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  1. Just curious as to how people would welcome a dlc based on todays army , instead of the futuristic setting of the arma 3 one. Say like a prequel to the "futuristic war"....

    Keep it short n sweet. If you are glad to see the back of the old cobra ,apache, weapons armor types feel free to say so.

  2. The stubbornes with with BIS resists to add this long anticipated Feature to the series is incredible. A few years ago you could have argued that other games don´t have it either, but times have changed. This feature is an absolute must if you want to label the game as infantry focused!

    Along with proper suppression effects for the AI, (other games have this)

    better and longer animations for throwing frags, (other games have this)

    a better wounding system, (The current one would perfectly fit into one of those other games but it is unfit for Arma)

    armored vests that actually work like armored vests would (e.g. not protecting your whole torso), (currently seriously broken)

    better reactions to beeing hit (especially for the AI), (a slight twitch is not realistic and very un-immersive)

    Inertia influenced movement depending on the Weapon you have (just a little bit. This would make people use SMGs)

    and weapons having a collision model so that players prefer to clean houses with their pistol instead of their heavy MG. (This would make people use pistol


    Put this in a dlc and charge me 10 bucks already

    I know people getting kicks from zeus and the campaign. But I would rather this list was done than all the Zeus and campaign.

    And yeah I do wanna use a pistol clearing a room. I want a 45 that impacts like a 45.

  3. Patience is a virtue. Tracker dates are for internal use only (and even then subject to change radically). :)

    While technically the system is beta quality as of now, the content is not! I might have a little video teaser soon though of something nice. ;)

    Also I do have a life I am trying to fumble through outside of ACRE as well! :D

    Is it going to be as easy and straight forward as acre original was key binding wise.

    I don't use default keys so just curious.

  4. @ PapaVayne : first change your AMD 8350 for an i5 4670K and keep the HD 7990.

    Unless you have as special bargain on a i5 3570K I don't see any good reason to prefer it to an i5 4670K.

    After testing you will give a 2nd thought about buying a GTX 780Ti.

    Of course the GTX 780Ti is great, probably the best GPU/driver combo you can get at the moment, but as you have already an HD 7990, you don't need to hurry.

    From my point of view, NVIDIA and AMD GPUs perform well, but NVIDIA is making better drivers.


  5. I have been keeping tabs on updates and performance increases. I have noticed a clear and certain drop in fps, playing back in September I had fps at 50-60 fps on mp playing annex. Since then fps has dropped to 30 no matter what the server ping or server numbers which only bring it lower than 30.

    Now I know I am not the only one that has noticed this. But in the patchs that followed the main release mp fps got worse and especially around December.

    I know patches are essential. But performance took 2 steps back.

    I would like people to post here and let me know have you noticed similar. No debates about specs. Simply say if you have noticed the same or not.

    ---------- Post added at 10:57 ---------- Previous post was at 10:48 ----------

    Please list mods if any you use on a regular basis. Example Jsrs, even CBA.

    Or if you only use vanilla.

  6. Man, there's some hilarious reading in this thread. A lot of erroneous disinformation but also some genuinely entertaining e-remarks.

    ioJust a couple things that I feel need to be pointed out, however...

    1) Graphics (& physics for those of us with Nvidia hardware) are processed by the GPU. Geometry, scripting, sound et al. are all handled by the CPU. Ergo, the engine is running exactly how it's meant to. This talk of the engine being poorly built and causing multiplayer performance headaches is so totally unrelated to the root cause of the issues that it is almost Byzantine.


    Frankly, we should be thankful that BIS had the foresight and consideration to implement a degree of future proofing into it. Just look at the low quality, unappealing environments of Titanfall for an example of what people with low morals will do with a crap engine if they can get away with it. Two years from now ARMA 3 will still look fantastic. They've made a game with consideration of the future, not the past.

    This has no bearing on the matter at hand, but is interesting nonetheless. When a company decides to make a fancy game, they purchase a computer that represents the 90th price percentile of the 80th performance percentile as the target system to aim for. This is because as the game will take several years to develop, hardware that is fancy at the time will, upon release, be almost totally adopted by the majority of their target market and no longer be anything more than median. In simple terms most, if not all, games you see are built to cater to the lowest common denominator.

    2) There is a massive difference between 30 and 60 frames per second. 30 frames per second works for film simply because there's very little rapid movement occuring on screen (well, technically anything above ~24.98 FPS will deceive your eye into recognising persistence of vision). When you delve into the world of games, 60 is the new 30 due to the generally rapid visual pace of video game entertainment. If you cannot notice the difference I recommend visiting a specialist immediately as you may be experiencing the onset of degeneration of your optic nerves. The only difficulty in perceiving frame rate should occur between the 60 FPS and 120 FPS range. Well; 60 FPS to 100 FPS in fact. Pretty much nobody can tell the difference between 100 and 120 FPS - it's simply what we've ended up with due to marketing companies' love of large numbers.

    As for the original topic of this thread, I agree that the frame rate drop between SP and MP is unpleasant but it isn't going to be like that forever. It's a simple job for a team of coders to rectify, which no doubt is what they are focusing on at this moment despite no regular developer updates affirming it. Does anyone remember Soldier of Fortune 2? There was a similar situation going on; SP would give you an excellent frame rate, around ~60 FPS with a Northwood 2GHz and a Ti 4200 in those days, but MP would cripple you with not even half of that. I discovered an interesting fix that gave me frame parity between the two modes. I just copied over the MP .cfg with the SP .cfg and that was that.

    Simple problems often have simple solutions. For those of you who are angsty and gripingly unhappy with the lowered MP frame rate, take solace in the fact that adversity breeds strength and adaptability. It's not great now, I know, but you should relish it while you can. When the issues are resolved you will discover that you suddenly become a whole lot better at the game, in the way that a ma who has been carrying a great weight now released finds himself able to perform almost any task without a trace of exertion.

    Anyway, this has turned out much longer than I anticipating but I very muc enjoy correcting other peole, so I must in good conscience give this hread a 6.5/10 all told.


    Hope you wiped your ass after you were finished patting yourself on the back.

  7. Jester honesty your rig is pretty decent, I have noticed in latest few patches considerable performance drops , back in September /October I was getting 60fps on multiplayer.I don't know what they have done but it has Never been that high since. It is a Bohemia arma3 issue.

    Is your machine having problems with other games? If not you already know the problem.

    I do not recommend you upgrade till at least broadwell.

  8. My point is that you shouldn't buy the "cheaper" 4670 if it's actually more expensive than the 4670K and even internationally it's only $15 cheaper than the K-model which is hardly worth the trouble of giving up being able to overclock in a possible future scenario.

    And yeah, what the hell is an R9? AMD? The naming doesn't make any sense at all. Intel go 560 where 5 is basically the year and 60-70-80-90 is strength so you can tell a 560 is the weaker model two years older than a 770.

    AMD go 7700, 7790... R9 270? Non sense.

    He mentioned pounds, so I can guess he not in Sweden the land of cheaper k CPUs.

    Read my post again. I never said don't get a k version. I gave him options for both not overclocking and an option for overclocking.

    There is added cost with a k version not just the 15 euro difference as you put it. There is the definite need for an after market CPU cooler, and a more expensive motherboard to get the value out of the k model also a decent case for cooling.

    Now if he is "never" going to overclock these added costs are not necessary and he may be on a tight budget which would mean money better spent on his Gpu. My post was catering to what ever his needs may be, not my own Desires in what pc I'd like.

    An r9 270x is an AMD card ,the latest AMD cards out. The r9 270x is a rehash of the old AMD 7870. Don't know if AMD are going to continue using 7000/8000 ever again.

    Anyway this getting off topic now.

  9. Ugh not here to debate specs with anyone. Is he from Sweden??? If so cool perfect , If he is not from Sweden, what exactly is your point? Other than bragging , means nothing to him because unfortunately like the rest of the world the k version Intel is more expensive.

    As for your knowledge on graphics cards..... you never even heard of an r 9 270x graphics card??? *** I'll say no more. Best of luck with your build.

  10. [/color]

    scripts are "vanilla" they're not mod, and learn to use 'em ain't so difficult just burn out your eyes in this forum and on some well done giudes on youtube

    Think you are missing his point he wants his ideas stitched into the fabric of the game. To be across all missions . Not just ones created with these specific scripts added.

    He wants to go from an annex to domination and his name on vest and helmet on every server.

    Nice ideas

  11. Simply put , anyone that still plays arma 2 for the military part. does so because its time base and ace.

    Yay I'm glad arma 3 is in the future who needs an a10 and apache. Said nobody ever.

    I have found this one of the major dislikes of arma3. Throw in the fact dev team has spent way too much time on SP campaign, then single player campaign fixes filling up bug tracker. All the while people screaming out for New stuff working bi pods , shooting from helos,and being ignored. It can be very frustrating considering bis ask for feedback in the firstplace.

  12. not a bad set up.

    If you are not going to overclock drop the CPU from a k model to the cheaper non k. So get an I 5 4670 and Asus h87 board.

    If you are overclocking keep the I 5 4670k and get a "z87" motherboard. Cheapest I think is asrock pro z87. (this will be more costly CPU and mobo)

    The graphics card is not bad but if you are going for this get the 270 , the 270x is pretty much the same and more expensive. Get a decent brand Gigabyte or Asus then MSI Sapphire ...Cooling and noise in order.

    Gtx 760 go for again same brand as above minus sapphire which is AMD only.

    If you need anymore help don't hesitate.

    This reply is for umbr44

  13. This is by no means important as it does not effect gameplay.

    But be nice if different units walked different ways.

    When walking all units look robotic all the same walking animations. It looks unnatural. Have heavy mg guys holding their gun lowered , some rifle infantry two hands on some times one hand relaxed. A.t guys holding their strap sometimes.

    Basically Having a random mixture of animations everytime you chose to walk with weapon lowered on patrol. As of now all men have the same. One hand on gun other arm hanging doing a swagger.