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  1. xXHellHoundXx

    Speed Of Sound

    Just wondering if the maker will update the explosion sound's, other than that really sweet work.
  2. Yeah long fall in 100 meters, Learned the hard way before you made that guide, took notes of good hits, air speed, meters and angle's. If you run in a server, woun't mind if i tagged along?
  3. xXHellHoundXx

    Manual Bombing

    This an accurate and great guide to follow in your bombing run's.
  4. I did notice that, When engaging laser designator targets last night, That if you run over the shoulder of your designator operator, The GBU 12's are on target, always.
  5. Sweet man, I'll keep some of that info in mind when doing runs, i always come in at 45 degree angle, and let lose at 300km and 400 meters, get's my targets.
  6. You running dumb bomb run's, or laser locks?
  7. xXHellHoundXx

    TrackIR - Does it add £130 worth of fun?

    Agreed man, Bought my TrackIR 5 last week, been dominating ever since, Jets eyes always on target, Heli's on point to lz's hot and cold. Ground 360 awareness. Must fun i've ever had in arma series.
  8. xXHellHoundXx

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    Right man, waiting for this bird is like waiting for Christmas morning to open new presents. Will be adding this one to the server once released for sure.
  9. xXHellHoundXx

    [WIP] IkaR F-16

    Just seen th8is post of the f-16, and wow man, looks awesome. Any word on the cockpit you been working on?
  10. Hey Saul, Any new's on updates coming for the f-18? I figured i would report this bug here as well, Noticed last night on air ops patrol, that if your base has refuel, repair, and rearm point set-up right where you plane comes through, it will give you unlimited fuel. Figured i would point that out if you wasn't aware of that. Great plane by the way.