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  1. Luke Zientala

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    They could also make DLC's like ArmA 2 OA had the PMC DLC and dlcs like that. loved how they did arma 2 shame they didnt expand on it.
  2. Luke Zientala

    ArmA 4? Mil Sim or Sandbox?

    Wait How can I move this Thread? I noticed I placed it in the wrong place.
  3. Luke Zientala

    ArmA 4? Mil Sim or Sandbox?

    Great replies all, got me to see other people thoughts. Thanks, everyone.
  4. Hello all, My question is what will the future for ArmA look like? Will we go back to proper military simulation? A2/A2OA or will we stick with the sandbox? A3 Don't get me wrong I love and support what ArmA 3 has become I love it in some way the thing that killed it for me was ArmA 3 "Contact" and the fact that its all future based....not enough Takistan....I sometimes feel that ArmA became a meme because of PSYSIN I love his content but now it's all about life servers...the mill sim side is slowly dying off and only the elite groups are left. if you're a mill sim guy I highly recommend that you try ArmA 2: Army of the Czech Republic...I wish they would make some DLC like that for ArmA 3. I am asking these questions because I found ArmA 2 and A2OA to be much better for my self, A3 is great the mods are better in some way but it just does not have the proper military simulation vibe to it(Sorry if you're a life server person). I am sorry if I am not clear English is not my first language, sorry if this is a repost this is just something I've been worried about as we move on with ArmA and its DLC's. Love you all, stay safe, Luke.