer rounds, want ai not seeing through bushes and smoke. (want more stealth) basically more work on ai in general.

    Little things

    Scope being separate from the gun when taking from enemy dead bodies. So I don't have to put their gun in my inventory slot just to detach it.

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    The midrange terrain detail. Ruins the beauty of the game so much.

  7. What ? No SP ? What game are you playing ?

    Do we really need another of those "polls" topics, aimed at whining ?

    I'm guessing that prof does not stand for professor.

    You would be talking past tense, Arma3 "released" with no sp as in, without a proper campaign. They released the campaign in 3 installments spaced out over months. What game were you playing?

  8. It released unfinished. no single player, bugs galore. That is fact. It has had a new dlc released ,weapon sway, fatigue, which all only went to further expose the ai and base game failings.

    Performance is piss poor at times. Attempts to improve performance in last 2 patches only seem to have made it worse. Then only slightly amend the problem created by the supposed "improvement patch" in the first place.

  9. I think I found a bug.

    I noticed this while playing KOTH. Whenever I fire two wire-guided missiles from a Titan AT missile from the MPRL Compact, the second one always shoots high, and I have to aim underneath the target in order to compensate.

    The first missile goes exactly where I aim it.

    I already submitted it through the tracker. Id 22157

    This is for dev branch. Are you playing koth on dev branch?

    Yeah don't know what they did last patch with the titan, lock is not as effective drops low or too high.maybe it was intended for balancing or some shit who knows. But good luck with your ticket.

  10. Like the csat

    assets guns/everything... but the helmets.

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    Hey you dev who made those csat helmets, I bet it was you that did the hideous wipeout turbines that look like a gpu malfunction.

    Damn you. Hope you get a bag of coal this xmass.

  11. Awesome find on the ammo config. Cannot understand why they decided to scrap it when they could have used that as a Movile Mortar system like the Stryker in Arma 2, oh wait, because balancing. But hey, they could take the turret off of the Marshall and make the Patria Patrol boat with the same Nemo Mortar system on it, the one I posted in the idea thread. That would be perfect for Naval assets, given there's only 3 main boats that are re skinned for each faction...

    Awesome idea man. Imagine it getting mortar on the ground. Needing to dispatch naval assault squad. or calling cas

    Be a great reason to hit the boats in skuba.

  12. Personally I'd like the fear it would have instilled on the battlefield. Make it slow moving. But when it was around The area . Heads be down for sure. No messing about.

    Balancing is extremely annoying in arma. Why not just create a banal battlefield that requires no extra care and attention to planning or tactics. Ugh. Just dumb it down, dumb it down.

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    Is it mean that I want people that were stupid running and gunning or lone wolfing to die in arma? People that don't engage their brain what so ever when playing.

    Oooh make the a10 cannon weaker it killed my tank boo hoo. It's a tank killing machine jabroni.

    Waa that railgun wasted me too easy. Look at a map bozo use terrain.

  13. For me its the massive dysnc issues. That have badly plagued the game since after 132. It clearly is not working what ever you have done.

    Me two other guys got in a 4x4. Ghosthawk tried to slingload us. We stayed at airfield in mid air and watched as ghosthawk flew away till the heli was out of site and there were just these slings stretching off, into the distance.

    Now it was made clear there was a serious dysync issue after 132, it has not stopped. Is really affecting play. 44 fps and stutters desync like crazy.

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    I realise that this is dev tread. But when a hotfix and two patches and the problem gets worse it becomes really frustrating. I cannot seriously be telling my friends to avoid games like assassins creed unity in one breath and then say buy arms3 in another. When it is running like this because of dev updates that broke it and now break it more.

  14. you should use proper terminology instead. People might take you more seriously then.

    He made points, ran tests exposing some flaws.

    Who exactly are these people who were not taking him seriously because he said "sabot" you?.

    You being pedantic. is what I could not take seriously.

    Hopefully they can work something out with regards to the heat rounds on the tank. Did I say that right "tank" or is it tracked weapon assault tomb.