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  1. Damon aka EagleEye

    Ghillie concept

    I have always loved this guys work, the stuff he comes up with looks amazing. The things I'd like to see are the Ghillie, the Recon Helmet with Scrim around it and the neck, and all the main Helmet variants.
  2. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    I have been working on the white issue tonight. I will post up screenshots soon, fixed the white issues in Highlander, Banshee and Neptune, also going to be adding the Nomad pattern, this is not a nice pattern personally but if its wanted i will add it. I have removed patching and left a blank IR patch for players or teams to place what they want for now until i work out how to change it to a url system.
  3. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Dont get offended bro, im sure he didnt mean any. Its an Australian flag and the part you are talking about is the Union Jack, that is infact Brittish not English. A simple mistake to make. Now to your question, because the flags are built into the textures you cannot change them. However, due to all the requests for no flag, with the next version I intend on making the model refference and png file with a flag inside. Meaning you can pick your own flag or patch. Now how to do this I am still working out, but ill keep the thread updated. If anyone has an idea how to do this, or know someone that already has, please feel free to point them out. Thanks
  4. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Now thats weird, ive had it under testing with a team for 2 weeks before release and had no such issue. What would cause a texture to decide not to load :S If your screenshots are the issue you are talking about those textures are loading fine. However when ingame the sun has a tendency to increase the power of white. If you hit a shadow it should look a lot better. Still trying to work out RVMAT's and how to bring down the intensity of white.
  5. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    The blotches in the old screenshots were too small, that's what i was talking about when upping the scaling. As for the white overpowering everything else, that's all due to your own texture settings, it would appear that Kryptek on anything but Ultra or possibly High just doesnt look right.
  6. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Hi mate, Sorry for the slack reply speed! First of all, are you using the version released on the previous page HERE? Did you delete the old version completely first? If so, the reason the camouflage looks a lot more spaced out is because in the early screenshots I hadn't yet worked on the scaling of the textures. I believe the new scaling is much more true to life with the actual clothing. Please, feel free to correct me if you think otherwise. as for the brightness, im not sure the problem there.. They RVMAT and Normal maps used remove the 'Shine' in the standard skins but shouldn't have made it brighter in game. For myself the textures are no brighter than expected or wanted. The only texture that is very bright for me would be the YETI, due to the fact its white.. Get it out of the direct yellow sun of Altis and it looks a lot better. I have plans for Nomad, I have completed the texture for the camo. However I have noticed that it in itself is a really boring and not a very nice color set, hence placing Banshee in over the top. But I will eventually be adding nomad as well. Thanks for the interest and feedback!
  7. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Sabre and Aardvark didn't authorize them. Sorry mate.
  8. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    The only part that needed Blastcore was the optional weapon textures, the optional additions were removed, but like a d*ck i forgot to update the readme.. So all you get with these packs are the unit textures and gear.
  9. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    In the future I will be releasing a line of Kryptek vehicles but that is a way off yet. Download: Click here Description: High Definition Kryptek uniform and gear textures. Features: Full Kits, Uniform, Carrier Rig and Choice of Pack. Kryptek Highlander Kryptek Mandrake Kryptek Typhon Kryptek Raid Kryptek Banshee Kryptek Yeti Kryptek Neptune Ghostex Kilo1 - Gorrie Personalized Ghostex Kilo1 - Gately Personalized Included files: DCO_PERSONAL - Uniforms DELTA_Mod - Uniforms Known issues: No BiKey - No Idea How :( No BiSign - No Idea How :( Credits & Thanks: Damon - Textures, Normal Mapping and Model Editing OCB Australia - Testing BIS - Uniform, Vest, Bag and Gear Models Installation: Place "@DELTA" inside your ArmA3 folder Steam/Steamapps/Common/ArmA 3/@DELTA Add launch parameter to your short cut. -mod=@DELTA; Usage: All skins are free to use in your own addons, please do not release altered textures without first getting permission. I hope you enjoy!
  10. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    My best work so far, even through in a look at the updated Kryptek Mandrake. I will be uploading the units and weapon skins today! http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00003.jpg (748 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00004.jpg (568 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00005.jpg (399 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00006.jpg (308 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00011.jpg (693 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00014.jpg (591 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00017.jpg (758 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00020.jpg (526 kB) http://gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/10042014/2014-04-10_00021.jpg (646 kB) The upload with contain all the Kryptek Variants I have done.
  11. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Interesting, I have not encountered this before. Not long and I will be able to release this. It has become somewhat of a full side mod, vehicles, factions, units etc.
  12. Damon aka EagleEye

    Damons HD Kryptek Units WIP

    Thanks mate. The guy at the front 'me' is using the M4203 from the ArmA2 mod Australian SOTG, this took a bit of work to get working, the LAM and Flash both work, but i have yet to work out how to toggle them individually. The guys leaning on the vehicle are using a custom textured Mk18 Mod1, I have Typhon, Highlander, Mandrake and Tan variants of the M4 and Mk18, with AFGs. Neither have been released because I have not sought out permission to do so. For now they are just for personal use, once I get them exactly how I want them i will request permission to release publicly. The first version were released HERE, Forum topic HERE This version '2.0' is still being tweaked, I have just finished work on the Banshee variant uniform and am about to start on its vest/helmet textures. Thanks for the interest!
  13. http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/Damons-HD.jpg (181 kB) So i've been doing some work on the kryptek units I released not so long ago, I have cleaned up the config and added the faction properly, fixed the missing icons (although simple vanilla ones are used) Also some new kryptek has been added and old ones details increased. *Removed purple dithering from black sections on skins, this still happens (Game) but to a very minute degree. *Edited patches to no longer force delta patches on uniforms but instead use Australian IR-Patch, vest and helmet still have delta patch. *Small square patch left empty for SQUAD.XML users *All variants have Vest, Hydro Vest, Uniform, CarryAll and Fast Pack. What Variants are Now Available? Highlander Mandrake Typhon Raid Neptune Yeti Green Tan Black What will be next? Banshee Altitude Screenshots http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00001.png (4246 kB) http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00002.png (4031 kB) http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00003.png (3793 kB) http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00004.png (3206 kB) http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00005.png (2447 kB) http://www.gorrie.id.au/damon/Screenshots/107410_2014-03-18_00006.png (3026 kB) Thanks for your interest, any thoughts or ideas are welcomed!
  14. Damon aka EagleEye

    Kryptek Camo and Gear - WIP

    Hi mate, have you considered separating the panels on the clothing, keeps it from looking to repeated and 2D.