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  1. Had a chat with a good friend after a long time and he expressed how dissapointed he was with Arma update 1.24. He was on vacation and just played some few hours and intantly contacted me to express his sadness about the game development. His computer knowledge is limited but he still plays the game because some friends helped him to set it up. Now for the concern , all his mods are without sounds. Now unfortunately I don't have the time to explain what BI did with the sounds.

    What I try to say is that a lot of people have basic knowledge in computer gaming and english. I believe the biggest "disaster" are for people like my friend and now they have a broken game without no clue what to do next. Now I will probably help my friend with the issues and try to update the mods when the configs are done, but think about other players that don't have the opportunity to receive assistance from someone. With that said I really hope the change in the sound engine is worth all the frustration and disappointment.

    Have encountered this myself . It takes a lot of time helping others out. This is why that arma bis launcher needs to be more of a focus point for bis. They want to help new players buy arma and get addicted. Having a proper bis launcher to make all servers available to even a computer noob is the way I can't stress it enough.

    With communities that pay server bills every month and would like more player base, players that don't know arma or have computer knowledge. The launcher is the key to open up all of armas potential.


    To be fair The sound mod breakage could not be helped it was outlined by bis months ago and again. Good Mod men have worked on it "lord jarhead" deserves his credit. Again like I said a launcher would have made such a change a lot less problematic.

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    Is really necessary to ridicule the option you do not favoritize?

    For me the question is: does the current system lead to unrealistically accurate fire? The pre 1.24 system clearly did. Can you imagine better solution to that problem?

    I play co op. Ai now has aimbot and shooting any stance over players. What is the alternative? Make the ai even stupider?

    Co op people can no longer have fun engaging games.

    This new fatigue sway system only serves people who fight prone all the time with grass off. Or in urban combat specific design missions. People simply want it toned down. Not removed.

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    It would have been fairer to tone it down now. And add option to have it hardcore like it is? That way Everyone is happy. It's not that difficult.

  2. I fully agree with the words of our friend

    And as said above, I am of the army marches do 5 Km. with more than 45kg of equipment, ammunition, weapons, vests and so on, and so do not get "sick" as in the game, running, overdrive, with the same 45kg, I walk a distance of over 1 km, about 1.5 km starting to get sick enough.

    Just a note, I am 51 years old and captain.[/quote

    Woodhouse? Is it you. Get and make me some eggs Benedict.

    Agree with what is being said here also. Long time player. Who only plays on hardcore co op servers. It needs to be toned down.. and not in 4 weeks time a quick path now. Poor woodhouse is 51 he can't be waiting around.

  3. I want more elements of realism. But I want elements that enhance the game and Its "fun" "immersion".

    I play with a lot of arma vets. And so far in playing with the new update. Now the game revolving too much around the fatigue. Which is not a good thing.

    "added fatigue is top priority for fun and immersion"said nobody ever. A toned down version of the system maybe.

    You can no longer kneel and get a shot off so you need to be prone or sitting bit because of the grass you can't see anything. the ai on the other hand is business as usual. able to take your head off while they are kneeling from 400m out.

    Playing the game and all that you hear is players out of breath. It is too much. Getting out of a heli and running 60 meters then being confined to walking is just ridiculous in a map the size of altis. Soldiers hike everyday and in the heat of battle a guy is gonna pull that extra 60% out of his ass.if it means the difference between living and dying.

    It needs to be toned down. Real life soldiers are saying to you it is ridiculous.

    So overall it is a nice idea. But don't make it such a big deal. As others noted, way more important things to get fun realism in the game.

  4. new update horrible 20 million sound errors

    needs to be fixed

    Are you using a sound mod? I know jsrs has been updated , cheers to jarhead.

    Bootcamp is serves its purpose well. Teaching important compass bearings training. Which is essential for new players.

    Tge actual mission was pretty fun . Nice voice works only one bug guy in a wall at weapon stash house.

    The fatigue is quite annoying more a nuisance than immersion. Building Even with a light load (no bag) a 100 meters at regular pace messes you up.

    Far as I know over the top weapon sway has been addressed in dev branch. So look forward to this.

  5. awesome, only seen today you did an update. Much appreciated man. Great mod .

    And to top it off this?

    "MAYBE making a new Wipeout gun "

    This would be the s,hitty s,hit. Sound wise for me one of the biggest let downs. The sound just does not strike fear. Like the a10 cannon does.

    I'd look forward to calling cas again.. hearing that roar in the distance, you know hellfire is raining down.

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    Guarantee you do a proper a10 cannon sound and jsrs be on every server with a wipeout active .

  6. But you have to admit it is improved a LOT compared to arma 2. I hated Cooper's voice so much :-D

    Kerry for me is an immersion breaker. Totally amateurish for a main character.

    Washes up on the beach squad in the boat all dead. Says "they didn't make it" in a tone like he is talking about co workers not turning up for a crappy board meeting.

    The brit ones sounding like they are in a war zone a sense of urgency. Then Kerry " I'm talking like I am sitting in a cubicle reading something"

    But they have made a step in the right direction.

    The voice acting comes way behind the fact I run around salvaging ammo and resources. Then start another mission back with the shit equipment. Like a forced nerf. That should be the players call or in a difficulty setting. "default loadouts" little things like this that were overlooked.

  7. It is nice to have as an option . The new fatigue system is laying the foundations for upcoming additions. In the bigger picture you may see it as a nice improvement. Time will tell.

    I agree other areas like Ai, and vehicle wreck crashes, seem more at the forefront. This is about the fatigue. I say roll with and and see how it pans out.

    The out if breath sounds are bad . I have a mate I will record him next time he comes out of the toilet after dropping a load. And send you a sample... Of the wheezing not the stoole.

  8. Huh, had a backup of 335 on a hard drive and find this to be true, strangely. Running the relatively low end GT650M.

    Cheers lucky. I had been wondering for myself was it just me. Had time to play yesterday. Was playing on the sos tactical sever they use a good few scripts. And it is a custom mission. Was about 35 players on. And I was running smooth. Not nearly as many drops as I had with the latest "performance enhanced" drivers.

    What CPU have you got lucky.?

  9. PvP POV detected :).

    Well You detect wrong friendo. My POV is from someone who has played arma since ofp.... All game modes... And more so co op.

    My suggestions are to benifit the core game not one particular game mode.. to make an optional hardcore mode that would make it an actual simulator. Since they're working on the fatigue making it more simulator.

  10. I was curious to know which drivers people were using and found best for arma.

    I was using the latest nvidia ones and found performance had gone backwards. So I went back a few drivers. And installed 335 . I found the same campaign mission I had just tried on the latest nvidia one.,no longer had the severe lag spikes . It was a lot smoother. Then went to multiplayer and had a much smoother run . Nearly ten fps more.

    So I am on an older nvidia driver now. 335. Just wanted to know is anyone else. Find similar results. This goes for AMD users also.

    I am running on an haswell I7 and gtx 770 8 gigs ram , SSD. (won't bore anyone with specs shit talk this is merely to gather info related to driver performances)

  11. I think this is a bad idea. You can already hear yourself panting, you don't need another artificial graphical aid.

    Agreed. I find new players best learn the ropes from playing with other players. Dumbing down the game so a new player can jump right in and find the game easy is a bad move. People love about arma is the difficulty.

    Dayz the main pillers of the game were it was hardcore. You die , you are dead, you stay dead. Your character gone and all his weapons and items., making players more attached to their characters. Less likely to take stupid risks. And if they did there were real in game consequences.

    If anything arma needs to be more hardcore . Start ups procedures for vehicles like planes and helis .so it takes 20 seconds before you can get going. Adds tensions. And an added appreciation for the assets . You are less likely to fly stupid and more likely to be more tactical.

  12. If it is just a basic run of the mill mod launcher for aiding noobs., It is a waste of resources.

    If it is one that downloads and updates according to server you are joining as suggested in the tread then. It is a game changer. And will expand armas communities and player base .bringing lots of joy .

  13. Nice posts. Be good if bis did more work on the Ai taking cover not running out into fire. Or they only move out of cover to move to other cover ,when one if their own was suppressing enemy.

  14. Would be nice if they slat beds actually filled with waters stated during load screens.

    I like Altis when you really walk it. is a work of art. to see it back in arma1 would have blown minds.. seen in fog at sunrise, is really Amazeballs if you have not go to editor and try.

    my only complaint would be the obvious mp stability. And they should have deviated from the actual map and added rivers, making boats and subs used more often. One or 2 big woodlands. Again I know they did keep to the original environment but be nice to have these. I don't think anyone could disagree.

  15. Bis has not disclosed full details on any of the dlc content. So is this all speculation? Are people arguing and getting upset over hearsay?

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    Any developer reading this tread can you inform the forum one month prior to release of dlc, the dlc content details. So it can he discussed with facts. And maybe you can learn something . Spank you.

  16. I have better success killing infantery with armour piercing shells than with high explosives ones. It's ridiculous to say the least.

    The problem as I see it is bis and how it balances out the power of these cannons so they are not overkill.that should be left up to the mission provider.

    It Which makes no sense in a simulator.balancing them The weapons should have real world impact. Ripping infantry to shreds.

    I want arma to be me more realistic less dumbed down which I feel it can be( these he rounds, no at backblast, cars exploding ) .I want a challenge. Screw the learning curve. Games like star citizen prove people want proper simulations.

  17. I think the main point is. You have guys working creating sound mods as just a hobbie after they come home from a hard days work, and doing a better job Than the people who actually get paid to do it.

    The people getting paid to do it, have budgets ,time, resources and yet they're not putting out as good immersive quality is that?

    Anyone that has used ace, jsrs , or SOS,knows they will never use vanilla arma sounds. And anyone using vanilla sounds only has no idea what they're missing. It changes the game, gets your heart racing when in a fire fight.

  18. Sometimes I just get the feeling the sound designers on arma are just doing a Job. They have no real love for it. The A10 wipeout canon is boring. It should strike fear into units on the ground or relief if you are the one calling in cas. Same goes for a lot of the other vehicle and weapons sounds.

    Look at pearls a10 mod. That is the cats pajamas. That sound is terrifying.

  19. I think the Sikorsky S-97 Raider would be perfect for a future-tense sort of mission series.

    I think BIS is worried about licensing issues though. Notice how they artfully avoided using almost any definitive real world stuff, or designations?

    We can only hope they don't just take real world and ugly it up so bad like they did the a10. And maybe not have lackluster sounds either again like a10 cannon.

    Not even setting the bar high , realistically Just hope it Is not another disappointment.

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    That Some nice ideas in this tread. Shooting from helos ha we can dream can't we.

  20. People without the DLCs will probably get "reduced quality" content, just like when BAF and PMC were released. The only one that didn't do that was the CZ DLC, I believe.

    Yeah I bought that cz dlc as part of a bundle. How often did I use it? NEVER. At least the british forces I could play with friends that didn't have it. Never want another dlc that I can only use in editor. Or very few select severs. It separates the community and is nothing but a bad 5.thing.

    I'd like to see a vanilla 2 seater fighter jet for precision bombing from ceiling height. Would be fun having a teammate bombing as you fly. A lot of people thought we might be getting this already but alas no. Can see this being a very popular addition.

    Black special forces uniforms for night ops. And general douchbagery.

  21. Help! I just bought a new PC with Win 7 and an Nvidia GTX 770, but I can't find the Nvidia Control Panel!

    On my old PC it could be brought up by simply right-clicking the Desktop, but nothing happens when I do that on my new PC.

    I've looked in the Nvidia file on my system but I still can't find a way to open its Control Panel.

    Any suggestions? I need the Nvidia Control Panel so I can fine-tune display settings etc, and there's also a magic button in there that I need to kill any picture stretching on certain resolutions.

    Which driver are you running?