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  1. I think the jogging animation has been changed slightly too. Just the way the gun is held.

    If only they had more variety.

    I watch some really good arma vids and one or two you might be forgiven for thinking its real life cinematic . Then you notice all the squad walking in the exact same manner hand down by side. Suddenly ruins it.

    When you see an ai squad on patrol simply having random animations or slight differences for units for the different modes ie careless, danger, stealth... would make them look less robotic.

  2. Wait, we do have that :) You can check the basic Wipeout - it turns when banked. Maybe not enough, but I believe the lift vector itself is quite right. We can tweak the components and individual forces, but that's a different story :)

    It is. There hasn't been any change in the FM since then.

    What you can look out for is changes in

    - surface's effectiveness decreasing with lower lift / speed

    - stronger rudder response

    - decreased elevator effectiveness

    - somewhat observable adverse forces

    - different thrust

    Btw, it has way too much nose drop tendency. I may try to take a look at it once more. Feedback is still welcome! (Does it turn too little? Does it have too much X tendency here or there? Not enough lift? Responsiveness in this or that speed? )

    Any chance we can get Trust sorted in a way that you dont need to constantly hold down a key to maintain a level of speed.

    Probably more complicated than it sounds.

  3. Apart from what variable said, kudos to you and team oukej, playing yesterday and ai are definitely going in right direction.

    Some experiences.

    Ai using cover hiding behind tree shooting, moved then to a house peeking out shooting . I had to double check to make sure he wasn't a player.

    Enemy gorgon. front tires shot out. They didn't bail like the old ways. Drove crippled through the town and wiped out a squad and anyone stupid enough to be visible. Like it knew it was surrounded and jumping out ment death. Made for a great arma battle men hiding in terror.

    In gun battles with ai, felt less like my bullets ment nothing to ai or his aim.

  4. The only tails that are noticable past a couple of hundred meters are the urban ones. And they start to sound really ugly because it's like the shot and the tail are fighting to be heard over one another and they start to clip. The lack of reverb at distance is a problem becuase it makes firefights sound like they're happening underwater. It's one of the most dissatisfying things about sound right now.

    I was in an ao on annex ( vanilla) stable. I could been forgiven for thinking it was just myself and the squad I was with. having a small firefight with a handful of enemy.

    It wasn't, it was a full server, huge firefights were taking place. with whole squads in battles all over the ao. But I wouldn't have known.

    Just to be clear, I dont hate the new direction sounds are going. Just as it stands on marksman release above problems make for less immersion .

  5. Played for a good six hours today. Three different servers. And showcase marksman which for me was well done and entertaining.

    Some moments were great new dlc guns, bi pods, resting on a tower side rail... but other moments stood out for all the wrong reasons. and sound was at the heart of it.

    Constant repetitive snap sound. Like the cheap paper snap joke banger things I throw at people. Needs more variety. And why are these snaps louder than guns?

    I was shooting at some guys, a hellcat came in for a strafe, I was puzzled. My gun was louder with silencer so was the snapping sound Than the low flying hellcat and its gun run.

    Got disorientation alot.

    I'm guessing because of the volumes being so messed up between everything And I mean everything.

    I'm hoping there is alot of improvements planned.

    Can any devs talk about their experiences with sounds as they stand.

  6. Actually i don't. I believe ArmA community members are mature enough to objectively answer questions without personal attacks, and are aware that no one is born ArmA expert. Of course, except a few individuals like you.

    I play ArmA series ever since original OFP, and i play very actively, but ever since i got a time consuming job, i was unable to keep up with the development of the series, so i don't play ArmA 3 that often and can't get into the game completely.

    Personal attacks, oh dear god.Poor sensitive soul. Step off.

    Guess I give "mature" arma players too much credit. So I'll have to point out my post was an ironic one. Hense the usage of the word noob.

  7. Another tip is with these Fixed-Zero'd sights, you can use the numbers on the reticle while looking down scope to get proper range. Say your Target is 560 meters away. What you do then, is look down scope. It should be 300 meters dead center. The next is 400, 500, 600, 700, 800. So, you want to put your target in between 500 and 600. Then go slightly above the center of the two, you should be aiming 560-ish. Fire, and you will either see your target flinch, see dust kick up close by the target, or you may even be lucky enough for a kill. Good luck.

    Damn Darkside he already feels stupid for asking the question. No need to rub noob salt on the wound.. You helpful insensitive custard. Had to fix that last word.

  8. And they are out our mercy as well. If we don't find their game amenable then we dont buy it and their company fails. This isn't a one way street, its in their best interests to treat their customer base well. For us 1.42 is a huge step back in capabilities because the release has broken a large swathe of mods and introduced worse implementations in their place but designed in a very similar way. I don't see this as progress and I can understand why some of the mod writers would be pretty annoyed with how this has happened. To me it shows a continued direction of BI wanting to shun the mod and milsim communities that sustained their franchise for so long.

    I'm sorry, what???

    Bis finally start giving the sounds some love, "work In progress".

    They add bi pods, resting, still some tweaking to do.

    And you want them to stop.

    that's your opinion, cool. Not one I'd agree with.

  9. I know what you mean, but using the magazine to brace your weapon is a no no in the real world. A good shooter braces his arm. Using the magazine is very unstable.

    Anyway... That does not matter. The point you were making was that it should be possible to deploy without bipod, and I agree with that. How it's done IRL does not really matter. What matter's is that it can be done.

    Yes it can be done in real life.

    Speaking in game with now having bi pods resting on walls and other surfaces. Do you not think could have done without this invisible bi pod like pivot.

    it just seems to look ridiculous and really kill the joy and purpose of bi pods.

  10. lol. (Is now a bad time to mention your avatar looks like him, and as such your post, while as sarcastic as mine, actually looks more like an actual announcement, than it does a sarcastic retort?

    I'm not saying BI are perfect, nor am I saying their releases are perfect. However, what annoys me is people moaning and slagging BI off when they themselves don't actively participate in testing and using the devbranch to help develop a better game.

    No offence but In fairness jackle, from your replys here, you are at risk of developing fan boi arthritis, it cripples any point you make.

    Making out its peoples fault for not opting to dev test is a poor Excuse for a point. Nobody dev testing can account for bugs "on release" or still present in "release" thats dev territory.

    That said, the release Has bugs, that is fact. it happens. Was not done on purpose to get on peoples nerves. Just requires a little fix time.

  11. Thank you for the ticket. You are right, but they should change the way of the notification. The dialog is a terrible solution, because it's take away the control from the user. Hint or message in the global chat would be much better! :)

    Yes, nothing like flying a heli full of people and this message pops up locking you out of control till you click it off screen.

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    Is it just me or is marksman release perhaps too soon. Could do with wee bit more time in the oven.

  12. I've been away from A3 for months and months again. Each time I come back hoping that the squad AI has GOT TO BE improved ....I'm stunned the above is not an option yet. Stunned to hear the same terrible squad (friendly AI) issues remain......are not addressed at all patch after patch after patch.


    While it is true there are alot of ai problems.

    There is ongoing work with ai. Okjec (spelt wrong) there is a tread here on Dev forum he updates regularly.

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  13. Evenin lads,

    im in the starting phase of creating a few scenarios featuring guerilla missions as the Irish Republican Army.

    So far i have RDS civillians which is great mod with good old fashioned 70/80's cars etc,nice civies.

    Im staging missions on Panthera by ice breaker,as its almost identical to Ireland,And of course the IRA faction mod itself here in the addons section.

    Now i know there are tonnes of assets,buildings/weapons etc.But im looking for specificly some IRA murals(the graffiti on the wall)I saw a picture before somewhere and cant find what mod its from.

    Would some one know?And could someone suggest anything IRA related that i can use for scenarios?Even scenario ideas themeselves as my main theme is of course blowing shit up.car bombs,executions of enemy,ambushes etc.

    Thanks gents!

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    OH...and if there are any margeret thatcher models lyin about..... ;)


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    Map owner smoke is on these forums.

  14. I used one of the thumb mouse buttons for the stance adjust key (mouse button 4). Since 1.40 it's no longer possible to use it since combining it with another key to recreate previous functionality can't be done in control options.

    Having the stance modifier key removed is probably the most frustrating change I ever experienced with this game, being forced to readjust from old habits.


    Robalo you are talking about stable branch? Will have to check when I can test. Maybe I missed dev gone stable

    Roshnak is it possible to have both or will having both affect one another. Leaving a person to choose the old one option adjust. Or more in debt one.

    In regards to the arrow keys,I actually use right shift to change walk to jog. Double arrow key up to sprint. Will test more when I get home.

  15. We don't plan on incorporating the winning entries in such way. We do however have big plans for mod support this year, which will make discovery and installation much smoother, and provide opportunities to all modders (winners, finalists, the remaining contestants and every other modder out there). We'll be sharing more on this in the near future.