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  1. That would depend on how you set your keys up Jimmy , old way I could override the key functions Should I choose to.

    Example I could map the adjust stance to my mouse extra key. Use it for up down left right adust. But when I was Prone I could map the same key to evasive roll. And it would overrie the Prone side stance which I found less useful.

  2. I use arrows too.

    On the one hand the dev put time and effort into getting the alt to work while w was being held.

    But it has jacked up my settings. I tried work around but then realised other key bindings have been altered. The stance ones Instead of one singular bind is broke into 4.. Wish both options were left available again more messing up my keys.

    I'd feel less hard done by if the original binds had been requested to be changed.

  3. Hi,

    Is it possible for the ARMA 3 dev's to make more textures?.

    ARMA 3 Textures suggestions:

    - Green Moss

    - Green Terrain, Streams , Fallen logs, Make it feel like your in a green forest.

    - If your by the sea side, then make the beach texture's more of a sandy color.


    If that does still not float the ARMA 3's dev's boat, what about making a DLC that is based on green landscape. green forests, open green terrain,etc..

    focus more on the textures and the whole feeling...

    or what about snow?. and if there's snow, then make the map / island/etc feel like your up in Norway country side or something.

    or lets say New Zealand landscape or France, give more of a feeling by doing the color,textures,atmosphere, etc... the whole feeling..

    so what about adding some new islands or maps that are green based..

    I'm guessing you're somewhat new to arma. You can get lots of different maps. Armaallinterrain I think its called. Has lots of maps. Big download think 6-7 gig.

    Or look up some maps on YouTube. best of luck.

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    Armaholic.com has lots of Downloads. Or check steam.

  4. Really curious what BIS's stance on the keybinding situation is and if they are going to consider reverting. I was approached by a few people privately about it and even wrote to the dev responsible for the....improvement...but so far no further acknowledgement or response. Hoped with today's build update there would be some glimmer of hope, but to no avail. It's certainly frustrating when you've been using a setup for years, or hell even since the alpha, just perfectly fine and now suddenly out of the clear blue a change like this and now I have to spend all this time figuring out a weird new layout just because someone in the office felt it would be great to change something that I don't think the community has complained for and demanded changed (at least compared to more serious bugs and tweaks out there).

    Would be great to hear from the dev(s) whether it has even been honestly discussed again and considered before the next stable is released or if BIS is not even going to take it into consideration. I've been a sinful arrows user ever since I started gaming on a PC, plus suffering from a form of muscular dystrophy which affects my arms a bit, it was the most comfortable to my needs. Fast forward to now, 32 years old....sure as hell not going to try tossing all of that to the side and try wrestling with WASD to try learning or feel discomfort using. Might not seem like a major issue or worth complaining about to some, but for someone in my situation its annoying as hell, lol.

    I added Yokhanan as I too use a similar set up, so was hoping could find a work around.

    As mentioned above there was no call for the change, none that I noticed.

    Would really appreciate if it was reverted.

  5. Guys - it's not the echo/weapons tail that is supposed to change, it's the sounds that are OUTSIDE, like vehicles, effects, gunfire. And in my test I did not hear any difference on Stratis. I had a tank roll around 50m away from me and I entered multiple buildings, closed doors etc. Sound did not change.

    So maybe I was testing the wrong way or the feature only works in certain buildings for certain sounds. WIP is WIP, it's a great feauture though!

    ahhh I see. will test some so you don't think you are alone. tho you most likely are in , being in some basement held captive.

  6. anyone else notice a visual bug on the kajman. was testing sounds today and had one do a fly by. its gun disappear and cargo doors at about 500 meters out maybe more but when I zoom on my gun , both the gun and door reappears. just wanting to know if it my video settings or an actual problem any info.

    was testing latest dev branch 24/3/2015 1500 hours. in editor.

  7. Have bf 4, it's my last bf.

    I'm buying the witcher 3 on ps4 and pc. Maybe if the witcher 3 makes a shit ton of cash other gready bitches like ea and Activision will see you can make quality made products, give away dlc make customers happy and still make mountains of gold.

    As for arma and bis they can go suck on my fat wad when the expansion rolls around.

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    As in take money, got plenty pf value for money from arma.

  8. I've tested the new version a few times now.. for some reason it was a lot harder for me to trace where the shots are coming from by the sound. also the clicking sound from close bypassing shots was really confusing.

    Not on your own tobi. Was testing out the new Mp game mode on Dev branch. In a town got separated in an encounter, then couldn't tell which direction the firefight was happening.

  9. I have this weird issue since the dev build. Now before you all point and laugh, I am one of those <whispers> arrows users. My controls are basically this:

    Slow Forward: Up

    Fast Forward: SHIFT+Up

    Move Forward: 2x Up

    Now 2x UP won't work nor my combat pace adjustment keybind ©. I tried unbinding and rebinding, and no go. However W works for Move Forward. WTH? I know most people prefer using WASD, but really Dev build? Going to force me into abandoning my heathen arrow keys ways? lol Robert (Hammer) told me on Skype today that they fixed something along the lines of this issue, but once I cranked up ArmA and put down a soldier, it was the same thing. But when I go to stable, all my binds work flawlessly. I can see maybe combat pace adjustment going wonky, by why on earth would 2x UP suddenly stop working? O_O

    Nooooo. I too am an arrow key fool.

    Have all my controls mapped around them since arma1.

  10. Not really the mission flaw. But playing today one of the ai I shot him at point blank range. Emptied 2 clips in his face nothing, 2 frags by him nothing, he was clearly getting impacted by the bullets, eventually another few shots in his face he died.

    Mission is kinda fun when you get good teamwork going. Still manages to get clusterfuck and all over the place with current spawning. But believe that already being looked at.

    Needs more variations in tasks get Intel get Intel upload download.

  11. Royal I have not played it but will do today.

    So this idea may be useless. But what about having a weapons storage for both sides.

    Then have convoy missions. one side needs to guard its convoy, the other plan and execute a convoy ambush.

    Both teams something to gain or lose.

    Maybe have Intel situations where an Intel objective gives away the location of one sides assets or next objective location. Forcing one side to destroy this Intel the other to capture it. Leading a further battle dowb the line if the Intel falls into wrong hands.

  12. Great video , showing the bipod is too much effective against recoil

    Bipods should only stabilize the weapon meaning the zero sway but it could slightly reduce the recoil but nowhere near as heavy Tripod mounted which eliminates whole recoil

    atm you can fire Full Auto whole magazine , with zero recoil - every shot goes almost like 100% accurate which is false

    so i hope this will be tweaked to be more realistic in this manner

    This so far list of feedback for how bipods should handle no particular order. Add to.

    Pros for using bi pod.

    Bi pods reduce /eliminate sway, Affect but not eliminate recoil.

    Be better when deployed at above than weapon resting. (obvious one)

    Cons for using bi pod.

    Affect negatively weapons handling when bi pod "is not " deployed. Due to extra weight impact of the actual bi pod.

  13. My Equipment:

    1x Rifle

    2x First Aid Kit

    5x 40mm HE Grenade (230Grams each)

    1x Map

    1x GPS

    1x Radio

    1x Compass

    1x Watch

    3x Chemlight

    2x RGO Grenades

    With this I can run 300 meters and then be forced to go slowly. This is not much equipment and the character should be able to run at least twice as far. This "Top trained" character puff and blow like a guy with COPD after a few hundred meters.

    I think this just looks stupid. I suggest you try to fill up a sack you barely manage to raise and try to see how far you can run. I will promise you that you're able to run longer than characters in Arma 3.

    Noice loadout, I doubt this was your real loadout, when you run out of them 5 40 mm nades, you then throw that gun away or are you gonna use your gun as an ornament?

    Plenty of servers for noobs with no stamina. That not in a mean way.. Just ment You can stay off hardcore tactical servers.

  14. Could someone perhaps, keep a list of known bugs in this latest iteration of the thread . So people don't keep repeating a few pages later, And some get lost or not added to bug tracker.

    Maybe even add a " weapons resting deployment bugs tread " have the list there so people can do a quick list check before going bug tracker. MighT be more productive. Not everyone reports on tracker.

    Variable has something like this for the missing audio.

  15. I wouldn't say less beneficial, but more along the lines of there, without much more presentation. Therefore, when it happens, it's mostly due to proper positioning. But if one really wants guaranteed stability, they should deploy their weapons.

    Obviously resting stability should be less than actual bi pods. But that does not mean get rid of Resting. It's a nice feature.

    having bi pods and the extra weight associated should affect shooting whilst standing and kneeling without your bipod deployed .

    Making using a bi pod a tactical decision and not just the done thing everyone running around with bi pods.

  16. I've mentioned it to the Arsenal designer, Karel, but he's quite busy with VR Garage (Arsenal for vehicles) and the 3D Editor :)

    Ha revo.

    Well there is the workaround for now, so maybe when he has got more time can squeeze it in. Cheers.

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    I don't know what you've added from the dev branch to the last "stable" *cough* branch, but all I can say is the performance is even worse.. Was like a dream on the old patch, now it's just bad.. If there's any 1.40 thread , plz move me.. I can't find one

    I Was playing most of Friday night date 6/3 and Saturday day. Played on a variety of servers and missions from wasteland, invade annex, patrol ops, and insurgency. Some 50 player servers. didn't notice any problems. Some stratis wasteland servers running 40- 60 fps

    Are you using any particular Mods?

    I only uSED vts on one or two. No sound mods thanks to new audio.

  17. How about as well as the menu disable like AFM. A quick key to disable the cockpit interaction. so you could do start up then disable after take off without the need to pause.

    Have used the interactive cockpits with mods. And they add some really cool immersion. But I also see why someone would rather not have.

    And yes Darkside, bugs me that no two seater jet be good fun. I guarantee, if one was put in, it would be Greatly appreciated by all.

    As far as jet dlc goes will just have to see what this expansion has to offer.

  18. Dna I have noticed alot more servers using arsenal for loadouts. Is there any chance yous can add attachments to the options when filling a backpack/ vest. At the moment I haVe to leave arsenal detach scope. Put in backpack. Then reenter arsenal pick my secondary scope that automatically attach to gun. Then save the loadout.

    Might have been mentioned already.