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  1. So with the save/load feature, can you put it into a text document and load it by drop down menu+selecting in the game INSTEAD of copying/pasting codes? I hate alt-tabbing all the time to load up next parts in my missions. I would rather use a drop down menu and select it. Please advise. Much thanks.
  2. timh1203

    Curator Presets Mod

    Hello, I just download the zip and there's a few folders and files which I don't know where to place. I have installed mods before but the way this zip is set up; I'm not sure what to do. I tried to look for installation instructions but the standard instructions don't apply to this. There is a bin, scr, .project, readme.md once I opened up the zip, Bin folder> @CPM.zip, CPM_1.1.zip, @CPM_1.2.zip scr folder> addons folder, keys folder, curator,module_logo_ca.paa, mod.cpp Please advise, thanks!
  3. Hey Kremator the VTS Zeus works great, just tested it this morning. Did you reupload the map after you found the little error?
  4. Thank you so much for all your hard work, L etranger. I made an IED/Sabotage/Disguise/VIP Capture mission last night with the guys and we had so much fun. I do have one question, How do I install igiLoad script to work with VTS? Perhaps, Kremator can help me out as well. Thanks much.