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  1. yes, i do hope BIS sorts the texture at distances thing out. especially if theyre inevsting time in a new terrain. Core improvemtns would make it doubly impressive.

    My biggest woe is if they work around ie a drab terrain that you wont even noticed textures at distance . Yay 60fps, ugh is this mars? Barren wasteland.

  2. Am I confusing showcases with something else. The uav, the ka and marksman missions all had action also the a10 sorry shit can't remember the in game code name groundhog close enough.

    Anyway these were all cool night time one, few others so maybe I'm mistaking what yous are talking about showcases?.

    Either way Wouldn't divert necessary resources to it, if I'm honest. Base game and expansion more important.. Launcher launcher.. Launcher... Must be an echo here, well I'm on the can.

  3. BI, out of all animations, please change the default walking animation. That sped up, one handed waddle swingy looks just off.

    A dream would come true if we could swap between different slow walking animations by pressing the combat pace © button...

    Ha I been going on about this. Ruins immersion. have cool arma vids on YouTube, some look like movies then cue a squad walking exact same formation Hand waddle as laxemann put it. Boom ruined.

  4. Another suggestion for varying the running animations would be to make running with heavy weapons (MGs, sniper rifles) use the new animation, as it looks more 'rugged' and there is more weapon swaying, and let the other weapons use the old animation.

    Liking your ideas.

    And to oldy41 try using nvidia inspector.

  5. I am experiencing lots of lod switching lately, though all relevant video settings are maxed, and my video card is fine enough. Video memory consumption stay below 2.3 GB.

    Did anyone else notice that?

    GTX 970 with 4GB VRAM, driver version 350.12

    8GB RAM

    Any particular brand?

    Have the g1 gaming. Might be able to test some

  6. Hello,

    So out of curiosity I was wondering if there may be any plans or if it could be made a priority to make DLC ships for ARMA. Maybe a cruise liner, Destroyer, Frigate, and patrol boat. It would be nice if they had some functionality as well. This way you could crawl around on them and have mission objectives on them. The fishing boat in game and would be a great start since it is already an asset but we can not run around on it yet.

    I know there are some boats ported over from A2 and some people have been making but it would be nice to see a Sponsored or dev created one.

    What do you think?

    Moose, pilot 77th cav Server?

    Anyways as nice as it would be a new boats dlc would probably only be apart of the new expansion that's if, the new map had inland waterways. You hear me bis giving us scuba and subs, then a broken environment with no water other than sea, you plonkers :D.

  7. Yes ask them why EAX was so awesome in OFP and what can be done to replicate it now.

    Pretty obvious what's going on here - BI is luring Sound modders in, cloning them only to release their much inferior, non dynamic range sounding doppelganger back into general public.

    Froggyluv hops on to spread his cheer, back you cynical bastard back I say :D

    No sound expert, any sounds for weapons resting coming.

  8. Although we've been checking it continuously, it's been a while since we directly replied to this thread. After some intense development with Marksmen DLC - implementing all those new features and samples - we're now summarizing all your feedback, creating prioritized list of upcoming fixes and investigating new ideas and suggestions. Thank you all for your feedback!

    Originally, I started to write replies to specific comments, but it turned out to be so long that it became an Audio OPREP.:) It will be a bit more technical and will also include several answers to some general questions (which you are posting to megagoth's ask-bohemia-thread).

    For now, though, I want to assume you that the Marksmen DLC features are just the beginning - there's a huge backlog of improvements we'd love to implement in time. The new audio features are, let's say, in their first form, which we decided to publish to improve the audio experience as soon as possible.

    Thank you again for your support!

    Cheers for the update doosh keep up the good work. Really looking forward to seeing what yous can do.

  9. Keep it how it is in Arma 2 then, as suggested many times, Burs by Default, and no one will ever complain, as most don't even know the different modes exist. Meaning that they wouldn't try to switch, meaning they wouldn't end up panic flaring. I mean, there really is, no logical reason, not to have it in. However, i like your idea. Holding it down, that's intuitive.

    Personally prefer old arma2 way. When I was low on flares I switched to single.


    Not keen on holding down a flare key.. As a keyboard flyer I already have to hold a key down for trust so holding two keys trimming and a mouse while engaging. Feel like playing a game of twister. Slight exaggeration but you get my drift.

  10. Simple, effective and promoted donation button in the workahop site would be the best. You could donate like buying games in Steam so even Steam wallet can be used. When you press the subscribe button Steam should ask if you want to donate money for the author and there should be an easy option to do this later if you want to test the mod first.

    Great idea jimmy, this would be a really nice addition and something I would welcome .

    I often have 2.50 sitting in my steawallet, would have gladly given it to Jarhead or one of the many other long standing modders out there.

  11. Agreed when they do work, it's great But.. Stupid unsexy kinda butts.

    Personally. Most times I deployed (because I have ultra grass) when the view sinks down I cant see anything anyway so have to undeploy. On rocks and other obsticals get you killed fidgeting about trying to get it to work.

    I'm just really glad weapons resting wasn't removed as some asked ( apart from the Prone Invisible bi pod) I have gotten some good use. And have actually seen other players play more tactfully because of the feature.

    Hoping an actual hight adjustment for bipods comes about instead of the intended automatic one in place.

  12. bis "give" the ability to mod "their game".

    If a select few modders are annoyed at people feeling they shouldn't "have" to pay for something created by modders , the modders might in their own self entitlement forget, maybe they have forgotten thry were only able to create and express themselves purley on the "free" access and "audience "bis has Granted the modders themselves .

  13. Where did you get that from? What's your source?

    Being a developer.

    ---------- Post added at 12:59 ---------- Previous post was at 12:52 ----------

    Audiocustoms, what is your opinion on new sounds ( taking into account wip)

    ---------- Post added at 13:00 ---------- Previous post was at 12:59 ----------

    Ie feedback.

  14. Was not able to duplicate this. I tried the darter and laser designated some land did not work. I tried the remote laser designator but it simply shifted its view direction as soon as I released the controls.

    Did you hold control and press t to stop drift as stated in op.

    As far as I'm aware the laser and titan does not work With the equipment I have used.

    Have not tested the remote designator yet so heres hoping it actually works as op said. be a nice addition.