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    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    How do I use VAS in this mission? I enabled it through the parameters menu but im still at a loss on how to access it. On a side note, this mission is awesome. Definitely deserves more recognition.
  2. Hello, Does the ai values set by the mission options in mcc override every ai's behavior, or does it only do it for units that are spawned through npcs? Im asking because I am testing a couple of AI mods and was wondering if mcc will conflict with those. On a side note, here are some other bugs I've encountered. -Some units spawned with the 'join player' option despawn after a while. Sometimes I lose squad command control when leading them for a while, and i can hear my character gives commands to himself. -When spawning a cheetah apc or marshall as an evac unit, the driver does not move if I am in the vehicle. After I get out the driver will start moving. If I delete the driver, enter as the driver, and switch to gunner, it operates normally. I haven't tested with other tracked units. These things aside, thanks for making such a great mod!