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    Custom Zeus MP Gamemode Spawn Menu

    I thought you had to be a repairman yourself to use tool kit. Same worth combat Medic.
  2. Now drop a module to edit player properties. Contrary to what you might have heard, limited editing of players iaslowed. You can change health, stance, vehicle fuel when inside one, you can even group AI you've spawned to yourself. Even from other factions. One zeus mission I was in, zeus spawned and grouped a repairman to our team. Squad leader had to repair vehicles as part of mission objective.
  3. Mid Endian

    Zeus Discussion (dev branch)

    It's not a module far as I know, but a set of parameters found inside the initServer.sqf file that's packed in withe the official missions. Think someone posted that code so you can use it in any MP mission with respawnable players. Yeah, this means you can use it in any mission that fits that criteria.
  4. The players need to be added as editable items. Drop an addEditableObjects module, sync it to each player, then sync the module to the zeus that is to see them in the zeus interface with the dotted magenta/cyan/pinkish looking line.
  5. Mid Endian

    How to find a server with Zeus enabled?

    If you're using the dev build of ArmA3 you can filter the server list based on game type or name. The header codes that tell you what's CTF, Coop, and such, now include Zeus mission codes. You can search for ZGM or zeus game master to get your commander fix.
  6. Mid Endian

    Controlling AI as Zeus- question

    Remember though, you can't take control of a squad leader and direct the rest of the group, you can't get in and out of vehicles without potentially breaking them, and as of now, you can't order united in and out of vehicles as zeus either. Hopefully that's a feature that's going to be added as the development continues. It's all currently beta after all.