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    Legal violations by A3L: Arma 3 life

    CAIDEN is dutch so he is a EU-citizen!
  2. McGyver-NL-

    Lost Isles RPG & Adventure

    So i can safely asume this modification is not gonna be part of the MANW-competition? Bummer...i was realy looking forward to this :(
  3. McGyver-NL-

    Boeing C-17 ArmA 3 Mod

    Hi there Randomslap, First of all, cool that you made a portover of the C-17. Thank you for that. Now, i've tested the mod and i found the following bugs/glitches....... 1) Except for the cargodoor at the back, it is possible to walk through the airplane as if you were a ghost. No matter what angle i take...even when i'm inside the airplane i can just walk trough the walls. 2) When i'm flying and i land the airplane and then shut down the engine, the sounds keeps on going...it doesn't stop. I've tested it in the editor not on multiplayer but i can imagine that these bugs will also appear in the MP. Other then that, i haven't realy come across major bugs/issues.
  4. McGyver-NL-

    Domination Redux by Champy and Tankbuster

    I've been playing on this awesome dominationmap since i found out about it. One thing is bugging me though.....I've got my settings on streamfriendly UI and when i have it like that i get a message that i am not allowed to monatize it at the start of the mission and during the mission. WHY?? BI has declared that i am allowed to do so and in this mission i am using ARMA CONTENT and not the content of the missionmakers. I'd like to see this massage removed since there is no legal grounds for this message....in my humble opinion. Any thoughts on this topic?:cool:
  5. McGyver-NL-

    C-130J Port Release

    Well....i've been thinking that you might accidentaly used the wrong C-130 mod....there are two of them and the oldest has that throttle problem. I've tried this particular mod and had no problems of taking off what so ever.:)